2007 Honda Pilot Shocks, Struts Problems

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Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a 2007 Pilot, which I purchased at the end of May. It had about 200 miles on it when I purchased it. It had been making noises from the time of purchase. It made a creaking noise, coming from the back area of the vehicle. This turned out to be a bad shock. Honda replaced it. It also made a clicking, coming from the front end, underneath, that could be heard when making turn, especially sharp turns out of parking spaces, etc. Honda now has my vehicle again, saying that this noise is a bad strut. I wanted to see if anyone else has heard of any of these problems in a new Pilot? And how does this happen with a new vehicle? We also had it back at the dealer for repairs for a body problem....my husband opened the back passenger door, and part of the molding had warped, so it caught the front door, causing damage to the vehicle. It was a new car.......We are satisfied with the service that Honda has provided us.....but.....not satisfied with the vehicle. How many times is too many times back to the dealer with problems? Thanks for any opinions....


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    I have a 2006 Pilot and I already had my rear shocks replaced twice. The first time I had it replaced was September last year. They did diagnose the scrunching noise I heard from the back as shocks problem hence the replacement. After driving it from NY to MD last June the noise came back. I brought it back to the dealer and they said the rear shocks were leaking. They replaced it for free because it is still under warranty. They were hoping that the previous replacement was merely defective. But it's only been 2 month now and I'm hearing the same noise coming from the back. It's annoying. What should be done with this problem?
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    This is really discouraging. Is it a 2WD or 4WD - don't know if that makes any difference. After we said we wouldn't buy a Pilot, we got a good deal and got talked into the 4WD since they didn't have any 2WDs left. So far, we really like it except for the gas mileage, but sure don't think this is good news.
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    As warranty was about to run out and their has been a metal on metal sound from Front I could not find I took Dec 05 Pilot to dealer. Oil and Tranny fluid was service and locate the sound was plan. Quick drive in parking lot had tech hearing what I heard. They had to mic up front end and found it to be left front struct. Replaced free of charge and 144.00 for oil and tranny fluid.

    Very nice folks only one compliant the WIFI access at dealership was not working so I had to take shuttle to work.

    Pilot has 36,686 miles at time of service.
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    F.Y.I. An Arkansas lawyer, along with other lawyers, filed a lawsuit against Honda for odometers that piled up the miles quicker than normal, in order for the warranty to run out sooner.

    This issue was posted on 3-30-08 by Scott Sturgis. A final settlement was approved last December. The suit covered the 2002 – 2006 models and 2007 Honda Fits. The same lawyers that sued Honda are now going after Nissan.

    The article says the Deadline Date to file would be June 26, 2008.

    How could a consumer get an official testing of their Honda odometer? I would appreciate anyone’s advice. Thanks !! :-) TiaCia
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    I just posted this in another thread but noted it seemed similar:
    08 SE FWD, 500 miles, 1 week old
    Noticed a creaking from rear this morning...giving it a day or two and if persists, will take it to dealer. Suspicious of the shocks based on these posts. How hard could it be to change the design or supplier of shocks (if that's the problem)?
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    My Honda dealership just told me after an oil change service that my 2008 Pilot has alignment/suspension issue for which i have to take the vehicle to a body shop. The car has no accidents, runs in excellent condition, have never driven off road, have always serviced it at Honda dealership only & feel no drifting at all. I had a alignment performed after the tire change from Honda in May 2011; driven less since then.

    pilot only has about 48,000 miles & is still under warranty; dealership is telling me that Honda warranty will not cover this. Has anyone come across a similar situation & got a solution from either Honda or one of its dealers.
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