Nissan Maxima Sun Roof Problems

haroldsjsharoldsjs Member Posts: 8
Last week I foolishly left my sun roof open a bit and forget to close it before I went to sleep. During the night, we had very hard rain and I had a lot of water in the area of the sun roof motor and switch, that is located in the roof just above the rear view mirror.

The sun roof stopped functioning and I had to loosen the motor to get the water out. I let the area dry out for a few days. The sunroof does not function as it did before the rain damage. It now opens and closes in about 2-3 inch in 2-3 inch increments. When in the fully closed position and the switch that bring the sun roof forward (closed) and backward (Open) is held to the closed position, the roof tilts up from the rear. That never happened before. That function was controlled by the other sun roof switch that only raised and lowered it. The switch that only raised and lowered the sun roof now does what the open and close switch does. It seems that the individual functions of the two switches now do the same thing. The up and down function of the sun roof only raises the roof about two inches. Prior to the rain damage, it raised the roof enough to accommodate the whole hand. It no longer does this.

Is the switch damaged from the water? Is their some other damage to the mechanical part of the sun roof? I am hopeful that it is only the switch assembly and not the other parts of the roof. Can anyone please advise me on this?


  • hdierkshdierks Member Posts: 2
    My daughter's 2000 GLE maxima has same issue, sunroof will open 2 to 3 inches on each press of the button. Not aware of any water entering the unit.
    Dealer said the entire motor and cable needs to be replaced at cost of $900.00. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.
    I can get motor assembly for 200 dollars. The motor and operation sounds fine to me. It just stops each 2 to 3 inches and another press keeps it moving, but a pain. Let me know if you find out anymore.
  • haroldsjsharoldsjs Member Posts: 8
    I agree that the dealers reply is BS. My mechanic said it could just be in the switch assembly. In my case, water entered into the switch assembly as well as the motor. I plan to take the switch out and disassemble it and clean all of the contacts, to see if this is the problem. If it is not, I plan to see if I can procure a switch assembly at an auto salvage yard and install it and see if that cures the problem.

    I can not imagine that water would cause the motor to open and close the sunrrof in predictable increments every time I try it. If the motor became damaged I think the open/close function would be sporadic and not the same each time. It leads me to believe the damage and malfuntion is in the switching assembly.
  • hdierkshdierks Member Posts: 2
    The switch does not come apart. Both switches are on same mount bracket (2 screws) and are sealed. You can test the switch with ohm meter where wiring harness attaches.
    The entire dome light and switch "pop" off by pulling down on the right hand edge of the switch/light plastic housing (pull on down on passenger side edge). Then disconnect the dome light and sun roof electric plugs and you will then have the switch/light assembly in your hand to do with as you wish. I was only uncertain about one position on the switch as I don't have wiring diagram. Given the switches are sealed (enclosed) hard to see how they would get wet. I am not ure they are waterproof however.
  • haroldsjsharoldsjs Member Posts: 8
    I have taken the switch down already. Each individual switch is far from water proof. Each switch has two-three small screws that hold the printed curcuit board in place. Each of these printed curcuit boards is also how the various wires enter the switch. I am thinks that a cleaning of the switch, with isopropyl alchol will drive out any remaining moisture and clean and resulting oxidation from the contact interface surfaces. I will write after I have done this.

    Are you Nissan Technician?
  • dougmax20dougmax20 Member Posts: 1
    Before you 2 take your cars apart you should do some more research. I was told by a Nissan dealer (Bommarito Nissan in metro Saint Louis) that this behavior indicates that a computer needs to be reset. I was told to hold down both buttons for 30 seconds and it would reset. This did not work for me yet, so I am in search of the magic to get the computer to reset. I have seen references to this in other forums. I will post back if I find it.
  • maximafanmaximafan Member Posts: 592
    Harold, I had an issue several years back in my
    2002 Nissan Maxima(totalled in a wreck last year back in July -RIP) where I couldn't get the sunroof to open at all. I wish I could remember exactly what I did, but I believe this
    had something to do with when I had just had a new battery installed in the car, and at the time I thought there was something wrong with the sunroof(Actually, I was sort of cursing because my warranty had just run out!) But I'm
    thinking I must have checked in the manual under the sunroof operation on how to get it working again. I just don't remember exactly what it was that I had to do. Does your manual for your Maxima have any info about the sunroof?
  • everclear806everclear806 Member Posts: 7
    The same thing happened to me without provacation on my 2001 Maxima SE. All I did was disconnect the battery for a short time and it worked fine after that and has ever since.
  • djsohldjsohl Member Posts: 1
    The reset procedure for the sunroof on my 02 Maxima is to tilt the sunroof open then tilt it closed again. Once closed hold the tilt close button for a few seconds. This resets the slide control. If your sunroof is stuck in the open position you can use the tilt open/close to wiggle it back to closed.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Member Posts: 1,996
    Dealer said the entire motor and cable needs to be replaced at cost of $900.00. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.

    That is total BS. One if the motor went you wouldn't be able to move the roof at all.

    Secondly as it was stated before all you have to do is reset the moon roof. The way you Re- program the roof is by hitting the roof button so it opens it up all the way. Than close the roof in the same manor. By doing it a couple of time it will re program the roof. It takes about 5 minutes. That amount of work is definatley not worth $900. :surprise:
  • eschumeschum Member Posts: 1
    Hey there. I know this an older post but I am experiencing the whole move 2-3 inches when opening problem too. I have seen a few ways to reset the whole function in this post from disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to holding a series of switches simultaneously, etc. Has anyone been successful with any of these methods or any other method and can you explain step-by-step so that my moronic mind can understand how to resolve this. I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE. Thanks. :confuse:
  • bcunningham36bcunningham36 Member Posts: 1
    Disconnecting the battery for a few mins solved my sunroof problem. I had the 2-3 inch movement issue as well.
  • haroldsjsharoldsjs Member Posts: 8
    I had my alternator, battery and starter motor as well as a small wiring harness replaced after the battery would not hold a charge and the car would not start for any apparent reason. It appeared that the battery needed to be replaced. That seemed to solve my problem,

    Last week after three weeks of "no problems", the lights for the emergency brake light and for the battery light stay on. There does not seem to be a problem as far as the car starting and operation of all of the electrical demand on the cars charging system.

    Last week while I ran the car, and after running the AC, the emergency brake light and the battery light are staying on after the normal self-diagnosis routine when staring a car. Their does not seem to be any problem with the electrical system. Everything that needs electricity operates as it should, and the car turns over like it did when new.

    Why is this happening and how is this eliminated?

    Does the cars computer need to be reset?
  • mike_ucmike_uc Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2008 Nissan Maxima. I just got some work done to it and the sunroof didn't slide open and close, but it would go up and down. I opened it, then closed it, then held the close button down for about 5 seconds and I'll be damned if it started sliding open and close. It worked!!! Thanks for the post.
  • mike_ucmike_uc Member Posts: 3
    I posted earlier about the sunroof problem which I corrected thanks to the post by disohl. I also noticed that when I hit the auto up on my driver's side window it would close, then come down about a 1/4 of the way. I don't know if that's because about a half hour before that, I held the unlock button to open the windows because the inside of my car was hot. I don't remember if I've ever done that or not. It kept doing that every time I tried to do the auto up function (it didn't do it if I held the up windown button). But, when I held the up button up to colse the windown, I held an extra 5 seconds and that fixed the problem. Now, I gotta find out what other mechanical and electrical things are screwy.
  • mike_ucmike_uc Member Posts: 3
    I meant djsohl, not disohl. Sorry djsohl....
  • 45sscolt45sscolt Member Posts: 1
    My sunroof quit working. Probably out of sync. Used the tilt button to open and held it about ten seconds, this reset something and then the other control to slide open regained operation.
  • jmcaleneyjmcaleney Member Posts: 27
    Hi Kristie! I own a 2009 Maxima that coming off lease this month. I really love the car and considering purchasing another one very soon. The only gripe I have is the sun roof is loud when it’s open. (Have you heard that before?) It has the netting across the front of the sun roof but I’m wondering if the hard plastic guard they offer is a better option. Just wanted you thoughts? Thank for you help!
  • firstyankeefanfirstyankeefan Member Posts: 4
    After a 5 minute visit to this dealership - the mechanics managed to 'Fix' my car so that i would need to have thousands of dollars of service on it.
    First they told me i had to purchase a nissan battery - then i would need my
    Dashboard replaced and a new sunroof motor and switches and they would have to
    Keep my car for almost 6 months before they could find a gas gauge/odometer
    Suitable for my car. This all because my battery was failing and I was driving when it happened. Drove right into Sears - and replaced the battery with the top of their line. Little did I know that the sunroof, systems indicators, gas gauge to mention a few things - all stopped working. What did they say... "you needed to purchase a Nissan Battery".. my response - Nissan does not make batteries, and I was on the road when this happened and this is general maintenance of my vehicle. Then they said to bring it in - the first thing they told me was it was "out of warranty" - any excuse - then they said the whole dashboard has to come out and be replaced...
    If you look on the internet - there are thousands of people that are suffering from the same problem - Nissan needs a recall - mind you - all because the battery was replaced... well Nissan - you need a recall - because everyone replaces their own battery - recall all the years that cause problems with battery removal -
    Then the dealership called me one day to offer me a $9.98 oil change. After it was done - they charged me more than $35.00 - they knew I was there for the special oil change - and what the Manager said - when I checked the amount on my bill was "well, you were supposed to tell your service man why you were here, and what we offered. Remember - I walked into service and they knew I was expected and for what - they are liars and cheats. When I called back the manager - he told me he would give me a $30 credit on my account. Now, they will not even return my calls.
    not even for parts information.
    No I would never go back here again - never buy a Nissan again (I've had 5 Nissans, 3 Maxima's) and I will tell everyone one I know to go down the block to Bill Tyson Automotive in Royal Palm Beach instead. 561-753-6122 - they will help you and they are honest people.
    > bill tyson automotive - undid the damage in just a few moments - and i now
    Have a great place to go for my 2007 nissan maxima se -
    > and
    > i can trust them too.
    > thanks guys - your the best!!!!
  • qwyetstormqwyetstorm Member Posts: 1

    Nissan Maxima 2011 As of Nov 2013 I was told by the dealer that my battery was not good so I had it rechecked at another auto place and the results were the same. So I had the battery replaced. Afterwards my sunroof stopped automatically opening and closing. I was told by the dealer that it would be $100 to do a diagnostic test for my sunroof and of course my warranty had run out. My words, "No way, you could take that off!" Thank God my aunt had me read the manual and my curiosity lead me to this site. I did the 'tilt and hold' method and my sunroof is automatic again. Thanks everybody!!!!

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