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Excursion MPG Real World Numbers

kpugh2kpugh2 Member Posts: 20
edited August 2014 in Ford
I have recorded every gallon of diesel this "X" has consumed In 205,474 miles miles have used 13,368 gallon of fuel and averaged 15.267 MPG over a 6 year period. For me not bad for an 8,000 pound truck


  • quickfordsquickfords Member Posts: 18
    Ok, I usually get about 10, maybe 11 on a good day. The other day while on the turnpike I reset the fuel computer and drafted an 18-wheeler to see what I would average. At about 70 mph, I got 16.4 for about 60 miles!! Now thats pretty good. :)
    Thats with my 2000 V10 4wd limited.
  • jafo4jafo4 Member Posts: 2
    :) Very impressive, any chance you can estimate the difference between hwy & city? Any newer diesel owners out there?
  • kpugh2kpugh2 Member Posts: 20
    I do not have many CITY miles, 90% of time have lived in small towns but

    During the first 120K miles I was driving about 40K per year and lots of highway miles @ 85 MPH.
    I would estimate a 15K miles towing TT with about 9MPG +/-
    During the last two years I have made and effort at highway speed around 73MPH of 21~2200 RPM

    Today the "X" has 212 K and 15.4 MPG in 6+ years
  • fphilli1fphilli1 Member Posts: 30
    ;) I own a 2001 Limited 4X4 diesel with 126,000 on it. At 73 mph in the summer I get 16.7 - 17.3 on a good day. At 55mph I can get into the 20's. I loose 1-2 mpg in the winter or on a windy day. I pull a 26' travel trailer and get 9- 11 on a good day. Is this good fuel ecomomy? Please advise
  • kevins3kevins3 Member Posts: 10
    We just came home to Canton Ohio from Holden Beach North Carolina . I filled up there and drove 70mph all the way home and still had 1/8th tank left. I was very pleased with it. by the way it is a 7.3l Diesel (2003).
  • lbpalmlbpalm Member Posts: 1
    05 diesel:

    50 - 55 mph, anticipate brake, no heavy throttle, 23.6 mpg according to vehicle computer on 150 mile trip with new full tank of fuel.

    60 - 65 mph, 22-22.6 mpg " "

    75 mph 16.x mpg " "

    Around town: 16.x mpg " "

    Average tank city/highway: 18.4 mpg

    longest distance b/4 refill 900+ miles.

    I am very easy on the throttle, pass little when on the highway use cruise control on the flats (when not towing) and coast down long highway hills with throttle closed b/4 anticipating hill crests, etc. to maintain speed.

    At 67k miles my brake rotors are fine (despite towing 10K car trailer in season) and so is the rest of the truck, except (today) the CTS - (Cam timing sensor??)) which is what brought me to this site.

    PS - I think the computer lies, although I have seen 900 miles on open road trips, FL to NJ.
  • mkatb22mkatb22 Member Posts: 1
    What kind of work (motor and/or trans) have you done with that kind of mileage? I am looking to buy an Excursion soon.
  • jett1jett1 Member Posts: 7
    2wd or 4x4 if its a 4x4 then WOW. Hope so I drive an 05 avalance 4x4 that gets similar but wouldnt mind going to the Excursion
  • kpugh2kpugh2 Member Posts: 20
    The "X" was a 2001 7.3 PSD 4X4 Limited
    I sold the "X" with 218,000 miles and a lifetime average 15.38MPG or 218,183 miles and 14,178 gallons of fuel. This "X" was all AMSOIL from FRONT to REAR. the engine had the Series 3000 5W-30 oil and the trans had AMSOIL ATF.
    I had a F350 with 6.0 PSD in one year drove 23,127 miles and average 14.15 MPG again all AMSOIL
    In both case it included at least 10% towing miles

    Good luck
  • mattpolandmattpoland Member Posts: 1
    03 X 4wd with a leveling kit and 285/7516 tires. 175k miles

    I tend to get 15-16 combined. About 18 on the highway driving 75-80mph.

    On longer trips through the mountains where my speed is in the 55-60 range I typically get 20mpg average even though I'm going over mtn passes.

    Towing a 4000lb trailer with a ski boat at 70 - 14.5mpg
    Towing a 6500lb trailer with a taller boat at 70pm - 12.5 mpg.

    Around town, up and down some hills here in California with no freeway mileage my average is in the mid 13's.

    I rented a new Chevy Tahoe for a week and the mileage was almost identical over 1200 miles of driving. The Tahoe was 17.3 mpg average with 90% highway driving.
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