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2003 Infiniti Q45 Navigation System

dapark1dapark1 Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Infiniti
Does anyone have a source for a reasonable navigation manual for a 2003 Q45? I could not even find one on ebay.
Thank you


  • I know with Lexus you can download the manual from their website. Have you looked around Infiniti's site? Or maybe contact them because a download might be available at a site other than their sales site.
  • I won't get my Q45 until early next week. Is there any thing you need to know, or do you just want to get the book?
    You can try this place. Helmcs [] They had owners manuals for a Cobra I bought a few years ago.
  • cobrapccobrapc Posts: 10
    I have an extra 03 Nav owner's manual. If you want it I can list it on Ebay.
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