Honda Civic Key Recognition Problem

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2007 Honda Civic It often will not start and displays the green Key symbol. Generally it will start after 3 or 4 tries [remove the key; reinsert key; retry]. But once it went 8 or 10 minutes of tries before accepting the key.
Any help with this starting problem or electrical system problem?


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    Don't ask me for the Honda service bulletin number but one was issued for a 2006 Civic "engine immobilizer" issue. There was a list of possible affected serial numbers. I believe it was an issue with the immobilizer module but you should check with your local dealer in any case because you have a problem....either the key itself or that module.
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    Thanks for the info on the "engine immobilizer" issue.
    The problem does not seem to be the key in this case as I have tried 2 different keys while having the problem and it made no difference. [I realize that two keys coming down the production line together could have a common flaw - but ...]
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    If you have an engine immobilizer issue where when it reads the key and it determines it's not a good key.......wouldn't it effect all the keys??

    Think you need to look into the details of the immobilizer problem.
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    You are correct - I think that you are saying that, if it's a bad key, then the car would work fine when I use a different key. Since the car continues to have problems, even with a different key, then the problem is the car - the immoblizer.

    One difficulty is that the nearest dealer is over an hour away :(

    And if it's not having the problem when I take the car to the dealer, it will be difficult to diagnose - the car only does the 'no start' very occasionally.

    Surely I'm not the ONLY person to have this problem???

    Thanks for your input!
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    Why don't you call your dealer, describe what's going on and tell them you understand there is a TSB for an engine immobilizer issue. Ask if they are willing to apply it even if they are not able to duplicate the problem.
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