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we had our 2001 Sienna in for a regular service. The shop owner, who has been incredibly honest in the past, called and asked if we had the timing belt changed at 90,000 miles (necessary since the car now has 120,000). It wasn't in their records. We didn't remember so we told them to go ahead and change it. They called back the next morning and said that it had already been changed, so they adjusted it. They charged us $125 to adjust it... Now, does the timing belt need adjusting or does it auto-adjust? I think he is charging us for the wild goose chase he started. Thoughts or knowledge would be appreciated.



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    I think it's fair, because they went through quite a bit of labor to get there. Take off the timing belt cover, probably replace gaskets, possibly adjust the tension as they said.

    That covers their labor cost, basically.
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    Yes,it's fair for amount of labor involved to gain access to the timing belts.
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    Hello -- I bought a '08 Sienna LE a couple days ago, which is certified and has 47K miles. This is my first Sienna, and I am wondering what the recommended maintenance schedule is. Can someone advise me the best maint. routine in the following areas?

    Oil & Filter: manual says 5K mi or 6 months -- seems too long/infrequent?
    Transmission Fluid: manual doesn't really say, but maybe every year or 12K mi?
    Timing belt or chain: Do '08 Sienna's have a timing belt or chain? If timing chain, when should I make sure to inspect it? 100K?

    Thanks for your help in advance!
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    Oil interval is 5k. You have to reset the service indicator light, too. It reminds you, and therefore you will have consistant intervals, so it should be fine. Better than a 3k interval if you forget even once and take 6k miles to change it, for instance.

    Trans fluid - I'm not sure. I doubt it needs service so frequently, though.

    Timing chain, definitely. Up to 06 they had belts, 07 and later have chains, thankfully. I think they call for an inspection at some very high mileage number, but I don't recall. That should be in the service manual, though.

    It's a very good powertrain. Car & Driver did a minivan comparo and said the Sienna had the best powertrain, hands down, no contest.
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    My wife and I also just bought a 2008 Sienna LE. I too wondered about the trans fluid. Seems like you just have it checked, maybe every other oil change and do not change unless you meet certain driving conditions. I am used to changing every 30k on my honda CRV. Probably anal on my part, but it is a relatively cheap service on the CRV. Our Sienna has 37k, so I will probably have the trans service done at 60K even if not recommended in the service book.

    Ateixeira, have you changed out or cleaned your cabin air filter yet? The manual says to clean with forced air every so often and replace if too dirty. Looks like you have to remove the glove box to get to the cabin air filter. Not sure how much the dealer will charge to remove and clean or replace. I did it myself on my CRV as they wanted about 100 bucks to replace. The part was 15.00 and it took about 15 minutes.

    Thanks for your input!
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    I'm at 27k miles and that's probably something I will do at the 30k service, so very soon, basically.
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    Thanks for your replies and helpful insights! So far I've been very pleased with the van, but keeping my eye on things since I've got 3 mos or 3K miles based on the certified warranty (comprehensive one). One thing I'm a little concerned about is the slight tapping/knocking noise from the engine when idle (warm), but this may be normal for Toyota. I've driven a Honda, so it may be a little different.
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    Thats funny I am impressed how quiet the Sienna engine is. I come from a family of Subaru's - a car that has the constant boxer growl. Great engines though.
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    V6s tend to be quiet. The timing chain actually makes the 2GR (3.5l in 2007+ Siennas) engine louder than the prior 3MZ (3.3l V6 MY2004-2006), but Toyota added insulation to the firewall and door sills to make up for the extra noise.
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    My dad's 2005 Sienna XLE 2WD has no on-off button for the traction control. Is this normal?
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    At the last oil change appt, dealer's service dept recommended the following:
    replace water pump, timing belt, drive belts
    replace rear shocks
    transmission fluid flush
    positive battery terminal: replacement and service
    All for $1483. We called another garage and they would do this for $863 but not Toyota parts.
    Is any of this necessary? and is it worth it for an 11-year old vehicle? (with a bluebook price of ca. $3000 min.) or should we start looking for a new vehicle?
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    Yes, Toyota didn't at first realize how really useless a F/awd system that in reality was a simple ONE-WHEEL could be until there was so much owner outcry that they had to provide the TC disable capability as backup.
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    Go to the garage.

    $863 is not that much - it would not cover 3 car payments.

    If that extends the life of your van more than 3 months, you got your money's worth, and it seems very likely it will.

    You're well past warranty so no need to use OE parts.
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    Hi, Guys:
    Do you know there jave website to buy toyota online OEM part?
    such as disk apd, drive belt, spark wire set, etc?
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    A couple of years ago I bought half a dozen oil filters from Toyota of Dallas, but pricing was higher recently so I ended up buying the 2nd batch from if you wanted to look there.
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