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Kia Sorento Lights and Bulbs



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I checked all fuze connections,, found a few not firmly seated, tighten the battery chassis ground...and up graded my battery and it seemed to fix the my 03 $$ is on the upgraded battery, put in a top rated, max starting power, battery available for the Sorie......
  • driver04driver04 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing my interior lights wont turn off while having my headlights on. have tried to turn them off but they will not...they only slightly dim. It scared me to have to drive at night with the lights on. What could be the cause for this?
  • franxalotfranxalot Posts: 1
    My dealer replaced all bulbs when I brought the car in for an oil change-N/C

    Its a Kia campaign. Possibly you should check with your dealer before getting theatrical?
  • My bulbs have been replaced, many times...some by the Kia dealership, now all are replaced by me. The repacement bulbs are not the problem. It doesn't matter who makes the will fail in a Kia Sorrento because there is an underlying problem.
  • nikkilennikkilen Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with my interior dome lights and dash lights when there a lot humidity but dash lights continously going out and the only way to get back on I must hit the top of dash fot them to back on and my dome lights will shut off and had to take the bulbs out advise to my problems are needed as it is very frustrating
  • janskijanski Posts: 2
    I really like my Kia Sorento EXCEPT::::I have had to replace my headlights at least twice a year sometimes three times since I have had this car. Also the outside lens on the headlights are faded and scratched up for no apparent reason. They look like someone took a brillo pad and scratched them from the inside. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they said it had the right amps for the lights and never have fixed it. I am sick of buying headlights. I had my car before for 7 years and I don't ever remember having to replace the headlights at all the entire time I had it. I think there is some kind of default or short in the electrical system of the car that is making them go out. Anybody else having the same problems?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    this is a systematic problem with the sorento....check to insure your battery ground into the body is good...all fuses are tight....and when you replace the battery...get one with the max amps possible....above and beyond OEM status...

    as far as the headlamps being faded, depends on where you are...and if the vehicle is parked outside all the time....the lamps can be buffed out...with products at most auto parts stores
  • I own a 2003 and have the same problem .... seems like Kia still cant fix the issues. do not get me wrong I love my Kia but sometimes it seems too annoying... can you elaborate more on the "systematic problems" and has Kia offered any recourse for the possible design flaw? I thought I was the ONLY one that had this problem till I stumbled across this website. Has anyone relayed all the issues to Kia???
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    systematic in that it appears to be in the early MY sories....03-04s...dont know that there is a fix, mine has long been out of warranty...140k on it now....I havent had much of a problem since replacing the battery and tightening all the grounds down at the battery and fuze box....I havent honestly followed up with a dealer in over two years......
  • I have a set of backup sensors I want to install on my 2011 EX. Kia Canada tells me I may invalidate the warranty and could interfere with the operation of other equipment if I do so myself. Nor can they supply me with a wiring diagram which is in the workshop manual given to authorised dealers.

    The odd thing about all this is that there is a Sorento model in the US but not in Canada which has both sensors and backup mirror.

    I would be most grateful if anyone can supply me with any details about how to install the sensors which only need linking to a wire leading to the tail lamps. Additional information about how I can lead the wires from thee sensors to the tail lamp would be most useful.

  • I had a similar problem. What I did was buy electrical parts cleaner. I started removing all the fuses and relays one at time and spraying in the slots. FIRST DISCONNECT THE BATTERY. The spray will dry quickly but allow 5 or 10 minutes before reconnecting the battery. I think the metals/wires under the fuse box are corroding. This is causing shorting out of the electrical system and bad contacts. Hope this helps
  • I also have a 2006 Sorento. I have had to replace tail lights on sometimes alternating sides once a month since owning it w 6K miles. Headlights on either side every other month. Dealer said I needed to buy KIA bulbs ($7). I laughed and put down my money. Three weeks later I replaced it with NAPA then Oreilly and others. No difference. I buy bulbs by the dozen and keep the screwdriver in my Sorento. I now have the interior dome not responding to the door opening. Bulb is good, but no door switch will turn it on. Just consider your service costs over the life of the Sorento to be one headlight and two tail lights per quarter.
  • Have two '06 sorentos 2 vin digits apart (made the same day/same crew). Around the 10-11k mark, both lost the dome lite feature. I just tried to trouble-shoot the problem yesterday, now everything works perfect except the engine won't start. Called KIA, $175 to tow it to the shop, a $200 non-refundable "diagnostic" fee just to open the hood plus $106 an hour for trouble shooting, parts extra. I have 27K on this suv, they want Oil change receipts and even then they don't think they can honor the 10yr/100k warranty. Sorry, but when I get it running again, both sorentos will go on sale. Any one know a cure to this problem, I can't afford kia's prices.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    have an 03 Sorie far as towing prices....probably normal depending on mileage and who you had tow it..idependent or the dealership.....diagnostic fee...yes high indeed.....hourly labor....probably about right...90-120 depending on area you are in...

    so what reason did they give for not honoring warranty if you provide oil change receipts and hard it serviced at the appropriate intervals for those items effecting the drive train.....almost 150K on my Sorie...and have been taking it to a independent mechanic for many years now....
  • We have the same problem, my husband pulled the fuse to it as I could not drive at light with the interior light on. I have blown fog light and tail lights so far and only have had it 2 months and kia says it is my expense the electric needs to be recalled I will be making a formal complaint to the NHTSA if more owners would come forth and complain they would investigate and hopefully get a recall issued. recalls can be issued on vehicles that are under 10 years.
  • I see a lot of complaints on different boards but the complaints need to go to the right place to do any good. I have recently purchased a 2006 sorento and have experienced lighting issues. Spoke with kia but not resolving any thing. If all the kia owners would make a complaint on the vehicle to the NHTSA It would give them enough to investigate and possibly make Kia responsible for the repairs nedded to make our vehicles safe Recalls can be made on a vehicle for up to the age of 10. you can read the complaints, you can call or file a complaint on line you can go to you may also read how the process goes into getting a recall
    Headlights and brake lights that continually need to be replaced is certainly a safety issue as well as interior lights that won't go out when using your headlights.
    make the complaints and make kia give back to us liitle people that they clearly do not care about and make our vehicles safe to drive.
  • This is serious, especially when it comes to both brake lights failing...what happens? Well, somebody plows into you because they don't know your applying the brakes. It's probably already happended where one brake light fails, your unaware, then before you get around to replacing the bulb, the other light fails. You have no brake lights. At least if your headlights fail, you can use the high beams.

    The NTHSA needs to know, but I recall no finding a method to report it on their web site. It is a safety item.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2011
    Here's the NHTSA complaint link:

    Report Your Safety Complaint
  • I like to know how Kia fixed your complaint of the interior lights staying on while using your headlights please. I am on a budget and trying to save some money. I would greatly appreciate any help in this issue.

    Thank you, Brian
  • soryibykiasoryibykia Posts: 6
    Brian, Kia did not fix the vehicle, my husband pulled a fuse that operates the interior lighting I am going to Kia this week when the rep is there to dispute a sheared bolt that is also a common problem with this make, my extended warranty company denied my claim as the bolt to the harmonic balancer sheared off destroying my powertrain parts and the bolt is not under warranty. a bill of over $1,400. and rentals with no reimbursementt and I can have hubby check which fuse he pulled if that will help you I to date have no interior lights
  • criticuscriticus Posts: 3
    My local Kia dealer suggested I go to an auto-electric specialist who would be more familiar with the car's electronics than auto-mechanics. In fact, the dealership itself sent cars to the specialist for repairs, etc. I took his advice and had the sensors installed at a very modest cost with a professional expertise and finish I will never attain. Moreover, it seems that, as I was advised to do so by an authorised Kia dealer, it should not invalidate any warranties.

    Going to an auto-electric specialist might be the best solution for others who have described their Kia-related problems in this forum.
  • tneuftneuf Posts: 1
    So like many of you, I too, have been dealing with the exterior head & tail lights popping, sorry I haven't gotten here sooner. I haven't but will try the battery & fuse box (re)grounding and will report back periodically if no further issues, which will probably cause me to go blue:-). My clock comes and goes. Dome lights was, but has been okay for a while. Direction/Temp panel have never maintained data. Periodically I have my engine circulation fan stay on after driving a while, ya okay, but in Oregon @ 25°! Have to pop the hood and pull the fuse, then reconnect. Had the Bolt problem too, TWICE! and lost the engine the 2nd time @ 105K. Even though I proved it was the second time, and "this hasn't happened before (Kia rep)", replaced with a used Sedona engine with 45K, to the tune of 4K. Oh ya then a few weeks after I received a recall letter about the engine crank bolt! :mad: Polishing the lenses does wonders. I love my Sore so much, I just installed a set of H&R Springs (1.25/1.75) drop, with a new set of KYB shocks. Am also running 8.5 X 18 wheels with Nokian WRG2 255 x 55 tires. Debating on the matching sway bars. more later :-)
  • janskijanski Posts: 2
    I have had my Kia Sorento since 2005 and my husband is constantly having to change the headlights in the front. They go out about every couple of months. Who can I complain to about this and get some results. The Kia dealer here where I live sucks and refuse to believe its a defect in the electric system. There is no way I should be losing lights that frequently. I have had many cars before and never ever had to change the bulbs out at all. Let me know where to complain and I will for sure. I think they need to do a recall also and fix this mess. I'm tired of buying headlights.
  • rrrentorrrento Posts: 2
    We have a 03 Sorento and lost one headlight about a year ago. When the headlight went out I checked the voltage at the headlight. It seemed to fluctuate to much. so I grounded the fuse box to the engine from the wheel well ground of the fuse box. I also took electrical parts cleaner and sprayed the mess out of the fuse box, taking every fuse and relay out one at a time and sprayed into the fusebox. Then sprayed air into it from my aircompressor. I believe the fuse box is having a problem with corrosion and is causing shorts in the system all over the place. Like I said at the beginning we have been doing pretty well so far not blowing headlight. I think KIA knows but it would be very expensive to fix thier mistake.
  • I have same problem with my KIA Sorrento, the headlamps has been changed couple of times. I have given up changing and running with fog lamps. I know its crazy. I will make formal complaint to NHTSA. If anyone have any feedback please let me know.
  • I have a 2003 Kia Sorento. One of the best automobiles I've ever owned.

    Make sure when changing the headlight bulbs that you DO NOT touch the new bulb with your bare hands. Touching the bulb will cause the bulb to burn out within a few days or a week. I'm not sure why that is, but my mechanic told me this and so did the manager at the auto parts store. Do an internet search for that answer and I'm sure you'll see that it is common knowledge. Wear gloves when replacing the lights.
  • Thank you sooooo much for this link! Thank goodness my family and I were not hurt and no one else was hurt during this incident, other consumers are at risk!

    My 2005 KIA Sorento Caught on fire on 12/26/11 while in the driveway. We were awakened by a good citizen banging and yrelling "fire" as I watched the firefighters extinguish the fire on the back end of my 2005 KIA Sorento I wondered how did this happen? After Phoenix Fire Department and Allstate Insurance conducted their investigation, the findings were that the fire was caused by the wiring of the left tail light. I found this very interesting especially because KIA just recalled the 07 Sorento for wiring in the door lights that "may cause fire."

    I paid on that car 3 years, gap insurance probably not gonna cover the difference of the loan due to "electrical malfunction" being an exclusion. I have no car and after Allstate paid just under $8000.00, I still owe $5900.00! I still have NO car!
  • crotty2crotty2 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    2012 Sorento, 8500 miles, dash lights fail intermittantly. dealer can't replicate the problem, just says "bring it in when it happens again", but then they are too busy to look at it, so keep it awhile, and it works fine. AAArrrghhh!
  • ccpsnccpsn Posts: 1
    Repeatedly had headlamps blow on my KIA Sorento 2011. Sent this message to KIA: "This is in reference to case # K241D635. Thank you for returning my call after I sent the previous message. I have read many blog entries concerning the same type of problem that I have been experiencing with my Sorento. I do not appreciate being talked down to by the representative that I talked to when I returned the call. I am not, as I am sure most of the other people in the blogs are not, just a disgruntled customer. I was having a repeated real problem with my vehicle that is probably a defect that possibly should result in a recall. I bought a KIA in good faith that it would be a dependable vehicle and that you would stand behind the product. I even purchased an extended warranty that did not cover my problem. I usually use the dealer for any work that needs to be done on the vehicle, but when your headlight goes out and you get stopped by the sheriff at 5:30 am, and you work for 12 hours that day, the dealer is closed and you must stop by a parts store and purchase a new bulb. It wasn't that it wasn't a "KIA" bulb or that I didn't have it installed at the dealer that was the root of the problem -- that is pure BS. I ended up spending $650+ for the dealer to replace the headlight assembly to fix the problem. I told the representative that this disgruntled customer fixed the problem by selling the son of a [non-permissible content removed]. I can assure you that I will never purchase another KIA. I just feel sorry for all the rest of the customers in the same predicament. "
  • I love my Kia but like many others, I have been purchasing headlamp bulbs way too many often for my Kia. If it's not the left one, it's the right one and I am tired of it. I plan to file a complaint with the NTHSA. I agree with whoever it was that said that if we complain to the right people, maybe something will be done.
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