Rodeo starter

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My 02 Isuzu Rodeo wouldn't start. Turn the key on, it clicks one time, then nothing. I'm thinking starter solenoid, which I'm told is actually mounted on the starter. But, there is a cylinder shaped solenoid (?) mounted to a triangular shaped housing (about 3 inches) attached to the firewall. I tapped on that solenoid several times and the starter engaged and started. What is that solenoid (on the firewall)? Should I replace the starter.. or what?


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    Try the esyiest fix first... I had the same prob... No need to change starter or selenoid... just change the contacts inside the starter(dont even have to take the starter off). There are 2 contacts that the juice flows through inside the starter... they are copper and wear out. There are sites on line that sell the contacts but that way is expensive... just find your local auto electrical specialty shop and they will have them... Fix cost me $5 total.
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