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Jeep Liberty Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Just took delivery of a 2007 2WD Liberty with the overhead info console. THe tire pressures are missing from the available information. The manual states the info should be available, and the wheels have the metal stems, so I know I should have this avalable. My Jeep service rep. acted like he never heard of this. Anyone else run into this?


  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    The first 2005 Limited CRD that I drove had power heated leather seats and tire pressures in the overhead display (17 inch wheels). The 2005 Limited CRD that I actually bought has cloth seats, power driver's seat only and the tire pressures do not exist in the overhead display (16 inch wheels). There is only a low pressure warning light on the dash that came on once after tire rotation when no tire was low. Don't know if this helps any but the same disparity apparently existed in 2005.
  • gooliegoolie Posts: 5
    I have an 06 Liberty Diesel with tire monitor. I noticed the same thing, is seems there are 2 versions of tire monitor, we have the cheaper one that only tells you when they are not right. Not even which one! The better version tells all.
  • semperfi06semperfi06 Posts: 20
    Our 2006 Liberty Limited CRD will display the individual tire pressures on the overhead display, and notify you if any of them are low, including the spare tire. System works great.
  • I own an 06 Liberty w/ 25K miles. For the last 8 months three of my tires continuously lose a little pressure, so that my Low Pressure sensor lite comes on every 2 weeks and both my front tires and sometimes my passenger rear tire measure below 20 lbs. Took it to the dealer and a Goodyear tire place and neither could find any leaks, I think because the leak is so slow and doesn't cause any bubbles sitting in a tub in a shop for an hour or so. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    Well, yeah, sort of. I dropped off a slow leak tire at a tire shop once and they could not find the leak. They dismounted the tire, cleaned the bead area of the tire and rim and remounted the tire. The leak was gone - but this was an old rim.

    I've seen leaks go undetected because the focus was so on the tire that the valve stem got overlooked. A little spit on the valve stem shows that leak and a simple tightening of the valve core stops it.

    A small nail or piece of steel wire into the face of a steel belted radial might not leak at all right away. The tire may have to be running or sitting in the right position for it to leak. Water may not show this type of leak. The only way to find that kind of puncture is a close visual inspection of every sq inch of the face of the tire. It can be embedded below the surface and very hard to find.

    A tire can roll freely over nails (etc) laying horizontally on or in a surface of rock or dirt all day long without penetration. It's only when the tire is slipped by spinning, sliding or turning while sitting still that the offending objects are picked up. Do you drive in an area that is suspect. If you never slip a tire or turn the steering wheel while sitting still it is almost impossible to pick up a horizontal object.

    The fact that you have three tires leaking makes me think in a different direction, maybe. All tires leak very very very slowly right through the rubber. Usually not a problem and usually only a few pounds over a long enough period that it's taken care of by normal checking of the tires. If your tires are leaking this way, this fast, then they are defective and should be replaced.

    The last thing I can think of is tires that lose pressure with changes in temperature such as going from summer into fall or fall into winter. I have added a lot of air in my tires since the end of summer. But, you said only three tires were affected, so that's not it, right. :confuse:
  • usna68usna68 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty. About a month ago the tire pressure sensor system started saying "tire pressure sensor missing or inop". The four main tire pressures indicate normal, so I assume the spare tire has a problem. Is going to the dealer for service the only answer? The Discount Tire Store has no clue. Also, the system now gives warnings of "zero" tire pressure on tires once in a while with good tire pressure? Is an expensive trip to the dealer the only solution?
  • My 04 Liberty is showing the same message, tire pressure sensor missing or bad. I have reset the tires and it still shows a warning. Did you find out how to fix?
    Thanks Jimb27
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Did you check your spare? Some cars have a sensor on it.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    most likely one of the tire pressure sensors battery is going dead and you need a new sensor.
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