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Jimmy Heater Module Removal

lrj78lrj78 Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
Hi I have removed one nut and the bolt under resister on the firewall. Also removed one bolt inside on passenger side of module. On each side of that bolt there are what looks like rivets, cant tell. Do these need drilled out ? Are there other bolts? Module is still fairly tight against firewall. thanks for any help.Richard


  • is this the blend door module? or the heater core? Which module?

    can you explain in a greater detail?
  • Thse are bolts that are only accessible by removing the cover over the air conditioning condensor. This means withdrawing the freon from the system also. The easy approach used by most shops is to take a chisel and break the plastic tabs on the inside of the vehicle the bolts are screwed into. There is a metal piece molded into the tabs for the bolts but this will allow you to bend the unit towards you to remove the heater core. Some silicon in between this break will help prevent squeaks and/or rattles, at least until the customer gets out of the shop.
  • i have a 1998 jimmy ,and have to replace the heater core.CAN YOU HELP?EMAIL ME
  • This is my first post so hope I'm doing it right. I had a coolant leak in my '98 Jimmy, had it pressure tested and was told water pump & radiator were leaking.
    I replaced radiator, water pump, heater hoses and radiator hoses & T-stat and refilled with regualr antifreeze as I had always used regular antifreeze (bought car in 2000). Later I find out GMC has this special anti freeze. (OK call me dumb) Heres the problem: This was done three years ago, I still have regular antifreeze in the system, I have been adding coolant about once per year and no apparent leaks & my heater blows cold some times and hot some times. I read thru some posts on here and wonder what kind of damage I've caused to my system by mixing the antifreeze? Heater core partially plugged from mixing antifreezes?. Thanks
  • I just replaced the heater core on my 2000 Jimmy. The repair manual from the auto parts store was no help. Before disconnecting power, move electric seats fully down and back for extra room. I saw no need to drain the coolant, since the core is higher than the rest of the system. There are several bolts holding the heat/vent module from the engine compartment side. One inside the a/c unit under the fan resistor panel, one about halfway down the a/c housing on the engine side, and the long torx bolt with a nut on it. I also broke the tabs on either side of the inside bolt and caused no harm. Use two people if possible to remove the dash. I caused a little damage to my instrument panel glass (plastic) and radio knobs.
  • Would you recommend this same process for a 2001 jimmy?
  • tkeotkeo Posts: 1
    Do you have to remove the whole dash to do this? Can’t do it from underneath? I’m trying to fix my 96 jimmy…
  • sears2sears2 Posts: 2
    Do you have to remove the heater core module to remove the blend door module @my jimmy stays at full heat all the time i can disconnect the blend door actuator and move the door by hand it stays hot seems as though the door is not closing all the way like something is blocking it
  • sears2sears2 Posts: 2
    any one knows where i could find a new or good heater core module
  • Dont buy into the special antifreerze GM (dexcool) is simplily an extended life antifreeze as far as the heater blowing clod some times i would start by making shure the thermostat is functioning properly hope this helps :)
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