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  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Maybe we should start up a Cougar Rescue Organisation.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Like an emergency road side rescue team? Do we get to put red flashing lights in our Cat?
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Have a GREAT and safe weekend! I'm outta here!

    Peace Out!
    - Rob
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    I was thinking more along the lines of rescuing Zach's Cougar from that um, er, shall I say interesting site you mentioned earlier. The poor Kitty looks like it is strung with bloody Xmas lights.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Although I never want to insult a fellow Cougar owner, I do believe some people need a little direction when it comes to modding their cars (was that politically correct enough?).
  • rickelrickel Posts: 34
    I think it was on ESPN1 or 2...I only caught the tail end of it, but I looked at the TV and saw a cougar smiling at me, and I said, "Wow, a Cougar!" All of the guys I work with laughed at me, they know how much I whine about no commericials for the Kitty.

    Maybe sales will pick up. I want another Cougar in 2006 or so. :-)

  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171

    Yeah that was pc enough. With dog training they say it is really the handler they are training not the dog. Maybe the same applies with Cats.


    Maybe FMC should ask CSG to develop a Cougar commercial
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    Do you guys know anything about the 2000SX by Nissan? One of them pulled up next to me tonight on my way back home (it probably was like a '96 model) and there were no cops around so we just went at it, but wow, I never knew those cars could haul like that! I was crusing on 5th and had to shift to 4th because he was gaining on me, it was very close! But no worries, score another one for the kitty, but I could have used a few more ponies =)
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    I don't know the detail but you can check out the specs at All prices CDN mind you but it will tell you what the 2000sx is made of.
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    It would appear that 1995 was the last model year for the Nissan 200SX so the site I mentioned won't be of much help. Although it does have a Used Car section, it only provides specs on new cars. I should mention though that this is the site that led me to my Cat. Excellent for comparative analysis
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Good afternoon!

    Just to clarify, 1998 was the last model year for the Nissan 200SX, which was basically a 2-door Sentra. The coupe (200SX) was cancelled starting with the 1999 model year when Nissan deemed low sales did not justify continuing production. The SE-R was the "hottest" model, but was nowhere near the performance bargain the previous generation Sentra SE-R turned out to be.

    Now for my Cougar dad currently owns a '98 Mercury Mystique that he purchased new about 2 and a half years ago. His Merc has 50,000 miles on it, and he is giving serious consideration to buying either a leftover 2000 V6 Mystique, or going with the V6 Cougar. Many auto magazines state the seats in the Cougar can be downright painful on long trips. Is this the case? His job requirtes him to make numerous trips and he generally drives his own vehicle (sometimes his destination is 300 miles one-way.)

    His Mystique has been trouble-free (for example, still has original brakes even at 50K.) Have Cougar owners had a lot of problems with their cars? With his busy schedule, he does a lot of his own routine maintenance and finds continuous trips to the dealer for little problems very inconvenient. How difficult are oil changes at home?

    Finally, how is visibilty for passing on the highway and backing up, etc.? I myself have a '99 Camaro, so I am used to reduced visibility. But Dad was expressing concern about the Cougar's visibility.

    Thanks for your input!!
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    ryster, in my personal opinion, the seats in the Cougar are very comfy, but some people do not like them. I used to make trips to NC all the time in Cougar (about 5 hours from where I live) and I didn't find the seats to be bad at all, but it also depends on your body. As far as visibility goes, I think that's sort of a weak point on the Cougar because of the way the mirrors are shaped, but, if you can adjust them just right and you're careful like you should be with any car, there should be no problems.

    And yes, the Nissan that pulled up next to me last night was a 200SX SE-R model, and I was surprised at how it could haul.
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    By the way camelard, I went to that website and it says the Nissan can do 0-60 in less than 8 sec so that would explain why it kept up so darn well, its stats must be pretty close to that of the cougar, except the cougar probably handles better.

    I have another stick-shift driving question. Sort of dumb but I might as well ask. Why do some people say it's not a good habit to shift in the middle of a turn or curve? Is it possible to lose control of the car in that instance or what? Thanks.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Seats: I am almost positive that the Cougar seats have been redesigned for the '01 model year. 2000s still have the old seats. The redesign was due to the number of complaints. My seats are fairly comfortable. They could be better. My longest trip was about 350 miles or about 6 hours and the seats were fine.

    Visibility: I have no problem with it. Granted, I don't have a rear spoiler on my '99 Cougar.

    Problems: Since the Cougar is based on the Contour/Mystique platform, they should have the same track record. As the Cougar model matures the problems that occur have lessened. I have had a few SLIGHT annoyances with my Cat, but I still love the car. Except those damn rattles!!!!!!!

    I would recommend a new Cougar. Looks great, handles great and you will get lots of attention!!!!!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I just saw the Cougar on Speedvision in the Touring class race. Unfortunately, it was being lapped by faster traffic. Still cool though!!!
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Hi, folks...

    My kitty did just fine on a 1300-mile round-trip to Florida. I had the alignment done before I left. I'm a service visit behind (need 15,000 mile service @ 17,000+ miles on odometer), which ticks me off, since now I'll need to get the 15,000 mile service WITH ANOTHER alignment. Might as well. Could have knocked it out of alignment on bad interstate and Florida backroads.

    Funny story about the alarm and getting caught inside the car -- I love to scare my girlfriend in the car with the alarm. She's waiting for me outside of a store or at the gas station, and what do I do? PANIC BUTTON! I've very nearly had to clean her seat out in some cases, and it's notorious for getting me into real bad trouble -- ALWAYS CATCH HER IN A HUMOROUS MOOD, FELLAS.

    Once, when I left her outside while running into a university campus building hunting for a friend of mine, I set the alarm and locked the doors. Well, when I came out of the building and started walking through the parking lot toward the car (in plain view), the alarm went off on its own! My girlfriend jumped and screamed inside (I could see her flipping out), and she started looking around and saw me (now) running toward the car.

    Turns out that she got a call on the cell phone, and the car was hot. I didn't realize that she couldn't unlock the car using the power locks with the alarm set. I also didn't know that just opening the door from the inside (which unlocks it anyway) will set off the alarm. She did it herself, but because of my prior offenses, I was blamed!

    Nowadays, I find it quite humorous to keep her OUT of the SALE stores at the malls and shopping centers by locking her in the car with the alarm on. She's scared to get out, and I don't have to worry about her getting stuck in a shopping frenzy when all I want to do is make a quick stop.

    Ladies, this should also work for the guys if they have a tendency to want to make multiple stops to the Home Depots, AutoZones, and Hooters on the way home ;-)

  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171

    Now that I have the lumbar support set correctly I find the seats very comfortable. As far as visibility goes, no problem for passing if the side mirrors are set right. Backing up the visibility could be better.


    The only time I can think of where shifting in the middle of a turn or curve would be a problem is in some winter driving conditions. As soon as you hit the clutch you are essentially free-wheeling which could cause loss of control on black ice.

    For the best handling you should be accelerating through a curve so I suppose you could experience a loss of control if you are shifting at the top end and experience some drag.

    Aside from those situations I don't know. When driving on residential streets I typically shift from 1st to 2nd on the turn and I have never noticed a problem with handling.
  • jayhawk5jayhawk5 Posts: 70
    It seems that the Cougars have been reproducing here in No. Virginia. The last month I've seen them all over the place. When I got my car 6 months ago I didn't see any- now I see them everywhere. It's strange, every time I see one it puts me in a good mood!
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    I agree to that, jayhawk5. I've seen lots of Cougars around here. I see them everyday on 66 on my way to Rosslyn every day. The ones I see the most are silverfrost and green.
  • giddeup_50giddeup_50 Posts: 27
    I travel 1200 miles at a shot (round trip) from Detroit to Phila. in my Cougar to visit my parents and the seats in the Cougar(sports package)are far more comfortable than the ones in my recaro knock-offs in my 88 GT convertible. The ones in the convertible are way too soft over long stints and I find the Cougar to be supportive, a bit firm, but it makes you get out every 4 hours or so and stretch your legs. Which you should do anyway. Don't want sleepy drivers out there.
  • giddeup_50giddeup_50 Posts: 27
    Before I moved to Dearborn area from Philly, I had a rarity. Out here everyone has a Cougar it seems. Sad thing is though about ~2400 of them will be extinct in a few months when their leases are up. Many managers leased the non-orderable 4 cyl automatics, at a great discount, and can not be sold to the general public cause of the reputation that they might be too slow for the image.
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    Hey everyone, Happy Monday!

    Just checking in because this past weekend in the D.C. Metro area was gorgeous! I agree with the fact that there are more Cougars in this area. I see several now on my way to work and home, but I see more white, spruce, and tourmaline than any other color. I think I see more black ones parked.

    Oh well. I did get off better than Badulah. I took my Cat to the dealer this morning, and they gave me a Cougar V6 loaner. Spruce, sunroof, conv. pkg., sport pkg., ATX. Pretty well outfitted for a car that's designated a loaner.

    Not bad, but I am glad that I own an MTX. This is the first time I've driven an ATX Cat, and while I think it's good for traffic, and convenience, it's not good for the maximum potential the car has, IMO.

    Take care everyone, and have a great day!
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Having driven an SE-R for 9 years, I feel that a race between the two would be a close match. The SE-R had 150hp, but was about 500lb lighter, and has a shorter wheelbase along with IRS. The 200SX lost the rear suspension, and wasn't as good a handler.

    The Cougar was the only car that made me want to give up my little red rocket.

    Skip G,
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Morning all..yesterday on my way home from our local mall I was sitting at a stop light, looked over to my left and there was a laser red special edition cougar! the first I've seen since I got Max. The lady and I looked at each other and smiled, that "ya we know we're cool" smile. The red is gorgeous, but I,m glad I got black. I don't even mind the extra attention she requires.

    Friday on the way home I took the back road (very curvy), I've been dying to drive the cat on it, but I thought I should get more comfortable driving her. After driving an SUV for 13 years I needed an adjustment period. Well it was awesome! This car handles the curves unbelievably! I might drive home that way again today!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    You should. Any chance you get to stretch the Cat's legs you should take.

    Here's something odd: I'm not usually the type to fawn over other cars, but I find myself looking back to check out the loaner Cat. Go figure. I always look back at my own Cougar, but I didn't think I'd have to look back at a loaner car.

    Oh well, call me crazy! But my subconscience must really just love the Cougar for that to happen.

    Hope everyone's day is going well. Happy Cougaring!
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Wish I had one to commute on :(

    All I've got is a 3/4 mi driveway to the lot, and it's all ripped up and lumpy. But, it's a good rattle check @ 55mph (35 posted).

    Skip G.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I also looked back at my loner Kia, but I looked back while crying.
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    I know man, I know. Sorry to have to bring up those horrible purple memories ...
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I had purple nightmares for a week straight. I had a dream that Grimace drove up in a Kia and smashed in to my Cat. It was HORRIBLE!! I woke up in a cold sweat.
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I believe you are suffering post tramatic stress syndrome...a nice road trip in your cat should cure you. You should call into work and explain that you have to take a couple of days off to recover, I'm sure they will understand.
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