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Chrysler Engines in a Sonata?

craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Read in today's Business section that Chrysler was having a discussion with Hyundai about Chrysler/Hyundai swapping engines.

Hyundai engines in China made Chryslers and they want Hyundai to let them put Chrysler made engines in American Hyundais.

What's wrong with this picture?


  • oinktrntoinktrnt Member Posts: 22
    “Read in today's Business section that Chrysler was having a discussion with Hyundai about Chrysler/Hyundai swapping engines.”

    Hyundai/Kia/Mitsubishi/Chrysler already share the same 2.4 I4. Car reviewers have reported that it smoother in operation with the Sonata/Optima than the Sebring/Avenger.

    “Hyundai engines in China made Chryslers and they want Hyundai to let them put Chrysler made engines in American Hyundais.”

    Then Chinese Chrysler buyers are getting a car with at least one major component that probably won’t break down. I am not currently in the market for a new car, and if I ever am will not purchase ANY Hyundai vehicle with a Chrysler-made engine. In my opinion, Chrysler should have died a ‘natural death’ in the 1980s without a public bailout. The recent purchase of the company is the second time it has been on the ropes.

    “What's wrong with this picture?”

    I suppose I am getting off the topic, but here goes: I have lived through the ‘dot-bubble’, the now-crashing ‘housing bubble’ and I observe yet another ‘bubble’: The U.S. is currently borrowing one billion dollars a day just to stay in business and run That Stupid War. I heard on an NPR business show that we are now one trillion dollars in debt to the Chinese. Somehow, they have been allowed to ship tainted products into the U.S. so that shareholders can make even more money. I can’t help but find all this disturbing.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    I totally agree with you about Chrysler. I cringe at the thought of a Hyundai with a Chrysler built and designed engine. I hope Hyundai doesn't bow down to this. They have two very good motors in the Sonata why change this.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    Agreed. I think the power plants in the Sonata will last for a while. The 2.4L I-4 Theta (aka GEMA), which by the way Chrysler is paying royalties to Hyundai, is very fuel efficient; and the 3.3L/3.8L V6 Lambda will be entering its second generation soon, boasting on the already strong output with more hp and improved fuel economy.

    Now a Hyundai with a HEMI sounds pretty nice :) but I hear the new Tau V8 applications isn't too shabby either; with superchargers and engine deactivation up to an estimate of 500hp expected in the range topper 5.5L V8 (along with the 4.6L which will debut in the upcoming luxury RWD sedan and 5.0L, all in the works).

    Let's see where and if this alliance takes in shape...IMO Chrysler needs it more than Hyundai does.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Hyundai/Kia/Mitsubishi/Chrysler already share the same 2.4 I4.

    This is not accurate, although a common misconception. There are some common design elements between the 2.4L engine manufactured by Chrysler and the one manufactured by Hyundai (and also Mitsubishi's), due to the alliance between Hyundai, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi, but they are different engines produced at different factories. That accounts for why, for example, the Chrysler and Hyundai engines have different output, different NVH etc.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    "That accounts for why, for example, the Chrysler and Hyundai engines have different output, different NVH etc. "

    and a longer life span.....Hyundai of course. :shades:
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Well, consider that Chrysler's engines have a lifetime warranty and Hyundai's have "only" a 100,000 mile warranty (or ten years). ;)
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    define "lifetime" Backy. :)
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Doesn't matter how I define "lifetime", it's how Chrysler defines it. And that's public knowledge. It was in all the papers. :)
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    I hadn't read Chryslers "lifetime" warranty, just thought you knew what it was. I'll just have to look it for myself. :P
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Sorry, the way your original post was written (with the smiley face) I thought it was in jest.

    Lifetime = as long as the original owner or leasee owns the car.
  • waltchanwaltchan Member Posts: 124
    Oh no, that would be terrible if Hyundai decides to put Chrysler-made engines in all their vehicles. It will ruin Hyundai's reputation again, and all the investment they did to improve reliability and customer satisfaction is for nothing.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Not all Hyundais.....just the ones made in the US. :cry:

    Thanks Backy for the info. Kinda makes you want to buy a Chrysler product. :lemon: NOT. :surprise: Unless you live in China and get one with a Hyundai built engine. ;)
  • robert1955robert1955 Member Posts: 39
    Chrysler's "Lifetime" waranty is only in effect if ALL your scheduled service is done at the dealership. With the price diferential between the dealer and private shops or self service I could buy 3 new engines over the life of paying dealer prices for service.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Where did you see that? I don't think it's true:

    To qualify for the warranty coverage, car buyers must have a powertrain inspection every five years, which will be performed at no charge by an authorized Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealer.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    I will retrieve all of the fine print on the new warranty but I think he's right on the service intervals. I will pull them up tomorrow morning.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    OK. It's interesting that says nothing about requiring service to be performed at a dealer--only that preventative maintenance must be performed:

    Q4: Are there specific provisions to the new warranty?
    A4. In order to maintain the Chrysler Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, you must have a powertrain inspection performed by an authorized Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealer once every 5 years. This inspection, performed at no charge, must be made within 60 days of each 5-year anniversary of the warranty start date of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle. You’re strongly encouraged to follow the instructions contained in the Scheduled Maintenance Service guidelines in your Owner’s Manual.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Thanks Backy! Now that was an interesting read. I thought Chrysler offered a 7/70 powertrain warranty already...another 30K might be needed. I guess if you BUY a Chrysler you want to own them for a LIFETIME.....not. Been there done that.

    An inspection by Chrysler every five years to keep the warranty in effect can generate sales for the service dept. A scenario Well, Mr. Backy during your inspection we found you have a blinker fluid leak and the air in your tires is stale. ChaChing $575.84 later your warranty is still valid. Whooopeee, thanks Mr. Chrysler, I feel a lot better know.

    Or it could go as follows if you don't have ALL your service and INSPECTIONS done at a Chrysler dealer. Well, sorry Mr. Backy your car has some faults/defects we could have found HAD we done your work.....your warranty is VOID. Please go purchase a _________.

    I see others matching this in the near future. Just like GM did with the 100K warranty. Well maybe just those who need to increase sales. Time will tell.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Your sarcasm aside, this program has really only one major difference from others out there, including Hyundai's. The difference is there's no expiration date or mileage limit if the original owner keeps the car. People have the same misconception about the Hyundai/Kia warranty--that you have to have service done at a dealer. That question pops up a lot on the Hyundai discussions. And the answer is the same--you don't have to have service performed at a dealer, as long as you document that you maintained the car. If you do that, Chrysler has to prove, if they want to reject a warranty claim, that the problem was caused by improper maintenance. That can be hard to do, unless someone never puts oil in the car (and I've heard of that...).

    Since most owners will need to have their cars serviced around five years of ownership (e.g. 60k service), I don't see the requirement to have a free (that's as in, FREE) inspection every five years to be a big money-maker for Chrysler. Keep in mind most people get rid of their cars before vive years anyway--so none of those cars will need an inspection, since they won't be covered by the "lifetime" warranty anymore.
  • robert1955robert1955 Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for the correction. I also found the FAQ's and I find it hard to believe Chrysler is not requiring the maintenance be done by a dealer :surprise: . Lets see how long this lasts.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Not to worry. It's unreasonable to require a buyer to go to the manufacturer's dealers for maintenance to keep a warranty intact. Think about some owner who lives 200 miles from the nearest dealer. They are going to be required to go to the dealer for all maintenance? No. But it is reasonable for Chrysler to require that the car be maintained, as lack of routine maintenance (e.g. oil changes and tranny flushes) could affect drivetrain components.
  • earbuckleearbuckle Member Posts: 16
    Not only unreasonable, but against federal law (Magnuson Act, I believe). No manufacturer can REQUIRE that service be performed only at authorized dealers. ANYONE can do the maintenance, just so long as it is documented that it is performed. Of course, if the maintenance is done improperly, then recourse is with whoever performed the maintenance, not the manufacturer.
  • bmachbmach Member Posts: 3
    cust. came in asking if can find out which side of this *2.5v6* [side-way] engine is #1 BANK *his words"
    butch :confuse:
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