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Howling sound under Ford Escape

pawelpawel Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Ford

I hear almost constantly the howling sound from underneath my Escape 06. It is accompanied by the slight vibration of a steering wheel, although I am not sure if these two have anything in common.

I got to my service and they said it was the driving shaft, which they replaced. Did not change a thing and I am still hearing that.

Can anybody suggest what to do? Maybe someone had that as well?



  • Hi Pawel, I just bought a 2006 XLT V6 with 20K and after driving it for a week I also noticed drivetrain noise. I'm thinking it may be caused by the center support bearing, my tires were chopping in the front so I rotated them thinking this would end my problem, however after a road test the noise is still there. I thought maybe this was just nature of the beast so I test drove another Escape with similar millage, but it's noise was not as bad, but still very noticeable. My noise seems to start at 50 mph and above, and usually need to turn the radio up just to hear it. Not Good. If I isolate the problem I will pass it on. :confuse:
  • well pawel your problem lies in one or both of your frt wheel bearings .To check you can lift car off grd and put your ear close to inside part of wheel end .get somebody to Stop one wheel by holding tire.listen for noise.Bearings are about $80.can or buy a spindle assy from wreckers with low mileage
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,026
    if you need to turn the radio up to hear the noise, it's probably the radio!
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  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    TIRES! The original Continental Eco Contacts are noisy. This, plus the almost complete lack of sound insulation material, promises a road-noise packed ride.
    My college student daughter's '04 Focus has a trunk mat, and a tiny sound mat beneath the rear seat cushion. Road noise permeates the interior. The original Pirellis were replaced by Goodyear Assurance Fuel Maxs and EVEN SHE noticed the vast improvement.
    The steering wheel wobble indicates tire wear, and/or an out-of-balance condition.
  • Definately sounds like wheel bearings to me. Usually you steer the wheel alittle to the left or right and the pitch will change or the sound will disapear. I just changed one on my wifes monte carlo. Was a pretty easy job as long as you had all of the tools. Check out the Haynes manual to make sure you have everything.
  • mafsefmafsef Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Escape - very pleased with car for first 10K miles then loud noise started under hood. Noise starts as soon as engine switched on and continues as I drive; it does modulate a little at speed and changes tone somewhat at gear shifts (automatic). First impression was aerodynamic noise from air filter - not so, with hood raised the noise comes from right front area, there are no handling problems and no unusual tire wear. Is it drive belt noise? Is there a sound insulation package available that might mitigate this distraction?
    Otherwise car performs well and MPG is pretty good at about 21 around town and about 25 on the highway.
  • I had to upgrade my tires to fix this. The rear tires were out of alignment and when i rotated them it causes all of them to get noisy. started about 15K miles
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