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Dodge Durango Transmission Problems

Here it is I changed the fluid and filters, put it back together, filled it with ATF+4 fluid. Started it and went through the gears, and nothing happend.. It wont engage in any gear, Now its throwing a code (PO841)-Trans fluid press sensor/switch A CKT range/Perf... Now I really dont know what the problem is.. Dealer wants 85.00 for that sensor, But nobody knows anything about that code.. Can anyone Help on this one Thanks.


  • wljlds2wljlds2 Posts: 14
    The 45RFE transmissions had a problem with losing their prim when Chrysler went to the WIX filters. Not saying this is your problem, but it is possible that the filter is not sealing/seating properly.
  • What type of transmission fluid
  • 2003 Durango transmission fluid/mercon III
  • My 2000 dodge durango 5.9 with the 46RE usually skips 1st gear and starts off in 2nd while proceeding to shift out well. Sometimes it will start off in 1st very briefly and then slip right into 2nd. NO codes through a generic obdII scan. If i do disconnect the battery it starts in first and shifts normally into 2nd only that one time. Any ideas?
  • duke24duke24 Posts: 1
    My truck runs fine and has no codes stored to indicate a problem. When put into drive it immediately stalls as if the torque converter will not allow it to idle in gear. I can get it rolling and drive but can not come to a stop without shifting into nuetral. This is a tranny issue but what part of the tranny is causing the problem? I removed the trans and inspected the valve body for binding but found no problem. The fluid is burnt and contaminated. The governer solenoid had debri in the screen. But how would that cause this problem? :confuse:
  • I bought a 2007 slt in March. I didn't think the transmission was working properly almost imediately. I was told that I just wasn't used to the car and the transmission. I had traded in a chrysler 300 so I thought I would give it a chance, Since then it has gotten worse. Driving at 70 mph on a clear day on flat pavement and it sounds like it shifts into knowwhere land and then back. It has occurred under all weather conditions, terrains, speeds, and different drivers. I took it to the Dodge dealer near me and they said that yes they felt it and heard it too. But the computer says there is nothing wrong so they can't fix it.

    Any suggestions?

  • I parked my 2005 durango in the driveway and the next moring In started it shifted the trans into R and nothing happened. I went through all of the gears and it acts as if the engine is nolonger connected to the drivetrain. Any ideas what could have failed and how I can test it to make sure?????
  • mrbigzmrbigz Posts: 2
    I'm having similar issues. I took it into the shop and was told that it's possibly a problem with the computer sending a signal to the tranny to tell it to shift. I basically have to start it in 2nd, shift into drive. But even then it doesn't shift into any higher gear and once I reach about 40-45 you can hear the engine start to rev higher. Does anyone have any idea of what "computer" part this is? As I'm told there are two computer units in this vehicle.

    99 Durango SLT
    V8 Magnum

    Thanks in advance
  • isaiasisaias Posts: 1
    mike322, did you ever get an answer to the Gear problem. I'm having the exact same issue.
  • mrbigzmrbigz Posts: 2
    Yes it ended up being the computer. A new one was going to cost around $800 for the part. My mechanic was able to find a used one for half the price.
  • My problem is it sounds like gears grinding. At first it wouldnt come out of 4x4 in my 2001 durango. then after freeing it up by rocking it back and forth and using the switch from high to low and out, it worked ok. But every time i reengaged it and disengaged it you could hear gear grinding noises at slow speeds. Now it is steadily making noise and not sure if its the transfer case or in the front axle assy. Got any suggestions as to how to determine which area its coming from and what the problem is ???
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    If im not mistaken the front differential on a durango with an electronic transfercase is always engaged meaning it doesn't have an actuator to engage the front differential when using the 4wd, im sure it is if its an AWD with just hi lo functions. It sounds like the noise is in the transfer case.
    The forks that apply the hi lo hub and the 2wd 4wd slider have plastic tabs and do wear especially if not well lubricated (low fluid level) not allowing it to engage or disengage the hub or slider fully. Check the fluid level then Pull the drain plug..if the fluid looks bad or is real low and particles coming out of it, theres your problem. If its full and clean (Its ATF fluid, so should have a red tint), there have been some problems with the shifter motor on the side not doing its job, not properly engaging and disengaging but haven't seen one have that particular complaint.
  • The durango is the r/t with the 5.9 and it does have a 2wd switch also. Listening a little bit closer to it, the grinding/clicking sound actually sounds like it is coming from the front axle area, behind the drivers side wheel.
  • Ok, You are right, its awd and i went out and tried to see if i could get the transfercase into neutral and it wont do it. It stays in gear. Looks like i'll be taking the transfer case out. But i will check the fluid and see whats going on. Thanks for you help.
  • Oh yea, any tricks i might need to know about removing the transfer case?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    any tricks i might need to know about removing the transfer case?

    To me, the trick is getting someone else to do it competently and cheaply! ;)

    With a little luck, someone with hands on experience will jump in and offer some guidance and inspiration.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • i use the Haynse manual to fix mine(and yes im a shade tree mec.) book said for the most part that its farly basic, my 98 has had some of the same probs !had to replace drive axil on pass side.replace filter and fluid adjust kick down bands. Its working good now :)
  • jerryd6jerryd6 Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Durango (4.7) that is giving me trouble, will not shift into OD, and is shifting late. Pulled up this code P0871 which says something about the OD pressure sensor circuit... If I clear the code the vehicle runs fine for about 20 miles or so then the problem starts again. Anybody else ever had this problem? Having a hard time figuring out where to start. Oh yeah, transmission fluid and filters were recently changed, old fluid didn't look bad/no metal pieces in the pan.
  • If its not shifting than when the fluid was changed did they adjust the kick down bands? sorry ive been layed up for a mouth or so med probs.
  • jerryd6jerryd6 Posts: 3
    5-45RFE transmission, no bands to adjust. Praying I don't have to replace the TRS assembly...
  • Dont have a book on that here will go buy the shop monday to read up might have some ideas then!
  • jerryd6jerryd6 Posts: 3
    Thanks, any help I can get is appreciated greatly!
  • I have a 2000 Durango R/T AWD.I had the trans rebuilt about 10k ago.Last night I went on a 100 mile trip pulling a 5x8 empty trailer.After about 40 miles the trans shifted out of OD.I drove a bit reducing speed due to being on the freeway.Then the trans temp light came on.After letting it sit for about 15 mins ,I continued down the road.20 miles later .it did it again.This happened before but stopped after some time.Now it will not shift correctly and in and out of OD.Took it to the trans shop and it would not duplicate the problem and has no codes. On the way back home ,again?????? Help please
  • i also have the same prob. now was it the (pcm) powertrain control module or the (tcm) transmission control module,there both about 800 bucks
  • We have a 2006 hemi We had a problem back at the end of June the engine light came on and we brought it to the dealer they said the code was for some trany issue. They changed the filters and fluid and was supposed to change something to due with the valve body we thought. and warranty ran out July 1st. Now the other day I used it, it was fine then went home then went to use it again and it was like the car was in neautral then the light came back on after my husband tried it. We brought it in again they said it was 1 or 2 of the valve sections needed to be changed and it will cost 1700. Now my husband is a working man blue collar mechanic, works on large logging equipment cars, trucks, whatever and he knows they told him last time they were supposed to change something to do with the valve body and they didn't. So thats why i'm looking these issues up now because come tomorrow when we have to argue with them they should of fixed it then instead of just using a bandaide to fix the issue until later on when the warranty is expired so we can have some ammo to use. As far as i'm concearned it's still in the same part of the car, I don't care if it's another issue it's still a trany issue. Has anyone else had issues with theirs???
  • mike this is exactly my problem. car stuck in driveway. how did you fix it? thanks!
  • Today on my 2000 Durango the transmission light came on and now it does not want to shift into high gear, going 30 miles an hour the rpms are at 2. we went to advance and the guy put the machine on it and he said it was the turbo sensor...can anyone help :confuse:
  • gammilgrgammilgr Posts: 1
    My 2002 durango drives great and shifts fine in all forward gears, BUT when I put it in reverse it moves backwards a little until I give it gas and then it chatters a bit. What should I do? :(
  • NO NO!! ATF+4 ONLY!! This is the fluid for a Durango tranny. Use the other Mercon if you want to destroy your tranny.
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