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M35 automatic daytime running lights

osbornkgosbornkg Posts: 30
edited March 2014 in INFINITI
I’m wondering if there's any information, which will allow American M-35’s (2007) to be converted to Canadian automatic "ON" daytime running lights?


  • I called a dealer in Canada and found out that we can purchase the control box that plugs into the lighting system. However, I was told that if I installed the drl that it would void the warranty. So, I didn't buy the box. Makes no sense to me as the car is the same except the drl.
  • osbornkgosbornkg Posts: 30
    Funny Infiniti would say the installation of a safety feature would void the warranty. Would this mean while traveling in Canada the USA warranty is void because you don't have the control box installed?
    What does drl mean?
    Did you get a Part Number for the control box?
    Is the control box all that is needed or is there other wiring involved.
    Did you call Infiniti or your Infiniti dealer?
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    What happens when you have the daytime running lights (drl) is as follows:
    With the engine running, the lighting switch in the OFF or AUTO position (headlamp is not illuminate) and
    parking brake released, the IPDM E/R receives input request signal from BCM to turn on daytime light. This
    input is communicated across the CAN communication lines. The CPU of the IPDM E/R controls the daytime
    light relay coil. When energized, this relay directs power
    ● through daytime light relay terminals 5 and 3
    ● through front combination lamp RH terminal 2
    ● through front combination lamp RH terminal 6
    ● through IPDM E/R terminal 27
    ● through 10A fuse (No. 72, located in IPDM E/R)
    ● through 10A fuse (No. 74, located in IPDM E/R)
    ● through IPDM E/R terminal 28
    ● to front combination lamp LH terminal 6.
    Ground is supplied
    ● to combination lamp LH terminal 2
    ● through grounds E22 and E43.
    With power and grounds supplied, the daytime lights illuminate. The high beam headlamps are now wired in
    series and illuminate at a reduced intensity.

    So, as you can see, it is fairly complicated. Not sure if all of the stuff is there, or if it is easily handled by say maybe just replacing a relay. Because much of this is controlled by the computer, not sure how much really needs to be added or how.
  • I am trying to have the doors lock when I put the car into Drive and unlock when I put it into Park or.... lock when I push the ignition switch. My dealer tried but couldn't do it and returned my $$$$$....... Any suggestions?????? I don't want to "Void the Warranty by doing something stupid... Oh If I can do it thru my Infiniti font that would be a plus.
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