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There is a lot! of tire road noise from my 2005 Mariner. The faster you go, the louder it gets. Has anyone experiened the same thing, if so I would like to know what did you do about it, did you change tire brands, did it help, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bill


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    Road noise is a well recognized problem with the 2005 Mariner, I think. I believe that some brands of tires are much better than others in that regard. (see reviews) I bought an '05 Mariner for my step-daughter. When it needs new tires I'm going to recommend something other than the Continentals that came on it. (However, she drives with the stereo cranked up all the time, so the road noise doesn't bother her.)
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    I tried to change the rear tire on my Mariner. After I unscrewed all of the lug nuts and had the vehicle jacked off the ground I tried and tried but could not pull off the tire. Is there some trick to getting the tires off? Some sort of locking lug nut, or extra lug nut in the middle under the little plastic "Mercury" cover? The manual doesn't mention anything besides unscrewing the five lug nuts and then it states the tire should slide right off but thats just not working. Anyone have any ideas for me?
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    Try banging on it with a mallet. I suspect it's just "frozen" on from winter grime, especially if you haven't rotated your tires for a while. Don't knock it off the jack.
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    I just took my 2005 Mariner in for an Oil Change and tire rotation. I get this done regurally. This time they told me the rear tires were wearing out. I only have 33,000 miles on them. Would they still be under warranty? Are the tires defective?
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    Welcome to my world! I have a 2009 brand new with 21468 miles on it and they are telling me that these vehicles are noted for uneven tire wear and there is nothing you can do about it. I have done all the proper rotations as recommended and now my tires are very noisy. I work in a shop so I had them check the alignment and it was fine. I took it to the dealer and they said it was recommended to tweak it as far as possible to stop the uneven wear. Now my vehicle does not go straight when I let go of the wheel. I am in the process of fighting with ford but they are agreeing with the dealer that it is my responsiblity to purchase tires. I am so outraged right now. The service manager at the dealer told me that these vehicles are known for this and I can expect to purchase new tires frequently. And of course they are a higher end tire (over 200.00 ea). My dealer offered to cover 2 tires but I would have to buy 2. I am able to get them from work way cheaper but they would not allow me to do that. So I told them to shove the 2 tires. To answer your question, according to the manual, there is only 12,000 mile warranty other than manufacturer's defects. So you too are out of luck.
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    ".......I took it to the dealer and they said it was recommended to tweak it as far as possible to stop the uneven wear. Now my vehicle does not go straight when I let go of the wheel......"

    They did not do it right. A proper "tweek" would not have resulted in a pull. (OK, there is a possibility that the tires have been worn so they pull. Swap the front tires and if the pull changes, you will have to replace the tires to get rid of the pull.)

    Mariners and Excapes have too much camber. If there is even a little bit of toe, you'll get one side, irregular wear.

    I'd recommend you get another alignment at another shop and have them dial out as much camber as they can. Make sure they get the cambers the same on both sides. Just be aware that fixing the alignment doesn't fix the wear on the tires (Kinda hard to put rubber back on!)
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    I need help changing Parking Light Bulb in 2005 Mercury Mariner...Owner manual says see Ford Technician....Can't seem to get to it from behind the lens....seems inaccessible partially behind the front fender....Need Help !!!
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    yea..Mine just blew too...what a strange way to mount a bulb..
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    That explains why my continental tires where so noisey and had to be replaced at 24,000 miles !
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