Highlander Timing Belt/Chain Question

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I have a 2001 Toyota Highlander. My mechanic told me I needed to have the timing belt changed at 90,000 as suggested by Toyota (I have 108,000); that it was a maintenance "thing," and was going to charge me $600.00 to do it. I called the closest Toyota dealer (an hour away) to ask them about it, told me they only charge $350.00 and scheduled an appointment. The dealership just called and said I have timing chain not a belt!!! How is this possible?


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    I also have a 2001 HL and I had the Timing Belt changed at 90k miles.I recently bought a 2008 HL and it has a Timing Chain which doesn't need replacing until there is a problem.I'm surprised your dealer didn't know this since failure of a timing belt in this engine can cause serious damage.My dealer charged $350 to change the belt.
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    V6 has a belt
    I4 may have a chain

    I was quoted $1200 by my toyota dealer to have a timing belt changed, to I did it myself.
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    Does the V6 2007 Highlander have a belt or chain?
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    From the FAQ link at Toyota's web site
    Model Year Engine Belt/Chain/Gear
    4Runner 1990-2000 4 Cylinder Chain
    1990-2002 V6 Belt
    2003-2007 V6 Chain
    2003-2007 V8 Belt
    Avalon 1995-2003 V6 Belt
    2004-2007 V6 Chain
    Camry 1990-2001 All Belt
    2002-2008 4 Cylinder Chain
    1990-2006 V6 Belt
    2007-2008 V6 Chain
    Camry Hybrid 2007-2008 4 Cylinder Chain
    Celica 1990-1999 4 Cylinder Belt
    2000-2005 4 Cylinder Chain
    Corolla 1990-1997 4 Cylinder Belt
    1998-2008 4 Cylinder Chain
    Cressida 1990-1992 L6 Belt
    ECHO 2000-2005 4 Cylinder Chain
    FJ Cruiser 2007 V6 Chain
    Highlander 2001-2007 4 Cylinder Chain
    2001-2007 V6 Belt
    2008 V6 Chain
    Highlander Hybrid 2006-2008 V6 Belt
    Land Cruiser 1990-1992 L6 Gear
    1993-1997 L6 Chain
    1998-2007 V8 Belt
    MR2 1990-1995 4 Cylinder Belt
    MR2 Spyder 2000-2005 4 Cylinder Chain
    Matrix 2003-2008 4 Cylinder Chain
    Paseo 1992-1997 4 Cylinder Belt
    Previa 1991-1997 4 Cylinder Chain
    Prius 2001-2007 4 Cylinder Chain
    RAV4 1996-2000 4 Cylinder Belt
    2001-2007 4 Cylinder Chain
    2006-2007 V6 Chain
    Sequoia 2001-2007 V8 Belt
    Sienna 1998-2006 V6 Belt
    2007 V6 Chain
    Solara 1999-2001 4 Cylinder Belt
    2002-2008 4 Cylinder Chain
    1999-2008 V6 Belt
    Supra 1990-1998 L6 Belt
    T100 1993-1998 4 Cylinder Chain
    1993-1998 V6 Belt
    Tacoma 1995-2007 4 Cylinder Chain
    1995-2004 V6 Belt
    2005-2007 V6 Chain
    Tercel 1990-1998 4 Cylinder Belt
    Truck 1990-1995 4 Cylinder Chain
    1990-1995 V6 Belt
    Tundra 2000-2004 V6 Belt
    2005-2007 V6 Chain
    2000-2007 4.7 V8 Belt
    2007 5.7 V8 Chain
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    Hi Nimrod,

    Where on toyota.com did you find that info? I have a 4wd Highlander V6. According to the chart, the car should have a timing chain. Just wondering where I can find similar information.

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    what year?up to 2007, its a belt, from 2008, it's a chain
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Member Posts: 343
    Highlander 2001-2007 4 Cylinder Chain
    2001-2007 V6 Belt
    2008 V6 Chain
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    I had a 01 Highlander that was 2WD. Dealer told me to have belt changed...come to find out it had a chain!!!
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    More evidence to support the position that Dealer service departments are crooked.
    timing chains have a longer interval before replacement compared to belts.
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    I agree 100%. I think they were trying to charge me and not do a thing!!
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    You might be giving the dealer too much credit. I had an '89 Nissan Sentra AWD Wagon, and upon the dealer's advicer took the car in to have the timing belt changed. The technician came out fairly quickly and sheepishly admitted that the car had a chain and not a belt, and that there was no recommendation to replace it.
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