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My grandmother is buying a 2008 Camry Solara and was considering buying the windscreen for her car but the dealership is charging her about 500 dollars to install it. They were wondering if it is easy to remove and install from the car because they may not want it in the car as a stationary piece. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    We had a windscreen installed by our dealership. It cost us about $500.+installation.

    Re: Removability It takes me 2-3 minutes to remove it, about twice as long to re-install it. It comes with its own case and stores easily in the trunk. It does take a little manual dexterity and finesse to reinstall. If Granny is comfortable with that she'll be fine. When installed it folds up and down so removing it may only be necessary if she has passengers. When folded back it actually darkens the back seat sufficiently to provide a bit of privacy. This is nice should Granny want to leave an item or two in the back seat.

    Hope this helps,

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    Just bought a 2008 Solara convertible. I am looking for feedback on the optional windscreen: Does it reduce noise? Does it reduce wind? Would you recommend it?

    I saw where on older models it requires drilling the interior: Is that still true?

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    Don't know. Did yo check w/ your dealer?

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    I'm in the processing of purchasing a Solara Convertible. I asked the salesman about the windscreen, and he said that passengers could not ride in the back seat while the windscreen was up because it took up too much space in the back seat. But when I look at the pictures, it doesn't appear to be in the way (perhaps the seats won't move back and forth to get in and out of the car. Does anyone have any insights on this? The salesman doesn't seem to know much about these, so I don't necessary trust his comment. Thanks!
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    With the windscreen Toyota installed for us in place there'd be no way for anyone to sit in the back seat.
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    The windscreen has a mesh extension that is horizontal from it to the top rear of the interior, so that it creates a wind barrier to the rear seat. It doesn't show in photos. The barrier is nice in that it helps keep things from being as affected by the wind in the back seat. But it obviously covers the whole rear seat and so no one could sit there.
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    I agree with larryb33607. Even if you Mickey'd around the mesh extension, the windscreen would be right in the face of your rear seat passengers.

    The windscreen and extension are easy to put in and take out. When we want folks to ride in the back seat we remove the windscreen, fold it up and put it in the trunk. It comes with it's own zippered case to keep it pristine.

    Hope this helps,
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    I purchased a Windscreen, Part Number #PT906-06041

    The kit is missing the L/H and R/H templates to modify the upper rear trim panel at the rear of the vehicle.

    Did anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know if I can find a website with the info and just simply print out my own template?

    The local Toyota Parts Dept is waiting for "Head Office" to call them back, on what to do.
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    Hi ottowa...
    Where did you purchase your wind screen? My dealership claims they can't get it... :cry:
  • ottawa2561ottawa2561 Member Posts: 2
    I drove down to a Toyota Dealership in New York State to pick it up. It's not available through Toyota Canada.
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    You can get the windscreen shipped to you for $272 including shipping, no tax, from Camelback Toyota in Scottsdale, AZ! Our NY/NJ dealership wanted $450!
    Be aware of the fact that it requires cutting into the interior panels and you cannot
    have rear passengers in the vehicle when you use the wind screen. You can do it yourself but it should be professionally installed at a shop, at least in my opinion.

  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    Thanks, Joe! I think I'll check a few auto customizing places around town to see what they sure would be helpful to have a photo of it installed, or a any installers can see what they've got to work with! :confuse:
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    I installed the windscreen on my Solara Convertible, if anyone wants pictures email me [email protected] It works great, with the windscreen, heated seats and heat on, the top is always open unless its raining or snowing. The car goes back on my lease soon ... if anyone needs a windscreen email me, it does not go back with my car lease
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    I am new to the forum and new to the Solara, but just figured I would check, did you sell your windscreen?


  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    Hi Jennifer...
    Actually, I bought Ted's windscreen! I figured I'd reply, just in case he doesn't see these posts.
    BUT... sad to say, I haven't had it installed yet. I have been out-of-state a lot since the beginning of the year. But I need to get it done soon ~ cruisin' weather is here!!! :shades:
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    Has anyone installed or have knowledge of the windscreens? It looks pretty cool but I'm skeptical that they actually work as well as the traditional metal/canvas that have to be installed by a professional. I would like to be able to use my back seat while the windscreen is installed and this maker claims that with their windscreen you can have back seat passengers with no problem. Thanks all!
  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    Interesting design.
    The picture one their website seems to show that their design makes the passenger side back of seat cargo pocket inaccessible though. I keep trays for eating in the car and other stuff back there. Don't think I like that feature.

    It does open up the back seat though. My dealer installed fabric in metal frame windscreen does man that no passengers only cargo can go in the back when I'm using mine.
    Thanks for sharing this.
  • newyorksebringnewyorksebring Member Posts: 18
    Yes, the windscreen does a fine job at letting you have passengers in the back. It's one of the few I have owned that I can actually say I really enjoyed using while still gaining functionality from the car's full interior. It also let's you see out the back a lot ore than the fabric ones, so I have to give it my two thumbs up. :)
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    The windscreen for my 2008 Toyota Solara convertible attaches behind the back seat with 2 little metal clip-type fasteners, one of which fell off somewhere and is lost. The Toyota dealer's Parts Dept scoured their resources and swear there is no such thing in Toyota's inventory that I can buy. It's such a tiny little item, probably worth only a few cents, but is integral to use of the windscreen. Does anyone know where/how I can get a couple of these fasteners? Thanks!
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    1) Take your windscreen around to the fabric shops in your community. It they don't have exactly what you're looking for they might be able to direct you to where you can buy them. It's just bent wire.
    2) Go to a hardware store, find a suitable hook or buy some wire and bend it into the shape you need.

    Hope this helps,
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    Wow!!! You were able to get a windscreen installed for a 2008? I have been trying for 2 years to locate the hardware! I bought a windscreen off a guy who was turning in his lease. Little did I know the hardware wasn't included :mad:

    Meegwell, you were the smart one...had it dealer installed right from the get-go! You gave us all a good tip... I will try your suggestion! Thanks...
  • newyorksebringnewyorksebring Member Posts: 18
    Yeah, that's why I would go with a Windblox. They are way easier to get on and they don't require any fancy hardware, etc. You can get them on and off in just a minute or so. That, and with the warranty, you know you won't ever have any problems with it. ;)
  • vinestowinesvinestowines Member Posts: 1

    I am also missing a hook. Looks like it's been 3 years since you posted this. Did you ever find one?

    Thank you,
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    Hi Nancy...
    No, I have not. Unfortunately I have been preoccupied with an aging out-of-state mother...while my car sits in the garage :(
    If you look back at the messages in this thread, there was a good suggestion by meegwell during the 2010 posts, I think.
    There's a "Top Shop" about an hour from here - they will be my last ditch effort but it might be a few months before I get there! Perhaps they can make one?? I'll post results. If they can get or make one, I'm sure they'd love to know they could sell more!!
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