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Hyundai Azera Wish List

oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
Sunroof will not work with key off. My Audi would.Like to crack it when I park in a hot place.Key should have remote built in, . Two devices are cumbersome.Radio display can not be read during they day time with sun glasses on.

Other than these things, I love the car.


  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    I'd second the sunroof. I'd also like to see a little longer length of time for the windows to be operable after the key is removed, as I'm retired and I shouldn't HAVE to make such quick decisions with the car parked!... :shades:
  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    This feature is know as retained power and most cars with power windows/sunroofs have it. I did complain to Hyundai about the fact that the sunroof does not have it and it is too short on the windows.
    Forget why they said sunroof doesn't have it. My Camry had it for both windows and sunroof.
    I really don't have a problem seeing the radio display even when I wear sunglasses. Might try turning up the instrument panel lights. I had my lights on during the day with sunglasses and couldn't see the speedometer. Finally dawned on me that I had accidentally turned down the instrument lights.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
    There is no way to adjust radio, ventilation brightness. The control only adjusts spedometer and other gauges in front of the driver. I tried.
  • azgrandazgrand Member Posts: 50
    I wish the radio would remain on for several minutes after the key is removed (like the windows) the way GM cars do.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    "There is no way to adjust radio, ventilation brightness. The control only adjusts spedometer and other gauges in front of the driver. I tried."

    The control does the job in my 2006 Limited! Even the steering-wheel cruise and audio control lamps vary. Only thing that doesn't seem to change is the brightness of the door-mounted lamps for locating the window controls...
  • azera_doodazera_dood Member Posts: 2
    1. Would like to be able to change the default XM display settings (e.g. see the name of the song or artist displayed on the digital readout, rather than the station's genre).

    2. Would like mode & reset buttons for trip computer to be in a more accessible location. Maybe a button on the steering wheel to cycle through the display.

    3. Would like a different layout on the key fob. I frequently (and inadvertently) open my trunk or set off my panic button when I am carrying other items.

    4. Xeon headlights

    5. Bluetooth

    I love the car at 600 miles. Hoping that reliability will not be an issue.
  • e_de_d Member Posts: 2
    All the above sound good. I would like to see an AUX input. Like to connect my MP3 player to the system. And of course Blue Tooth.
  • stan28stan28 Member Posts: 14
    I wish my Azera's doors would lock when I put it in drive,
    or after getting up to speed. I thought that was a standard safety device now-a-days. Also, have them lock automatically when I leave the car, after a couple of minutes, in case I forget. I had a friend who had someone jump into his back seat at a stoplight and rob him several years ago. Automatic locks would have helped him.
  • jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    Why not have the locks programmed on your car?
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Re. # 9: I wish my Azera's doors would lock when I put it in drive,
    or after getting up to speed.

    They can, either option. Your friendly Hyundai service dept. will be happy to program your choice for $45.00, unless you can get a hall pass from the owner.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    I had my locks dealer-programmed to (1) lock when I reach 15 mph (although I almost always remember to manually lock them as soon as I close the doors, druther not trust to luck until I reach 15 mph) and (2) unlock only when I remove the key from the ignition...
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    It's not free? I thought it was; at least I was under the impression (my neighbor)
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    It boils down to lack of product knowledge & features by typical Hyundai dealer sales personnel coupled with the low sales rate of Azera in the US. Many of us here that actually own / lease Azera know more about the vehicle than the dealers, and in some cases Fountain Valley.

    The various program settings available to you should have been explained at the time of purchase. Now, after the fact you will be selecting a service write-up to be performed via a mechanic hooking up a hand held device for programming your vehicle.

    Trust me when I say the service department will at least try to charge you.

    Let us know how you make out.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    Thanks for the reply. One of my neighbors told me it was free when he had it done at the dealership. He owns a 2007 Azera.

    Sidenote, he has been a big contributor in making me a Hyundai believer a few years ago :)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601
    A similar discussion was had on the Sonata board months ago.

    Call it ignorance on the part of the dealer and/or buyer, the auto locks are STANDARD equipment and should be a part of the dealer prep. Even if a car is several months old before the buyer finds out his car has this feature, the dealer should program it at no charge as the dealer was supposed to do this prior to delivery. On the Sonata, the programming takes less than 5 minutes--should be the same on the Azera.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    My local dealership has never attempted to charge me for programing features.
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    re. 16: "Call it ignorance on the part of the dealer and/or buyer, the auto locks are STANDARD equipment and should be a part of the dealer prep".

    You are of course correct. Most buyers, myself included assume the dealer would inform/disclose product features at the time of purchase.

    Simple dealer professionalism.
  • stan28stan28 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for all the feedback. I figured it might be programmable but the
    owners manual doesn't mention it and I hadn't asked the dealer about
    it yet, just got the car 12/31 and learning about it. I'll let you know if I get it
  • stan28stan28 Member Posts: 14
    Got my locks programmed yesterday at no charge. Service guy said it was
    a "customer option" but the salesman failed to tell me about it. I learned
    it was available from this forum and thanks to all that told me.
  • aqslyaqsly Member Posts: 3
    The service department did not at first know what i was talking about. They asked me how did i find out about the locks and i referred them to this forum. They programmed the locks for free. The locks are programmed to automatically lock when i put the car in drive.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Three wishes, two of which are addressed by the '09 Korean-market Grandeur:

    1) A more subdued color for the fake wood, such as that in the new Sonata, to replace the current liver-maroon.

    2) Blue rather than green for the HVAC and audio controls.

    3) Ventilated, or at least perforated, leather seats. Sticking to your shirt is icky.
  • 144tap144tap Member Posts: 44
    I installed a 20+ piece wood(liver-maroon)kit lately and I really wished I could have installed any number of really nice wood colored kits out there, sigh, oh well, it does look nice and I find myself taking my eyes off the road now and then and smiling. Oh, check Hyundai Azera 2006.
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