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Infiniti FX or Acura MDX

crmh_eaglecrmh_eagle Member Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Acura
For the first time in my life I'm buying a new car. My prior vehicles have been several Toyota, Hondas, Lexus, Acura, Nissan, Subaru, Chevrolet, and Pontiac.

The main considerations are the FX 35/45 or the Acura MDX. The one negative about the FX is the decreased cargo area vs the MDX. I'm wondering if anyone has compared the nav system on the FX with the MDX. I'd rather get an after-market nav system since they are cheaper... but with Infiniti and Acura you have to get the nav options to get the other goodies.

I'd like to hear back from those who have drove both vehicles. I like to have fun driving in traffic and still need something comy on my 16-hr trip to visit family.

I am disappointed that Acura doesn't have an intellikey option for their pricey vehicle, as well as traffic-sensitive cruise control.

Anyone know of any significant differences between the two all-wheel driver systems in both these cars?

I'd sure like to hear your thoughts and opinions.


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    jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I drove the MDX hard for about an hour and it is a nice vehicle. The 3rd seat is difficult to get in and out of and can only used on the passenger side. The rear seat is marginal. The new MDX has a lot of pep, but came nowhere near to the sporty driving experience of the FX. My wife did not like the exterior of the MDX and thought it looked clunky. I did not like the grill or the plastic looking trim on the interior. I think Acura has one of the best nav systems on the market, although I really like the nav and the birds eye view on the FX. To get nav on the FX you have to order the tech package, which also gives you lane departure warning and intelligent cruise control and satellite radio. The retail cost is about $4200 for the package. When it was all said and done, we purchased the FX with tech, hands free and premium package. We were willing to sacrifice the space for the handling, sport and style of the FX. We also got $7500 off MSRP on a new 2007 demonstrator on the FX, whereas on the MDX they were pretty proud of their prices.
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    cyruscyrus Member Posts: 25
    We own both an FX35 AWD as well as a new 07 MDX (tech). When recently my wife needed a new car my first reaction was to buy another FX, but... Objectively speaking, (1) Fx is more like a quasi-sports car in an SUV disguise- MDX has more utility and a BETTER Ride for a family with still very good handling. FX on the other hand is the one with better steering and yet a harsher ride. (2) MDX has the better REAR CRASH score - a key attribute as well as better scores for head injury index - amount of force put on upper extremities in a frontal off-set crash (SEE IIHS.ORG). (3) I love the FX's more elegant lines and more involved driving. MDX is Nice, but in no way Excites the Eyes on the outside. I would still buy the Fx for myself, but would recommend the MDX for a family as the best and SAFEST choice out there currently - bar-none. I however, rate my sales experience at acura dealer at best 3 stars as compared to 4 stars at the Infiniti. My rating for the Service experience at Acura would have to wait, but should be very comparable to Infiniti (both 4 stars similar to Lexus).

    Regarding the awd, if you decide to go with the FX you should consider the AWD with the 18 inch wheels for wintery/ snowy areas as I know that the 20 inch wheels (on both the FX 45 or 35) are NO good for snow. I hope these comments help you in your decision.
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    crmh_eaglecrmh_eagle Member Posts: 2
    Tks Guys! Great feedback.

    Since you have both an MDX and an FX, how does the awd compare? I know Acura's is based on the front-wheels, and it advertises that all power can be diverted to the outside wheels during a sharp curve. The FX is based on the rear-wheels.

    Knowing how the awd compares to each will make a difference.

    And regarding the nav system... I'm gonna buy an after-market system. Something like the top of the line Magellan.
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    jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I think you made a good assessment of the differences. The MDX would be roomier and better for the family. As far as safety is concerned, last Dec a 14 yr old unlicensed young lady pulled out in front of me in a Mustang on a side road. I was going almost 70 mph and I had no time to react and t-boned her. The impact was so severe we stopped instantly from 70mph. The airbags deployed and we both walked away. My wife has severe bruises from the seatbelts and I had absolutely no pain or problems. The front doors were still operational, but the FX was totalled. It didn't sway or tip or even change lanes. I think we might not be here in any other SUV. We didn't get the 20 inch wheels on the new FX, but wished we would have. Yes, it rides a little harsh, but the trade off in handling is worth it, IMO, We drove nearly every CUV on the market before buying another FX. In fact, we had a Buick Enclave ordered and changed our minds. If you want room and utility and comfort, I believe the Buick Enclave has it over all the CUV's and feel it is probably the best value on the market. Just couldn't give up the sport, handling and sex appeal of the FX.
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    scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Dare I ask, how did the 14 yr old fair from this accident?
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    jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    Better than my wife did. She had a few cuts and was released. The city pursued charges against her and I never heard the outcome. Probably got a hand slap.
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    paid4c4paid4c4 Member Posts: 1
    I've been looking at a 2008 FX35, sports package. This will be our first Infinity and will be quite a bit different than our Chev S-10 Blazer. Any recommendations on accessories or packages would be appreicated. Pricing so far looks like 9,500 off MSRP or 5K off MSRP with 72 months of 0%. Your comments please.
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    marymousemarymouse Member Posts: 5
    I too was looking at the fx35 and the acura mdx. Here is why I chose the acura over the infinity.
    1. Infinity dealer would not come down much off sticker price even though it is getting redesigned.
    2. Acura has ALOT more room in rear for just stuff. Auto rear tail gate is a plus.
    3. Acura has a 2500 manuf to dealer incentive.
    4. Alot more room in the front, place for purse and husbands 6ft tall legs.
    5. Infinity was lot more of a rough ride compared to acura.
    6. Cool blue lighting on dash.
    7. Love the hands free bluetooth and navigation system.
    8. Purchased a 08 with tech and nav for 38,500. I08 infinity would have been 43,000.
    9. Basiclly I do love the outside looks of infinity about 25 percent better, but overall the acura beat it hands down. do alot of driving and research first. If i was rich I would have one of each.
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    jimbo1967jimbo1967 Member Posts: 4
    In 2005 my wife and I narrowed the new car choice down to the FX 35 and the MDX. Here's a quick run-down of our thoughts:

    The FX 35 was, by far, more sporty than the MDX; both in design and the driving experience. There was most certainly more pep in the step when driving the FX35! However, the FX 35 dash board seemed to busy for the wife. If you look at it, there a ton of buttons, making it seem complicated for non-technical folks. Also, the rear, side windows in the FX 35 reduce visability. We already owned the G35 coupe and loved doing business with the local Infiniti dealer.

    The MDX has a more classic and lasting design, but it drives more like a minivan than a sport SUV (like the FX 35 is). The MDX is more roomy and the 3rd row seating in the back is very usable. It was also nice that the MDX came fully loaded, with only a few exceptions. The MDX also ended up being a couple of thousand dollars cheaper after adding all the comparable features to the FX 35.

    In the end we purchased the MDX because we felt that the classic style would be easier to resell down the road, it had better visability, roomy 3rd row seating, and was cheaper. That being said, we have had several problems with the transmission (as have countless others) and we are probably going to have to unload the car before we get stuck with a $3.5k repair bill. Check the Acura forum under transmission problems to learn more about the tranny problem.

    If I were choosing between the two cars today, I would likely choose the MDX again because of the points I made above and the fact that the tranny problem is supposedly fixed.

    Good luck.
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    ymartinymartin Member Posts: 1
    Are there common transmission problems with 2005 FX35 at 85,000 miles? its hesitating going in reverse.
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