Volkswagen Passat Headlights

wozwoz Member Posts: 3
I have a 2007 Passat 3.6 AWD Spaort Pkg II Wagon. It is a great car but mine has a big flaw. When turning right at any speed above 15 MPH causes the headlamps to dip down so that you cannot see anything beyond two feet in front of the car.
My local VW dealer is working with VW who says it is impossible for this to happen. It has never failed to happen in over one year since I bought it. VW says they know no one else with the problem. They are bringing another car like mine to test and compare both of them.
Anyone else have this issue? It only happens on right turns and curves. Very dangerous when driving in the mountains at 5AM in the dark.


  • edmguyedmguy Member Posts: 2
    you need to do a retrofit or go and complain like there's no tomorrow to your dealer. that is ridiculous. for your information you can get a retrofit at EBAY or somewhere like here.

    either way get it fixed man. that sounds horrible.
  • tooch0323tooch0323 Member Posts: 1
    I have a passat sedan and have problems with the height of the lights, blinding oncoming cars
  • emmur0emmur0 Member Posts: 1
    I recently was changing the low beam bulb on my 2001.5 Passat and noticed that the small black plastic piece that houses the bulb had melted. Without a manual (bought the car used) I can't seem to locate the actual name for this small black plastic part. Can anyone help me out?

  • tomk123tomk123 Member Posts: 2
    I have been going around with my local service department for about 6 months on this problem. I cannot see further than about 30 feet in front of the car while driving w/ low beams. There seems to be a very delineated line to the edge of the light that is not high enough. They keep insisting that "the lights are hitting the marks" and I keep insisting that the lights are not right. I think that the problem is in a leveling system that is not working properly. I cannot seem to get anyone to confirm that this car has a leveling system. They say I am nuts....
  • refdude6refdude6 Member Posts: 1
    Took in for 20k maint. & informed dealer that right day time drivers light was dimmer than left. I was told this was designed to be this way so oncoming traffic would not have light shine in their eyes. Maybe I could buy that ridiculous excuse if it were the left light. They supposably changed the bulb out with a new one to no avail. Anybody else have this problem?
  • cgroobycgrooby Member Posts: 1
    i've taken my car in 3 times now...I just bought my 2007 passat and am very disappointed in the fact that I cannot see beyond 20 feet at night...It's dangerous and unaccepetable for a car of this caliber. I may take it to another service center since I am out of ideas. I drive mountain roads to get to work and I need good reliable headlights!
  • tomk123tomk123 Member Posts: 2
    Your lights are not functioning correctly!!! I got the run around for way too long too. I finally took the car in and told them I would not drive it anymore because it was a safety issue. I insisted they give me a loaner....and they did. It took them 3 weeks to get the car right. 2 new headlight assemblies, all of the level sensors, and the computer were changed before they got it right. Be persistent and insistent!!! I love my passat, but vw has got some really big issues with the electronics
  • cha6cha6 Member Posts: 1
    Anybody know how to remove headlight assembly on a 2003. Headlight is loose in headlight "tube."
  • whitey9whitey9 Member Posts: 138
    If I remember correctly, when I replaced the cam belt and other parts, I had to remove the bumper to get to the headlight [non-permissible content removed]'y.
  • bambouleeebambouleee Member Posts: 4

    I blew a light bulb (low beam I think) and was wondering how to do the replacement. My car is not under warranty so I will do it myself, I refuse to go to a dealer for something like this.

    I read and heard that this was tricky, in fact the owner's manual recommends to go to the dealer, since the bulbs can only be reached through the engine compartment.

    altair4 posted a while ago a link that would explain how to do this, but the link is dead. The post (#160) is here:

    I do plan on getting a service/repair manual that would probably detail the procedure, in the meantime I though I'd post here and ask.
    There are two hex screws on top of each headlight, but something tells me I should start somewhere else.

    Any idea or hint?

    Thank you.
  • crowne601crowne601 Member Posts: 1
    My brake light stays on whenever the dash lights are turned on; dash lights come on whenever I apply brakes or emergency brake....anyone with suggestions
  • budlydewrightbudlydewright Member Posts: 1
    My low beam headlamps don't come on when I turn the light switch ON. Running lights are OK with light switch in OFF position. High beams come on when I pull the high beams lever.
    Bulbs are all OK. I have replaced the high beams lever and switch assembly. Lights still do not come on. Any ideas?
  • oldstevenkoldstevenk Member Posts: 1
    Seems my low beams consist of what looks like a flashlight bulb stuck on the side of the reflector. Have had at the dealer twice for upwards of $200 in "repairs". Still cannot see more than 30 ft. on low without the running lights and the fog lights. Was told, "Well, honey, that's just the way it is on these cars. I can't help that." Is the bulb supposed to be in the center of the reflector or not. It appears the high beam is there. Anybody have a diagram. My car was purchased used 2002 Passat wagon.
  • triciadeetriciadee Member Posts: 1
    Low beams not working on 2007 Passat. Turned car off and they quit. High beams will work when they are engaged otherwise, no lights at all with lights turned on. Changed bulbs and checked fuses and still no lights. The e-brake failed about 2 months ago for no apparant reason also. How can I fix the headlights and does the failed e-brake have anything to do with the non-working headlights?
  • caseydog3caseydog3 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought this car new in July and cannot see at night. The low beams are terrible! I had someone else drive the car to see if they felt the same way and confirmed. I tried putting in higher wattage bulbs, been to the dealer who tells me that nobody else complained.

    At this point, I'm so disgusted with volkswagen, I'm considering selling the car and never returning to any of their dealerships. I've told them it's a huge safety issue, but they do nothing about it.
  • testaccounttestaccount Member Posts: 7
    you mean it always has been bad or just now it got worse?

    did you try re-aiming the bulbs?
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