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Mitsubishi Outlander Steering Stability and Suspension

shooplashoopla Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
About 3 days ago, I noticed that when I turn the wheel about a 1/4 turn, I can feel and hear a "thump" coming from the steering wheel. It definitely feels like something in the steering column, and seems to do it at consistent intervals within the steering range. Almost like a cable getting caught on something for a split second, and then releasing. Doesn't hamper the steering, just rather annoying now that I know it's there. Wanted to know if anyone else has this issue.


  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Okay, so we don't mixed things up in the other threads, I created this thread solely for the purpose of doing a "count" of all 07 Outlander owners having the front-end "knock" issue. If you have it in your Outlander, just leave a short message here in this thread.

    Let me be the first to say that I have it in my 07 Outlander. I'm still "observing" it if it's something that gets worn down as I put more miles into it.
  • We have it too. I can tell you now this will be a common issue because it was on the front drive model we tested. We noticed it right away. Our AWD exhibits this as a daily occurance but we drive it alot. Id say it might happen once or twice daily. Quite audible,but it's going to be hard to duplicate for the tech at Mitsu because I cant force it to happen. Im going to try alot of manuevers to see if I can get it to repeat,so I can show the tech. Im also a mechanic so if there's anything I find out I will relay it here. From what Ive seen it's possibly strut-related. Ive seen it a bunch on alot of different strut-suspended cars. The coil binds and pops,or re-centers itself. If that's the case with these cars dont worry it's absolutely safe. It's impossible for it to do anything but annoy you. We had the same problem with a 2001 Civic and Ive seen it on the last-gen Civic Si hatchbacks. It's certainly something shifting and it takes the correct combination of forces to bring it about.

    For what it's worth we have that "rattle" near the driver's door. Im 90 percent sure that it's not a rattle at all,because it occurs on smooth asphalt also. Im thinking it's wind buffeting around the mirror. Ive seen this before,on our Subaru Impreza.

    Having said all that-this is a fantastic car and I would still buy it. These are small issues compared to what could be. Look at the paragon of reliability-the Toyota Camry,there are some folks who've had their cars in the shop 4 times in a month for trans issues. Im glad that with all the gadgets on these Outlanders everything works with only a knock and a small wind noise. I was concerned because Mercedes and BMW have horrible reliability issues with all their tech offerings.

    I'll post again when I can.
  • Ours has it also. I've only heard it twice in the 1k miles we've put on it. Fortunately, we've heard no noise in the a-pillar or door area (knocks on wood).

    4WD XLS
  • I think I may have spoke too soon on mine not having it. I'm at about 1500 miles now. It's a distince 'clunk' once, maybe twice after it's been sitting parked and you crank the wheel to one side or the this what everyone else is having? Got the car with 300 mi on it already and have put 1k on it in the last 2 weeks (yikes). Started to notice it this week after my long drive for the holiday.
  • I saw on another forum that Mitsubishi representatives are very concerned about this issue and inspected a vechicle with this specific complaint.

    This mechanic that posted said that a bearing to knuckle tolerance was off,and that a replacement of both or either one fixed it. Mitsubishi is currently reviewing the best method to fix this issue. So it's great to hear that they are all over this with the vehicle being out for such a brief period. Like I mentioned before we have to have a hitch fitted at the dealer. At that time I will speak to either a tech or the service manager about the issue and see if Mitsu has figured out the best solution.

    It doesnt seem to affect drivability or reliability,we have a huge thunderstorm going on right now in N. Texas and my wife says she loves the stability of it. Said she felt confident and enjoyed the lightning show on the way home instead of being nervous.

    I'll post again when I hear more.
  • Hopefully there will be a TSB soon!
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Had it. Fixed it.

    I have yet to see anyone else with a fix.

    Willing to take questions.

  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I have a 2WD XLS, with 1750 miles on it now. I still have the front-end knock issue, as described by everyone else here. I have been able to demo it to the mechs at my dealer, and first time they just said it is probably nothing surprising, gave me some mumbo jumbo that the clunk sound is due to engine being put from idle to drive. Next time I took Lukido's response/with the fix mentioned, and I was told that they have not heard anything officially from Mitsubishi itself, so will have to wait for any official response/solution, if indeed this is a problem. Hopefully the awareness in this forum by all owners will help drive the word up to the right folks sooner.
  • Getting mine soon. Perhaps lukido could post the specific bearing housing name and part number that was found to be causing the problem.
  • My front end knocks on hard turns. Dealer heard it, and said they would get back to me after talking to factory. I have 1,000 miles and 1 flat tire on the car. Spare position under floor will cause problems after time. Thread on exposed blot will rust and lock-up. I know this after 100,000 + miles on a Santa Fe.
  • pauld37pauld37 Posts: 14
    I have an XLS, 2wd, the knock was there for the first 3 weeks. I have not heard it in the last 2 weeks. As I parallel park everyday, it was easy to reproduce. Auto has 2000 miles on it. Curious if the clunck worked itself out or what other issues it generated while breaking in?

    Hate going to the dealer. I will mention it when I get in the mood to deal with them.
  • Just checking in officially, although I have posted in other forums, that I also have the knocking problem on my LS. From reading other posts, mine appears to be a little worse than those reported. It started (from day one while driving off the lot) with the typical knock on hard turns as people have been describing. It now has turned from an annoying knock to a painful bang when turning only slightly in either direction and when I hit bumps. Dealership is waiting on parts to repair. It has been over 2 weeks since they ordered these parts. I'm growing impatient.
  • @skinnypete: Does the dealer know what parts to order? Has this issue been discussed among the dealers? I'm just asking because I know I'll get a blank stare from my dealer later this month when I go pick up my XLS if I mention front end knock.
  • rjxgrjxg Posts: 5
    My local dealer just fixed my front end problem by replacing the bearings. The noise was occurring less and less frequently as time went by, but I definatley wanted it fixed to avoid any future issues. They were great about it an even gave me a loaner car for the day.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I wrote a letter (snail mail) to MMNA regarding the issues I have with my Outlander (e.g. front-end knock, and front door noise). They were very prompt in their reply. They even contacted the service department of the dealership where I bought the vehicle from. I was given a case number too.

    Service log is full for today and I might take my car in either Monday or Tuesday next week.

    I am of the impression the Mitsubishi is very serious in taking complaints about their products. I am happy with how they handle my case and hopefully everything will turn out to be a pleasant experience.

    I suggest to all owners with these issues to do the same, so these problems get documented and fixed, and eventually get recognized and fixed in future products from the factory.

    For those interested, Mitsu's address is:
    Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
    PO Box 6014
    Cypress, CA 90630-0014

    Please don't forget to include important details to make your complaint legitimate. Include your e-mail, phone#, VIN, dealership where you bought your vehicle.

    I'll keep you guys posted of the progress of this complaint.
  • For what it's worth, Toyota has had front wheel bearing problems too.. My '04 Tacoma was part of a factory recall to replace scratched bearings.
  • //Does the dealer know what parts to order?

    I brought it in already and they looked at it. They already had another LS with the same problem and had spoken with Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi told the dealership that they were aware of the problem and yes apparently have the correct parts on order, and after 3 weeks, they are in today. I just brought it in to have it repaired and install my navi system. I should have it back today. I have complained by phone to my dealership and was disappointed by how they handled the situation. I have not spoken directly to Mitsubishi, but I am composing a letter to both the owner of the dealership and to the Mitsubishi address provided above. I think this would have been a minor issue in my mind had the dealership handled it better.
  • I think that if you contacted MMNA your outcome would probably have been better. I think dealerships for the most part are worthless. The majority of the sales people don't know their product and will tell you anything to make a sale regardless if it is ethical or not. (including management). I worked in the car busisness for about 6 months and you wouldn't beleive the things our Gen Mgr would tell us to do to the clients. The guy was scum. The service departments are just as bad.
  • @spyderone: I completely agree. All it takes is for the consumer to read a a few reviews of the car that they like. They then already know more than the salesman trying to sell them that car. I found this with my Mini Cooper and now with the Mitsubishi salesman. The internet makes the buyer much more informed than in the past. The salesman is completely useless in my opinion. Who has learned something from their salesman that they didn't know before going into the dealership?
  • I picked up my LS yesterday from the dealership and as I was backing out of the spot they parked it in, I turned hard right and it knocked just as loud as when I first bought it. So, I put it back in the spot and walked back in. If this helps anyone, they told me they replaced the bearings and knuckles on an LS with the same problem last week. When they called Mitsubishi to order my parts, Mitsubishi told them they were out of knuckles but the bearing should fix the problem. My service station now seems to think both need to be replace to fix the problem since they have not heard back from the owner of the vehicle that got both bearings and knuckles. I'm glad I waited until now to write my letter as I have more things to complain about. They said I'll have to wait 2 weeks, and then I need to bring it in for a 3rd time (2nd actual repair) for them to look at this thing.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    thanks for the info pete. Just came from the dealer. We took a test drive and I couldn't reproduce the noise. I told him it happens usually when I have parked the car overnight, but once it's running, it'll be gone and no longer reproducible. Somehow the mileage I put into it must have worn it down a bit. Nevertheless, they've checked it and said they will order the parts and they'll give me a call once they get it. I had the left door noise fixed too in this visit, so I'm happy. I hope the new parts are the solution to the clunking problems, and that they have all that's needed to fix this issue for good.
  • so i'm finally getting around to checking on my front end knock. getting close to 2k and it's been getting worse i think and i'm even starting to notice it sometimes if i do a tight corner at a fast speed. i called the customer service line and they are no help...just don't waste your time with that. i told him i wanted to see about having some factory backing before i went into a dealer to have it checked (especially because i would be going to a dealer that i didn't purchase from). he was completely unhelpful and said 'it doesn't work that way' and i'd have to take it to the dealer. 'thanks for calling mitsubishi'

    not a very good way to handle the first call i made to them since i owned the car. maybe i should have stuck with honda. i guess i'll go see if i get a blank stare from the dealer.
  • My XLS is scheduled to arrive on Jan 25th. Should I refuse delivery if my car is making the front end knock? Should I wait until Mitsu has an "official" fix for this problem?
  • i don't know that i would refuse delivery. it's more of an annoyance than anything. i'm sure that they'll have a fix...i just wish the factory would put out a notice or recall or something so i don't have to deal w/ the service dept. not knowing what to do.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    i called the customer service line and they are no help...just don't waste your time with that. i told him i wanted to see about having some factory backing before i went into a dealer to have it checked (especially because i would be going to a dealer that i didn't purchase from). he was completely unhelpful and said 'it doesn't work that way' and i'd have to take it to the dealer. 'thanks for calling mitsubishi'

    not a very good way to handle the first call i made to them since i owned the car. maybe i should have stuck with honda. i guess i'll go see if i get a blank stare from the dealer.

    I was treated totally different. Maybe because my approach was different. I did a formal complaint letter, and I did get a very professional response. A lady from Mitsu HQ called me, then the service manager from the dealership asked me to bring the car in for a check. Then the lady even went further to verify that the service dept called me for an appointment. Now I am looking at Monday to be the day the front end knock gets serviced after parts are in. I know those helpline guys are no good so I skipped that and did the snail mail. Worked for me. Why not try my earlier suggestion of writing to them in a Professional manner. Just make clear what your problems are, no unnecessary comments, just do it professionally, and I believe you'll get a professional response too just like I did.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    pippin is right, it's more of an annoyance actually. And I believe Mitsu is now aware of this. I'm pretty sure there are Mitsu guys in this forum but just wouldn't identify themselves. The dealer told me he has ordered parts to fix the problem so I think they got it figured out. And maybe you won't get it with your vehicle, it can be they've put in the newer parts for your car. Just give it a test before driving it home. We have described the problem and how to reproduce it, and I hope that will help you identify the issue if it exist in the vehicle you ordered.
  • Thank you for the advice! I will call my dealer in a few days to give them a heads up to see if they're heard of this problem.
  • I have 800 miles on it so far...It sounds like it is in the steering linkage....It happens when I back out of my slot while cutting the wheel to the left...I notice it at other times also when cutting the steering wheel sharply...

    I trust the workmanship of the factory in Japan...I don't want anybody here at a dealership dismantling my front end until there is an official bulletin with a fix...

    I have been driving all kinds of vehicles for almost 50 years and I don't think this clunking sound is a serious issue..However, I will talk to the Serv. Mgr. about it when I go over to get my licence plates though.
    As of now, it is a minor annoyance and I have no other annoying issues with this vehicle for the moment...

    I did have to drop the tire pressure on the Goodyear LS's down to 34 from the 48 that the factory put in....

    I will give a full report in New Owners forum in a few weeks.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    My dealership's service and parts dept's got all needed parts today so I sent the vehicle in for the fix. Talked to the service manager and he said they're not quite sure how long the service would take since this is their first 07 Outlander job, the vehicle being new to the market. Got in at around 12:30pm, I asked the mechanic what's his best estimate and he gave me a 4hour timeline. So I asked for a courtesy vehicle and they provided me an 05 Lancer, which actually handles well and enjoyed driving the car for my errands the whole afternoon. Called them at around 7:30pm and they said they're giving the vehicle a shower and I could come in and pick it up. Drove it home tonight and I did not hear anything from the steering. I did a test at a vacant parking lot and I couldn't reproduce the noise. Tomorrow morning will be the test, when I back out from parking, because this is the time I would usually hear the knock, so more updates tomorrow if the fix indeed works.

    The dealer told me they put in new bearings, which are new design, and not just a replacement of the same design. If I'm this was the newly designed bearing lukido talked about. Hopefully this fix works a promised. Updates to be posted soon.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I did have to drop the tire pressure on the Goodyear LS's down to 34 from the 48 that the factory put in....

    The sticker in my XLS says it's 32 PSI front and back, so I took the opportunity to have the tire pressures checked while I was at service.
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