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Subaru Tribeca Remote Engine Starter & Security System

thecableguythecableguy Member Posts: 5
edited June 2014 in Subaru
I recently found that the RES on my 07 Tribeca causes a problem to the Security System.
After I remote started the vehicle, I waited several minutes before I unlocked the vehicle. Then when I pull the door handle, the alarm was triggered. Is this a remote starter problem or security system problem. Does any one know how long I need to wait before I can unlock the vehicle? Do I need to have dealor check the problem? Thx.


  • pearlq45pearlq45 Member Posts: 2
    went to my local walmart today ...shopped for about 20mins....gave my daughter the keys to the car to put groceries in the car....and she remote started the car to turn on the a/c while waiting for me......I showed up before the car shut off.....put the key in as usual and press the brake....the car shut off...I dont think I turned the switch all the way....but after cancelling the remote start...I manually tried to dtart the car and .......NOTHING! I could hear the fuel pump, but nothing else.....not even a clik from the starter.....................HELP! I have had all the maint...done ecept for the starter and altenator. My baby only have 122,000 miles I know I can get more.
  • pearlq45pearlq45 Member Posts: 2
    It was cold last week, so I turned the temp gauge to 85 degrees on my 95Q. I work like 10 mins away and noticed by the time I got to work that the air did not get warm...at all. Later I decided to use the heat, but it was still cold air comming out. I trouble shooted...came out with these codes: 2 -25 - 30 -41 - 51.
    according to the guide the codes are correct, but I still get cold air..even with temp set to 85degrees.

    Can any help? Does anyone know what is happening?
  • noliwernoliwer Member Posts: 1
    my batery car is dead and i try to enter in to my car with the key. Surprise :mad: . Just 2/3 of my key can enter in to the door. Something metalic blocked the key and is not ice. Please give me some hope. I don't wanna brake any glass for enter in my car.
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,784
    What about the other door(s)? Are all of them this way?
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