Chrysler 300m Climate Control

debleebeedebleebee Member Posts: 3
just had air fixed, leak at the it overheats..could it be related...could it be a I need to take it back to the shop that did the air???


  • jonathan_216jonathan_216 Member Posts: 22
    Are the fans kicking on? I had my air fixed last year it didn't over heat but the air was not cold took it back the next day they had to replace both fan motors.
  • debleebeedebleebee Member Posts: 3
    yes, we had those replaced last was told to bleed the thermostat that it may have pressure built up in it
  • jonathan_216jonathan_216 Member Posts: 22
    Yes there could be an air bubble in it. Had a 1994 concorde that overheated cause of a air pocket in the coolant line. bled the thermostat and it stopped.
  • tzerwastzerwas Member Posts: 2
  • tzerwastzerwas Member Posts: 2
    Hey Folks,

    Newbie from MN here.

    I used to be able to start my car, let it run for 5-10 minutes and I would get some heat in the winter.

    But the past couple days I start it, let it run and it still blows cold air when I get outside. It will only heat up while I am driving, and when I stop the car for a short period of time (At an intersection or something) it starts blowing cold air again.

    What gives? I'm not a car buff. I just had the thermostat replaced so I doubt that is any problem. Any ideas for me??
  • shar6shar6 Member Posts: 1
    I have a problem with the heating system in this car and after having all the sensors, computer control module, actuator door control and thermostat replaced x2, It still blows cold air. Temp gauge stays at midline when parked but drops to C when being driven. The dealership had it for a month and flushed the system, checked the hoses and heater core and replaced all the parts mentioned before with no luck. They have no idea why I cannot get any heat. I love the car and wouldn't mind if I lived in a warm state. I do have ice cold air.
    Has anyone had this problem and been able to have it fixed? My kids are tired of wearing ten layers to stay warm.
  • fred1209fred1209 Member Posts: 2
    anyone can tell me why i cant get heat or cold air?coolants full it doesnt overheat and its dual zone climate control,,,but it just will not get cold or hot so when it rains cant defrost.PLEASE HELP ME,,
  • raygonraygon Member Posts: 5
    Hello! I recently bought a 99 300M with 231, 000 kms. on it. Body and engine are in very good condition. The only thing wrong is that the airconditioner does not work. The fan and heater works but it doesn't cool. The a/c compressor clutch does not even turn.

    I brought it to an a/c shop and was told that they can try to vacuum out the system and load freon and charge me about $225, but there is no guaranty that it will cool down. The a/c technician even warned me that if it is a major damage or defect, it could cost me over $2,000 to fix it.

    My question is, is it worth having it recharged for $225 and if at worst spend $2,000 for fixing the a/c? Is there a way I can find out what is wrong with the a/c without spending serious dollars? Please advise. Thank you.
  • mark628mark628 Member Posts: 1
    Do you find out what the problem was, I'm having the SAME issues

  • raygonraygon Member Posts: 5
    Hi Mark. Unfortunately, until now, no one has responded to my question/request for advise. I still don't know what is exactly wrong with it. The heater works well but not the airconditioning.
  • debleebeedebleebee Member Posts: 3
    freon is not going to fix this
    if compressor is locked - have you checked all fuses....check to see if power is going to compressor than if you need one get one at a junk yard for about 50 bux
    you would still need freon .....and
    if you want to recharge go to autozone or the like they have a kit for 29 bux
    works just fine and very easy to do...just twist it on....if you have a cute girl go in they may do it for her...but seriously...dont waste time on freon if compressor is locked.
  • raygonraygon Member Posts: 5
    Thank you very much for your advise. Very much appreciate your taking the time to respond. I am not much of a handyman but I will certainly try your suggestion. How do you check if power is going to the compressor?
  • adamcole83adamcole83 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M, one day I noticed a fog coming out of the vents when I had the AC on, then it felt like the car didn't want to give out cool air. It only happens when it is really warm outside. I look at the outside temp and it says a temp that is usually 10 degrees cooler than what it is. Like today it says 75 and it's really 84 out. When it's cooler than 70 outside then the AC is freezing cold. What could it be? I checked the freeon and it was full. :cry:
  • dick42dick42 Member Posts: 1
    I am new to this web site. I'm a reasonably handy (I know!!! that's what they all say) ex 60s drag racer mechanic.. Have received a new computer for the heat/A/C. unit in my 2001 300 M. I had diagnosis done on the unit which works absolutely fine in the Manual mode for heat and a/c. The control unit is working properly too. The diagnosed problem is the computer unit.

    I have not yet begun, so as of this writing, there are no parts lying all over the driveway and the car (and heater) are working fine in manual mode.

    I will, of course, disconnect the battery before beginning. Would like info on where this computer is located (differing web sites all say "Behind the Heater". which I presume means inside and under the dash.) Any hints on removal and replacement access and procedures would be appreciated.

    Also, is there any after-install process to program the unit or anything else that you, the reader have experienced?

    Many Thanks: DICK42
  • minneapolis300minneapolis300 Member Posts: 3
    1999 Chrysler 300m. I have ATC and it never turns off which I believe is my Blower Motor Module. So until I can find the part I was taking out the fuse for the blower motor to turn it off. Last summer I put the fuse in turned on my AC and within 45 seconds my car got very hot. Coolant level is fine, fuse and relays are fine. I am thinking maybe fans don't come on?? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • pdkurtzpdkurtz Member Posts: 1
    wont blow hot air stays blowing cold air heater hoses are hot atc says trouble code 23 blend door actuator any hints on replacment to make the job easyer
  • shawynawshawynaw Member Posts: 3
    I have a 99 300m and My display lights which shows the temperature, etc. went out. How can I fix that? Also the AC and heater is not working, but the fan will come on, what could that possibly be?
  • gshamgsham Member Posts: 3
    Same thing happens to my 1999 300M except the light comes on and then goes off at any time. Is there a fix?
  • shawynawshawynaw Member Posts: 3
    Yes, Replace the ATC Control panel. It was very easy to replace. You can purchase it at your local junk yard.
  • jonniemcn09jonniemcn09 Member Posts: 1
    I replaced the ATC unit and it still wouldn't illuminate until I gave it a few good raps, just like the original unit.

    Replaced the electrical socket that snaps into the rear of the unit too.

    Still didn't fix it.

    Is your reference of the ATC panel the same as my reference of replacing the entire unit. Or, do you mean the plastic window of the display on the front?
  • shawynawshawynaw Member Posts: 3
    Thinking its an electrical problem but I see that you replaced the electrical socket as well, fortunately I did not have to do that, so I don't know what else it could be. But Yes, I just replaced the whole ATC panel unit and it worked for me, I have not had any problems with it since.
  • maxkovalenkomaxkovalenko Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    this morning was -40 or so, i couldn't start the air conditioning, then i waited for like 15-20 min. it was ok but then it just went in max speed and never turns off. to turn off i need to shut my car down.
    what might be the problem????
    and how i can fix it.
  • hagronhagron Member Posts: 7

    My wife's 99 300M has no heat. Ran diagnostics on ATC unit and returned CODE 26 (In Car Thermister) Does anyone know where is this thermistor located?

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