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2007 ACURA MDX heating problem from the center arm rest

wetfishwetfish Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hello everyone,

Does any body have heating issues with the center arm rest on the passenger side.
I just bought a new 2007 MDX and I found that on the center arm rest beween the driver and the passenger heats up. The heat emanates from the arm rest from the pessenger side. It becomes quite warm. And the only place that emanates the heat is from the passenger side (the side of the arm rest from the passenger side).

The dealer said that there is some kind of air intake system located in the arm rest that operates constantly to cool off the heat of the car or something like that. They told me its normal. But I think not. Can any one tell me if this is true, or should I be worrying about it and take it into the Acura dealer again.



  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    Certainly there are air ducts directly underneath the center console because there are vents right behind it. Do you have the heat on when this is occuring? I know my son likes to play with controls back there, maybe they're on and you don't know it.
  • wetfishwetfish Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yeah...I had all the heater and AC off, even the seat warmer. But still warms up.

    The only place that warms up is the side of the center concole on the pessanger side.

    I hope I can find the reason behind it soon.

  • I haven't noticed this problem except when my daughter turns up the temperature in the rear zone to High. It gets extremely warm in the drivers seat in the area of the center console.
  • jajenjajen Posts: 1
    :lemon: Has anyone had the problem of their center console heating up? My 2008 MDX was tested by the dealer along with three other MDXs. The center console registered 114 degrees F. I don't think this is normal, unless you want to roast something. Am I the only one have this problem?
  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    My 07 MDX console heats up too but I've had a lot of other issues, some major, with this vehicle so it doesn't surprise me that this is a problem too. Also, to get them to fix anything will require you to file a lemon law claim - I know, I had to file a claim for another issue. :sick:
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