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Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges



  • shootshoot Posts: 4
    Where did you purchase this jeep? I had a Jeep Grand cherokee with about 33k miles (white trim, 4 wheel drive, Hemi)that Chrysler bought back on June 27, 2007 because the check engine light would continue to stay on after one year of trying to fix it - if it is the same one I would return it asap and have Chrysler refund you the cost :lemon:
  • My 1996 JGC, the fuel gauge suddenly goes to empty while driving and within a few seconds goes back to normal again.????
  • I know that this is got to be the silliest question out there, but I cannot find the turn signal flasher relay on my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. The Haynes manual says that it's in the right front control panel...not there, not under the hood either. Unless I am completely blind, I didn't see it under the steering column either. Can someone help me out and tell me its location, because I'm either a moron or plain blind. Thanks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    it is a combination flasher looks like a relay top of panal second from right at the very top of panai
  • Hi all, I need help trouble shooting a problem with my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The driver side brake light is acting up, when the headlights are off the brake light looks dimmed and when the headlights are on the brake light doesn't work at all, but the tail light (I think they are the same bulb) does come on when the brake isn't being applied.

    I tried replacing the light bulb but that didn't fix it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be?
  • I've been seeing symptoms similar to others in this thread - occasional buzzing under the dash (sounds like a "short circuit" when it happens). Other times the airbag light comes on, and the speedometer and tachometer go dead. The Jeep ran fine, though. Now I am having troubles that act like the ignition switch - turn the key and the dash lights are dead, no seat belt buzzer, no starter. Switched it on and off a few times, it finally started up and ran like normal. The time on the radio had reset to 12:00 - almost like the battery was disconnected (bad ground or hot wire connection maybe). It got me to the airport, was parked there for 2 days, when I got back to the airport:
    I turned the key once and it acted dead.
    Next time I turned the key it acted normal, dash lights, starter cranks, but no start. Tried a bunch of times and starter cranks fine, but no start.
    What would you try first - ignition switch ? It's got 126,000 miles on the 4L.
  • I had similar troubles with a Dodge Intrepid and found that the ground wire had rotted out - it was not easy to find, but it happened where the wires pass through the back wall of the trunk to get out to the tail light assembly. If you have an electrically-inclined friend, ask for help.
    By the way, it's just one of the brake lights acting up, right ?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    that is what i would try first
  • I have a 1997 jeep cherokee, and it has dummy lights for the oil,water temp,alt. I am wondering if I can swap a cluster pannel in it that has gauges instead of dummy lights.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    will have to change all sending units on engine
    would be better off to install three gage set witch comes with all the mounting stuf
  • Thanks for the reply. I found one on ebay for 50 buck and says fro a 97-98. but with all the sensers I figure I would have to shell out 150 buck total for the swap. Thanks for the help.
  • I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee and I recently hooked up a boat trailer to the trailer receptical and the lights came on and went out on the trailer and the tail lights on the jeep went out. I have tested all the fuses in the block inside and under the hood and no fuses were bad. I've since noticed that the dash lights, the marker lights, license plate lights and the tail lights don't work. All other lights are working. Is there a relay fuse that I should be looking for?, if so, can you tell me which and where that relay fuse is? I don't have an owners manual
  • nanellnanell Posts: 11

    I have had my '98 JGC for almost 2 years with out anything major. JUst normal maintance, a repleace water pump , etc. But for the last 6 months or so my fuel guage will suddenly go to empty. I had 3/4 a tank a gas the first time it happend turned the car off and then 10-15 minutes later when I came back, I started the car up and the guage read empty. I got out and check the ground to make sure no leak or anyhting and that wasn't the problem. So I got back in the car and started it the fuel guage stayed at E for a while then the next time I got in the car it was fine.

    It does this intermittenly. Will do it for a few days and then be fine for a month and then do it a few times again. When the guage reads E the DTE says 0. :confuse: even thought I have just filled up or only drive a little after getting gas.

    This is my only car so I need it to work right. (Have 2 very little kids and can't be stranded). I have checked all the fuses in the car and the engine and they are fine. Not sure what to do next (without spending lots of $$ to fix it). Any help?

  • MY speedometer is not working and the power windows are not working. Ive check the fuse's, but there all good, i pick this jeep up in a trade so im not sure exactly what fuse is witch. Ive taken the odmeter out and check the plugs but there good to.
    Any help would be good THANK YOU
  • ddt64ddt64 Posts: 2
    When I turn the key sometimes the oil pressure gauge goes all the way to the right, the check engine light goes on and says its my transmission. Replaced electrical parts in the transmission. Did not fix problem. Checked alternator with check engine light on putting out low volts. Check engine light went out and by the time I got it to the shop, alternator was worker perfectly.

    Sometimes ignition key won't turn to start car have to mess with it a lot to get it through the tumblers radio crackles and cuts on and off when it idles whether check engine light is on or off. can't get a straight answer from any mechanic and would like to know if the voltage regulator inside the alternator can work when the check engine light is off and then not work when the check engine light is on.

    Is the voltage regulator controlled by the computer or is it independent of the computer?
  • ddt64ddt64 Posts: 2
    check engine light goes on and off, when on computer says its the transmission,the radio also cuts on and off sometimes the gauges go crazy the car has also shut off at low speeds when parking. key sometimes wont turn also the alternator voltage and amps are low when check engine is on when the light is off the alternator works fine ,when i take long trips the light usually stays off, around town and in the morning the light comes on, then when i get to work 32 miles ,then i stop the car and start it the light goes off. paid 400$ for the transmission electrical parts, did not fix cant get a answer from dealer or shop please help
  • Did you ever figure out the problem? I have same exact problem and I can't figure it out. If you figured it out please let me know.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have you checked the battery ?
    would change that first to see if have shorting prob internaly on the batt
  • Dead battery..low lights. No gauges. I am assuming a bad alternator. Before dying the gauge did not show the battery
  • I've got a 2002 grand cherokee, it have 2 problems and they seem not to related.
    First is the head light problem with the head lights turned on they will most of the time cut off when i turn on the turn signal, and a few times when using the wipers. The local dealer wants $40 per hour to trouble shoot. the second is the check engine light comes on but not all the time, and the tries to stall out, this happens the most when sitting a stop light. plz send response
  • For the 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo, where can I find blue LED instrumental panel lighting? When you turn the truck on the dashboard and everything lights up green and I want to change it to the color blue, so how would I go about finding a kit to do something like that?
  • I own a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 160K miles on it. Never had a problem and then it all happened at once. Oil pressure gauge would drop down to zero at a stop and the check gauge light came on. The airbag light would stay on. The brake lights didn't work all the time. I had a couple different shops wanting to charge me a fortune to diagnose and all different things they wanted to replace before even looking at it~ranging from alternators to a new engine. I hooked up with a very honest mechanic Meritage Auto Repair in Auburn, CA who got me fixed up in no time.

    1. The oil pressure going to zero and the check gauge light: The oil pressure switch was sending faulty signals and needed to be replaced. That problem solved.

    2. The airbag light: The connection had come loose so he reconnected it. That problem solved.

    3. The brake lights not working: After changing bulbs and it still not working, a friend who is a mechanic looked at it and noticed the prongs on the connector wasn't lining up. He straightened them out and now they work. Another problem solved.

    I was blessed to find honest people to fix our Jeep and it didn't even cost $200. If you have any of the above problems, check out the things that were fixed on ours to see if it will help you. I see a lot of people replacing oil pumps simply because the auto shop thinks it might work. After checking that all your fluid levels are where they should be, try the switch ($40-$50 part) and connections first.

    God Bless your day!
  • belazulbelazul Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 jeep cherokee with aprox. 160000 kms on it. when the engine reaches running temp the oil gauge drops when idling and then goes back up when running also the temp gauge goes up for a few seconds then drops down. does any one know what could be causing this. I havn't seen any signs of any leaks
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    change engiton switch
  • mjm717mjm717 Posts: 1
    I just bought a purchased a '98 jeep cheorke and having similar problems with my gas gauge. did you ever find the problem or the answers to your questions?
  • I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo and having gas issues. It has about 126,000 miles and it really eats through gas is this normal for a V6 or do I need to change the fuel filter. Any suggestions would be great.
  • nanellnanell Posts: 11
    I never did get an answer to this problem. And I still only have it happen once in a while. The local shop said it would be $65 an hour to diognise the problem. But I don't want to pay that. SO I just live with it when it happens and rely on the trip meter. Soory I am not more help.
  • nanellnanell Posts: 11
    Have you figured out you mpg? It is pretty normal to get horrible gas milage in a v6 or V8. I know in my jeep GC I get about 12 mpg in town and am lucky to get 17 mpg on the freeway. But about 15mpg is average.

    I know that in the '98 the fuel filter in on top of the fuel pump and is one unit so it might now be an easy thing to just change the filter.
  • breezleybreezley Posts: 9
    I have a 2003. Yesterday I was driving along and all of a sudden my airbag light came on. I was about 3 mins from my in-laws so I stopped there. Spent an hr ther then when I left and started the Jeep - the light was off. It stayed off all day during several different trips where i parked and and restarted the jeep. Today I went to go somehere. drove about 20 feet and the check engine light is on. The airbag light is still off. About two weeks ago I had the stearing gear box replaced? I don't know if that had anything to do it with what i'm seeing? Any suggestions on what's going on before I bring it to the dealership and pay $60 an hour to get them to investigate :sick:
  • david_david_ Posts: 1
    I went to unlock my '05 JeepGr. Cherokee and it wouldn't open nor wqould the key turn to allow me to manually open the vehicle.

    It cost me $140.00 tow to the dealer.

    The dealer, Steele Chrysler in Halifax, Nova Scotia spent 1.5hrs "diagnosing" the problem and for a mere $167.00 (tax in) they removed a fuse under the hood.

    I complained about the time spent to identify an computer/electrical issue but was assured that in fact the technician had to spend that amount of time to do the job.

    Once again that was $307 bill to take a fuse out for 30 seconds!!!

    Now I ask training and common sense an issue here?

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