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Chrysler 300 just quits at speed

Hope someone can help me. My 2005 Chrysler 300 just quits while I am driving it. It's like you turned off a light switch. The engine light comes on, and all of a sudden I find myself in a metal death box waiting for someone to slam into me.

Have had it to the dealer five separate times over the last four months and they just say they can't repeat the problem,and their little machines don't tell them anything, so it is just my tough luck. Have called Chrysler Corporation and of course gotten the old "we don't have to listen to a nobody like you - tough luck, kiddo" routine.

Do I have to get killed in this thing before anyone pays attention? At least my family could sue for a few million.... oh, and just met a guy who says his 2005 Jeep does the same thing, and he has gotten the same response from them.

Help! I don't want to die this way.... it would be just too too messy and painful.....


  • I have a 1999 300M with about 75,000 miles and have just started having a similar-sounding problem. A couple of times while driving on the freeway - neither accelerating nor decelerating - the tach drops to zero and then pops right back after about 1 or 2 seconds. However, on a couple of occasions, the car hasn't restarted and I've had to put it into neutral and try to restart it which has taken several attempts.

    I'd appreciate any helpful hints!
  • I just posted a new message under URGENT! "Control arms on 300" that you shoul dread regarding the Chrysler 300.
  • wilrwilr Posts: 3
    could it be the fans? or the relays? any suggestions
  • aj86aj86 Posts: 6
    Wats up adead300 my 99 300m just started doing the same thing like about a month ago. It first started on the express way, as I was driving the speedometer went to zero and the engine stoped and then like the next second the engine came back and the speedometer came back to the speed I was going originally. Then after that the engine just quits at speed like yours. The car gave a code that read 1684 and I have no idea what that was at first so I went to the library and got the shilton book. The code means that something is touching ground or a - or + cable is loose. I checked all the cables that I could and I tighed the ones that were visible but it still does the same thing. I went to store Murrays and they told me that it might be the battery or the altenator. Got both of them checked and their both working properly. Then they said to try to give it a tune-up, so far I changed the spark plugs and now I just need to change the fuel pump. But again Im not sure this might work. Next Im going to take it the shop to see what they tell me. Hopefully its nothing to expensive because it take me a while to pay for it.
    That's the only thing I have done so far, hopefully this was of some help to you. If you came up across some type of solution please help me to.

  • :lemon: I am the original poster of this thread. Wanted you to know what is going on with my complaint to Chrysler.

    Basically, nothing. No response from Chrysler at all. However, the last time I had the car towed in for dieing on the freeway, the front control arms litterally snapped in two. If I had been at speed, the whole front end would have dropped out from under it and I would have been in a horrible accident, either seriously injured or dead. No response on that one either - they accused me of damaging the car MYSELF! The new arms installed on the car were TWICE the thickness of the old ones - so if you have a 2005 check your control arms - they may need to be replaced. There was never a recall, btw....

    However, the car hasn't died since the control arms were replaced. Maybe when they were dinking around replacing the arms, whatever was shorting out the system got jogged somehow and it will work until something else jogges it again and it starts dieing at speed again.

    Whatever the case, I give Chrysler a great big red F on customer service and quality of vehicle!! It's a great looking car, and very comfortable, but next car is going to be a Toyota!
  • wilrwilr Posts: 3
    have both inner and outter speed sensors changed, this worked for me.....I took the car to a transmission shop, not Chrysler they are too expensive, the total cost was 175.00, no problem since. let me know if this worked for you.
  • aj86aj86 Posts: 6
    Nice, thanks for the help. Tomorrow mourning I'm going to take the car to the shop
    and get the inner and outter speed sensors changed. Then Ill see if that solved the problem. Ill keep you updated and tell you what happend. THANKS again for the response.
  • aj86aj86 Posts: 6
    Wats up, This is me again and I happy cause I already got it fixed and it turned out that the problem was the crank shaft cencor. That cencor sended the sign and sometimes it didn't. The best part about it is that it only cost me $110 dollars. Thanks again for the insight... Its time for me to her for a ride!!
  • aj86aj86 Posts: 6
    Hey wats going on me nuting... I had the same problem and I took my M to the shop to get it checked out. After waiting for like about half an hour. The mechanic came out and told that it needed a new crank shaft censor. He said that it sended the signal and sometimes it didn't. The best part is that it only costed $110. Now I'm driving it like their is no tomorrow. Im taking good care of her and get her checked up every half a year to a year. Hope this was some help for you. Keep me posted...
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Posts: 117
    My 2004 300M Special shutdown on me when I was playing with it on a long trip. On a wide open desert highway in far West Texas I had an opportunity to see how fast the car would go. No traffic, just me and Special. It appeared to be chip limited at 127 mph. I coasted down to about 80 mph (the posted limit) when all the idiot lights came on and the engine simply shutdown. I quickly shifted it into neutral and started braking to get it slowed down to where I could handle it without power steering and get it on the shoulder. It would not restart at first. Then, after pulling the keys, checking under the hood, and trying again it did. It would not run over 2500 rpm! I still had another 200 miles to get home to El Paso. I turned it off and let it sit for about 15 minutes. When I restarted it, all the lights cleared and it ran fine. I made it all the way home, and put it in the shop the following day. I was told the crank sensor failed and it was replaced for $175.00. The reson it wouldn't run over 2500 rpm was it went into a "limp mode" until I shut it off and reset it. The technology is designed to protect the engine, but I wanted to know why the crank sensor would fail. Perhaps the computer got confused by the maximum speed...
  • Check engine light came on and rev limiter keeps rpm below 2000
  • mopar is know for there bad transmission problems. i have 2 99 300m's and they both would go from any rpm and speed to nothing then back up after a few seconds. some things tohave checked are your nuetral swith, transmission kick down swith, your speed sensor on your transmission.
  • I had a 99 300m also, but never had any trouble with the transmission. However, my 2004 300m Special once went into the "limp" mode, because the transmission control module failed after driving through a deep puddle of water. Apparently, they are not sealed very well and are mounted outside the transmission. :sick:
  • gshamgsham Posts: 3
    could it possibly be a bad fuel pump? My dealer told me when it happens to hit the pump with a hammer and if it starts, you got a loose gizmo on your pump..what do you think?
  • gshamgsham Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 300 M with the same problem. Could it possibly be a bad fuel pump? My dealer told me when it happens to hit the pump with a hammer and if it starts, you got a loose gizmo on your pump..what do you think?
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