VW Rabbit Steering & Suspension Problems

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I have a 2007 4 door auto Rabbit that has had a vibration in the steering wheel since day one. During the final portion of the deal when buying the car I had the dealer add mag wheels instead of the 15" stock steel wheels. The dealer took a set of 225/55 16's from a Passat and put them on my car, and I have been back 3 times and they can't seem to get things right. The service manager is trying to tell me that since the car's door sticker lists the smaller 15" wheels as the correct size, that is why I am getting the vibration. He says the car is designed for the 15" not the 16's. I tried to explain that VW makes and markets wheels up to I think 18" so he is full of crap and trying to cop out on finding the problem. He was actually trying to say that they make the car's suspension and drive train according to the wheel/tire size. I was about to laugh my head off and knock him out at the same time......how ridiculous can you get. They have balanced the heck out the tires and it's still there. Has anyone ever heard of wheels giving this much trouble. They tell me I need to come back on Monday and talk to the sales manager who is supposed to offer me some wheels off a Rabbit since the Passat wheel tire combo is causing problems.


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    perhaps its the tire size?

    the 16's that come as an option on the rabbit are only 205/55 r16's: to get a 225width, you'd need at least 17 inch vw rims with a 45mm sidewall.

    16 inch rims for one car may not work on another. this is totally the dealers fault.
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    Actually what they gave was 215/55R16's .....I miss typed on my original thread. I talked to the sales manager this morning and explained what is going on and what I expect. He said he will look into and call me right back....so far no word.
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