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Ford Escape Tires and Wheels

coolbeansohcoolbeansoh Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Ford
Has anyone else noticed rust appearing on the brake drums of the new 2008 Escape. My car is only 3 months old and I noticed rust around the inside of the wheel covers on all 4 tires.


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    I have never owned a vehicle that did not have rust on the rear brake drums. This is just surface rust and will appear very quickly when a vehicle has been sitting for any length of time. It is harmless. Your front wheels have disc brakes so I am unsure what is rusting here. Is there light rust on the rotors? If so, probably due to the Escape sitting too long in one spot.
  • My car is only 3 months old and never sits for long periods of time in one spot. I owned an 2001 Escape before this one and never had any rust around the wheels. I'm concerned that it's already showing rust before I even get into the long winter season where snow and salt from the roads will be sitting on them for long periods of time.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Brake drums have to be untreated/unpainted metal. Think of the heat that is generated there. If they were painted them, they might even catch on fire....

    This is just surface rust and won't harm anything. The rotors are constantly scrubbed clean by the brake pads.. The 2001 had rear discs probably so you didn't get rest.

  • zurgurzurgur Posts: 1
    Can some one help me regarding max tirer size for Ford Escape 4x4.
    The reasone for my quastion is because that I do own 255/70 16 winter tires from my last car, but I dont now if I can put them under my new Escape or not.
  • sadessades Posts: 2
    2006 XLT Escape.
    Does everyone have this problem - and has has anyone found a solution for this: My front tires throw so much road slush/salt and water on the sides (and around the front fender) of the vehicle that it even gets up on the side windows. After a trip yesterday I had THICK ice/slush/salt build up on the sides. This can't be good for the paint, especially if it throws some pebbles and debri against it.
    Has anyone found a fix or product for this problem - some kind of guard or extension that can be placed around the tire opening on the fender that catches this stuff, maybe a piece of plastic that fits around it and sticks out 3" or so? Mud guards do nothing (except look cool...)
    I noticed even at the car wash when I drive away slowly, any water I cross gets flung up on the side doors.
    I did look on the internet but maybe I'm not searching the right
  • sadessades Posts: 2
    Found 2 products for this! If anyone is interested:
    The pricey fix - real custom painted flares from: tml

    And the more affordable extenders: _N_111+2006+200005284+600013055_10614.jcw

    I think we may try the affordable EASY-TO-TRIM RUBBER FENDER EXTENSIONS/FLARE and see if they help. Anything should help!
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