Brake light problem

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I have recently acquired a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban and the turn signals in the back and the brake lights do not work, with the exception of the overhead brake light.

I have changed all of the brake lights and that did not resolve the issue although a number of the bulbs were burnt out.

I was told that it is not likely that I have a fuse that needs to be replaced because of the overhead light. If it is a wiring issue is it likely that I would be able to handle it myself (I only have basic knowledge) or if it would be something that I would need a professional to do.


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    I saw the problem that you're having and I'm having the same....Have you fixed your light problem yet?I have a 95 Suburban as well and yesterday I lost both tail lights and both brake lights exept the strip light above the back doors...Any help would be appreciated... Need help asap
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    I have a set of detail factory service manuals for my old prior 97 Suburban, but I don't have time right now to dig them out and look at the schematics.

    I would suggest looking for a tail light relay (or a tail fuse). You know the brake switch is okay, because it's turning on the center light correctly, so the problem has to be 'downstream' from that switch. They may have a relay and fuse in the circuit because of towing capabilities, and the added current draw from a trailer. I do remember once having a short to ground in the trailer wiring (which took out the Suburban lights), but I don't remember exactly what I replaced to get it fixed.
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    It's funny you mentioned the towing light s...I have 2 seperate ones on my Suburban,I've never used them and they appear in good shape. Last week the slack in one of them came loose and the end that plugs in drug the ground for a few miles..I looked at it good and it didn't appear to be damaged to bad. Today I cut the end off and made sure no wires we're touching and taped the end up.I also tried to change the turn signal fuse but it ould blow each time...Let's see how good your memory is on this one...I really appreciate your help..How's the weather in NC?? Larry
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