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Any idea when BMW is going to introduce the 2008 X5's? I have been told by several dealers that there is NO info on the 2008's yet. Should I go for the 2007 BMW X5 3.0? or Should I wait for the 2008 model to come out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    I am in the same boat as you are, waiting for the 2008 X5.
    I will wait till the make MY announcement before deciding between the X5 or the Porsche.
    The snag with the current X5 3.0 is the very low end torque.
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    I am in same position. I would love to know whether it is better to buy 2007 now or wait for 2008. anyone know what an appropriate discount off msrp or up from list should be for a cash buyer? seems like consensus i have seen here is $1200 over dealer invoice. Thanks
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    You should be able to get a better deal right now. Getting it at invoice is not unreasonable because of the following reasons:
    1. End of 2007 MY
    2. Sales of the X5 are not that great to be honest with you.
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    I'm in the same situation...want to trade in my 02 X5 for a new one but won't make a move until I get some information on the 2008. I'm guessing (and hoping) that they are replacing the sluggish 3.0 with the 3.5 and don't want to announce it until the huge dealer inventories dwindle down. A few weeks ago I stopped by the plant in Spartanburg and was told that tours had been suspended as they were working on something they did not want the public to know about. I suppose it could be the X6 but, again, I'm hoping it is an engine upgrade for the X5.
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    Maybe BMW will upgrade the base engine to the turbo 6 as they did with the 5 series wagon.
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    I am afraid they will be stupid enough not to.
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    Alot of refinements for a car that is only one year old.

    2008 X5
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    In that last post the article mentioned:
    The 2008 BMW X5 3.0si, in turn, featuring a 200 kW/272 hp straight-six gasoline engine, consumes just 10.2 litres/100 kilometres (equal to 27.7 mpg imp), offering an improvement in fuel economy by 6 per cent

    Does anyone know if the 272 hp is for the states as well? I'm on the fence since the 3.0 has less power and more weight than a Mazda cx9. This would give me some hope and make me wait until 08.

    Also, has anyone heard if a power liftgate is going to offered on the 08? A salesperson said no because they aren't able to get the bugs out of it....but another salesman said they were?
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    The 200 KW/272 HP I6 is for non US cars, we still don't know what the North American spec will be for 2008.
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    I too am waiting for the 2008 X5 to be available to order mine. I always wait for the second model year to let them work out the kinks in the new design. Reading the reader's reviews on I see a lot of little quality issues like the software problem that doesn't let the transmission shift, odd bugs in the iDrive software and the active suspension problems that have parts back-ordered for months.

    So it could be the 35 twin turbo engine, or a bigger V8 with the M-aero package or many other features, or it could be that they want all issues discovered on the 2007's fully addressed on the 2008's and it's taking a bit longer. I see in Europe they're getting the diesel engine as an option for 2008 and also the Premium Sound system gets a DVD player rather than CD and iPod integration as part of that package. I'd like to see that option made std on the V8 like it the premium sound is on the 335i.

    Bottom line is I'll wait for a 2008 for the very reason I've been waiting a year already. Let them get the kinks worked out. Any better features or options are a bonus...
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    My sales guy says that there are minimal changes!! Panoramic moonroof and some wood trim are now standard...premium package wil be $1,300 less as a result. No engine changes etc. Is this correct?
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    I have the new BMW X5 and I want to know if the darkness of the images from the camera at night is normal
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    I read somewhere that there will be an M series X5, but not sure for 2008. There has to be large enough gap in performance between the 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder. The Twin Turbo would be great for the X5, but then what would that do to 4.8i sales?

    The 335i is very capable of competing with the previous M3, which is why they had to go to a 400hp v8 in the new M3. Will the same issue arise if they go to a twin turbo in the X5?

    Remember, the key to the twin turbo is not the 300HP, but it's the 300lb-ft of torque.
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    Regarding the M version of the X5, it will be an aero trim package with unique wheels and a sport tuned suspension . It will use the same V8 engine as the 4.8i. The M package X5 is not a true Motorsport vehicle.

    I spent quite a lot of time at the BMW factory and performance center in SC this summer. Everyone that I asked said that they did not expect the 2008 X5 to get the twin turbo six. Anything is possible, but it had not been announced internally at that time. They were re-tooling the factory in August/September to produce the new X6, which will be the most likely recipient of an upgraded 6 cylinder engine. The X6 was in camouflage trim running the test course at the performance center in August.
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    Regarding kinks and reliability issues with the 2007 X5, I've been driving a fully loaded 4.8i for 11 months with no reliability issues. The only time it went back to the shop was for a couple software updates. So I've either been lucky, or complaints about reliability were over blown. Ask people in your service department about issues with the X5. Mine have told me that it has been a very clean launch for a brand new vehicle.
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    Can anyone tell me how long it should take from the point you see your X5 go "into production" according to the BMW Owners Web Site to the point that you actually get to pick up the car? My 2008 X5 went into production last Thursday... when do you figure I'll get to pick it up from the Dealer?
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    Generally, 2-3 wks..Mine also went into production last week.
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    Took delivery 3 days ago on my first BMW, a 2008 X5 4.8 (competely loaded except running boards, 3rd seat, & dvd). Love the beautiful finish out and comfort. Idrive and sport seating are great. Large, fatty steering wheel will take some time to get used to. Back up camera and navigation are subpar, esp. compared to Infiniti.

    Concern: I'm averaging around 9 mis. to gallon.. max! Sometimes much less :mad: I've been told that the vehicle needs to be "broken in" and that the gas milage will improve. Does anyone know if that is true???
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    Took delivery 3 days ago ... I'm averaging around 9 mis. to gallon.. max!

    How, exactly, did you calculate the mileage? It would seem you haven't even had time to go through a full tank of gas.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Holy that rate you'd be lucky to get to work with enough money just for lunch. Do you live in NYC or LA?I'd at least think they'd average at 18 mpg!
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    Obviously you have never owned a BMW, the onboard cumputer calculates the average mpg for you, so you don't have to go through the whole tank to find out. However, 9mpg is really low, maybe you do have to wait a little longer. Actually why don't you reset it and see if you do better. ;)
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    That response was somewhat mean. I think tidester asked a valid question. On-board MPG calculation is not exclusive to BMW, almost every car made in the last 3 years does this. The reason he asks this is that clearly the MPG calculation is going to become most accurate the more data the computer has to do its calculation which equates to the more gas/miles you go through.
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    That's exactly what I said, put in more miles and then see if the MPG gets better. You are not exactly right, on-board MPG came out probably 15 years ago, especailly European cars. :D
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    I have had the 2007 X5 4.8i for 3 months. Average mileage is about 12 miles per gallon. This is mostly city driving, with red lights, etc.

    Mileage has been fairly consistent from the beginning.

    Therefore, if you are running at 9 MPG maximum, something is not right. If this does not improve, perhaps you should have it checked.
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    Have had a 2007 X5 4.8i for 3 months. Only problem was that the parking sensors activated themselves (i.e., kept beeping) a couple of times. This problem is not re-curring so it is okay now. Otherwise, it is a fine vehicle with no other issues.

    Agree that the iDrive (including Navigation) could be better, i.e., more user friendly.

    Did not drive a 3.0i therefore, do not know the difference in power. But, the 4.8i (at the sports mode) accelerates like a sports car. Amazing !!
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    I'm getting my 08 x5 in a week. I'm debating getting an extended warranty. I plan on keeping the car for about 7-8 yrs (my other car is a 9 yr old toyota 4 runner and runs great w/o an extended warranty). Does anyone know how much BMW is charging for extended warranties?

    I got a quote from my bank (which is financing part of my car) for full coverage at $2900 from 0-100k miles or $3300 from 50-100k miles. Since I'm already covered for the first 50k miles, I don't see the sense in getting an extended warranty now since I only pay an extra $400 (which is nothing compared to the return I can get from investing the same amount for the same period...I'm a investment fund manager). But the real issue is whether BMW extended warranties are really different from 3rd party bank extended warranties?? Anyone with experience do share...tks
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    It won't get much better. I have a 2007, have had it adjusted several times and that is about as good as it will get.
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    I have a 2007 X5. Can't see anything out the rear with the camera at night. Clearly the camera is pathetic and non IR illuminated. So, this AM I hardwired a pair of 55W low profile fog lights under the rear bumper to illuminate the back-up area for the camera.

    You didn't mention my most important back-up camera complaint: why would anyone design a backup camera (ostensibly to prevent running over something behind the vehicle) which delays so long and requires acceptance of the navigation system legal disclaimer so that by the time it comes on, it's become useless?
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    I have a 2007 X5 4.8i. I live about 20 miles north of San Francisco. Most driving is local with 50/50 freeway and city driving. I have 2000 miles on the car which is a blast to drive.

    My mileage has improved by 1 mpg to 13 in the city and ~ 20 mpg when driving 90 miles to Sacramento on I-80 wihch is mostly flat to small rolling hills. I NEVER put the vehicle in SPORT mode becuase it tanks the MPG by at least 2-3 mpg.

    Other Complaints on a $74K vehicle (loaded except for heads-up display and active steering)
    Back-up camera is awful. It's a stupid design with no IR illumination at night. All you see is grainy blues and blacks. Then there's the imbecil who dreamed up the legal disclaimer and long start-up delay before the backup camera even activates. BMW apparently has no clue that any safety device such as a camera designed to prevent injury should activate instantly. Someone's going to get killed by that design.

    3rd row seat access. (Not to mention the absolute lack of human occupant space back there). BMW should visit their local Toyota dealer and check out a Highlander to see how access to the "far back" seats should be done.
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    After a full year of driving a 2007 4.8i in mixed driving conditions, my average fuel economy is 13 mpg. During pure highway driving, I'm lucky to get 17 on a trip, but I have a lead foot.

    The sobering issue for me is that this vehicle, like others in its class, generates about 11 tons of carbon dioxide per year and requires more than 21 barrels of oil to produce the gasoline needed to drive 15,000 miles ( per ). I am trading this X5 for a 2008 535xi wagon, which is over 1,200 lbs lighter, produces less CO2, has 30% better highway mileage, is quicker, and has comparable cargo floor space.

    Regarding the backup camera, keep in mind that you're not viewing a video. It's a computer enhanced view of the area behind the car. I think BMW's expectation is that you will focus on the computer-generated guide lines that the computer overlays on top of the image to show you where to steer. Using the guide lines, you don't have to worry about low light conditions, theoretically making it more effective at night than a pure video feed.

    I don't like the rear camera much either, so I turned it off in iDrive. You can operate the vehicle using only the Parking Distance Control, which I find more useful.
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    That's a good point and another reason why I just turned the camera off and only use PDC. I gave up on waiting for the iDrive systems to fully boot and the camera to start working before backing up.

    In 2008, BMW gives you the option to add navigation and parking distance control as separate features. Before, they were bundled with the back up camera in the Technology Package. If I were buying the car again, I would get nav and PDC without the camera.

    It's funny how the back up camera is categorized as a "Convenience" feature, but is anything but convenient.
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    The X6 has been announced and it has two engines, one being a twin turbo V-8 that produces 400 hp and 450 ft lb of torque. That engine will also appear in 5.0is version of the X5 and in the new 7 series. So there will be a third X5 with more power, but it will NOT be an M vehicle. BMW only assigns the M badge to vehicles that they race in competition. They don't race SUVs.
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    BMW posted the first official detailed description of the new X6 on their website on December 15, 2007. The current URL is:

    Note the new twin turbo V-8 that makes 400 hp and 450 ft lb of toque. That engine also will appear in the new 7 series and probably in a 5.0is performance version of the X5. I saw the X6 in South Carolina on a test track back in August and have been watching for the announcement. My dealer says they still don't know exactly when production slots for an X6 will be available, but I put my name on the list now.

    An X6 discussion group will probably be needed soon.
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    SUV Rankings: Luxury Midsize SUVs top 14. I was shock to see the position of my favo SUV the BMW X5 :sick: . and even more to see the no.1 position SUV. :sick:

    link title
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    Those ratings just don't make sense to me. I ruled out the 400h because it's not safe in rear collisions. It gets a "poor" rating from the IIHS. Yet, this review must just take into account front and side testing. The X5 and MDX are the safest of the ones I'm looking at. Interior is so subjective. I found the X5 to be so much more luxurious than the RX or the MDX. The quality is like night and day. Of course, you pay the difference. I'm not saying the X5 beats out the others in every way. It doesn't. But as far as quality and safety, that's how I see it. :)
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    I'm not saying the X5 beats out the others in every way. It doesn't. But as far as quality and safety, that's how I see it.

    Same here but reliability is a big issue to me i just keep think why why lexus doesn't bring a SUV to compete with these SUVs like x5 ml cayenne and i don't consider the RX oe LX to compete with them...
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    Since i checked out the new LX and the RX i can definitely say that bmw does have a different kind of car the interior is more luxurious much better and it definitely feels as its a true drivers car.

    I just hope that bmw gets more reliable in the future and solve whatever the current problems there has been with the x5

    To sit inside a x5 it feels so much nicer than the lx rx
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    Since i bought my 2008 X5 in october 2007, it went to the garage 16 times due to several mechanical defects with the suspensions, hand-braking, steering wheel, .... i would like to know if others had similar problems and what did BMW company do to correct or repair those defects. Did BMW change the car of anyone that had those defects and what was the procedure for replacement with a new X5.
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    This is bad news i am really beginning to question how much trouble the x6 will have its unbelievable 16 times to garage in 6 months :surprise: :surprise: :sick:
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    Anytime you buy the 1st model run of a car there will be problems. If you wait a year or 2 most of the issues will have been addressed.
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    I have had mine for 6 months now and it is smooth sailing so far.
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    I've seen 2 pics of 2 different front grills for the 2008 4.8 X5. One flat black, the other a mesh. Does anyone know what determines which grill? I couldn't find any info on the BMWUSA site on this.

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    I have also seen 2 grills but not for the x5 for the x6 the real 1 which i saw in the road was with black grills and the other 1 I have seen pics with the other grills looks like silver ...
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    Hello I have been looking at the 07 or 08 bmw x5 4.8 and Range Rover Sport, I like both and pluses and minues to both. I need to decide in next few days,,

    x5--I like the performance, german design, especially the interior! my wife said though it looks more like a soccer mom's car which I dont agree with given its a 4.8 which I think looks cool and masculine. I have mostly seen guys drives these..
    Range Rover Spor--I love the exterior look of these! Hate the interior, very booring and all plastic. Handeling is pretty good for a large SUV but no as agile as the x5.

    any help and or advice is much appreciated!! thanks
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    x5--I like the performance, german design, especially the interior! my wife said though it looks more like a soccer mom's car which I dont agree with given its a 4.8 which I think looks cool and masculine. I have mostly seen guys drives these..

    I agree with you I have no idea why every1 is trying to say its a soccer mom car.

    Yes it definitely looks like nice well I have seen guys and girls both driving the x5.

    Even if women drive these cars so what every 1 has their own personal choice.

    The range as I heard wil have a redesign within 1 and half years sometime late 2009.

    I personally don't like the RR sport.

    good luck I hope to get a reply when you choose 1 usually people dont reply again.
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    Can anybody tell me what determines whether you have chrome or black exterior window trim? I know adding the sport package to the 3.0 or 4.8 adds "shadow line trim", but what about on standard 3.0's without the sport package? Does it have chrome or black trim?

    If anyone knows, please let me know! Trying to decide on color here, and it may effect my decision.

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    What did you decide on? I'm deciding between the same 2 vehicles with the same reasons.
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    I have a 2002 BMW X5 3.0i and I am having problems with it lately, first was the thermostat, then the sawy bar links, the front door actuator and carrier (both broken), now the rear left window motor and regulator are broken, finally now I am hearing a noise that is coming like form the brake pads or brakes. This sound is like two metals squeezing or rubing each other. My mechanic told me the brakes are fine and they look like new. I dont know what to think. Can somebody help me.
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    I have had problems with my 2009, anyone else?
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