2007 Toyota Tundra Tow Mirrors

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I have a 2007 Tundra DC, SR 5 5.7 with big tow mirrors. I hate them. Has anyone replaced these big mirrors with the 4.7 Tundra smaller mirrors? Wondering if the two are interchangable-


  • DaveDave Member Posts: 5
    I have just purchased a new 07 Tundra and have the non extending style but need the pull out style. Is that what you have? Bye the way these smaller ones don't have turn signals.
  • DaveDave Member Posts: 5
    Scott if you want to trade mirrors that might be a possibility - Dave
  • rafarafa Member Posts: 35
    yes you can my friend just bought a 2007 toyota tundra with the smaller mirrors and he bought the big tow mirrors and swap them he said it was pretty easy all you have to do is remove your door panel and a couple screws the connect really easy.
  • scott_mscott_m Member Posts: 1
    Scott -

    I have a 2007 SR5 CrewCab with regular power / heated mirrors that I'd love to trade. Mine have ~3K miles and are in great shape. Would you be interested? Scott M
  • toddhmtoddhm Member Posts: 35
    Can anyone tell me the overall width of a Tundra equipped with the Tow Mirrors?
  • eric102eric102 Member Posts: 122
    85" with mirrors folded in for the garage.

    103" folded out in normal driving position.

    110" extended for towing.
  • toddhmtoddhm Member Posts: 35
    Thanks eric102. Are any of the mirrors (towing or regular) power retractable on the Crewmax Limited?
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    I was told a dealer that the mirrors are not so easy to trade out. The connectors are different from the factory depending on which mirror comes with your truck. I don't know this to be fact though.
  • eric102eric102 Member Posts: 122
    The Limiteds come standard with power retractable mirrors. If you get the optional tow mirrors you loose that function, but they still have the power adjusting and heating.
  • tdoan4432tdoan4432 Member Posts: 1
    I also have 2008 Tundra SR5 5.7 with big tow mirrors and looking for someone to trade for standard mirror due to small driveway. Let me know if interested.
  • cal1972cal1972 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Tundra with the regular mirrors and I'm looking to get the tow mirrors, please let me know how we can go about trading these. My email address is [email protected] Thanks.
  • fleury1fleury1 Member Posts: 1
    do you still have the towing mirrors...I have a set off my 2007 SR5 5.7..brand new, I haven't used my truck yet since my old one is not off lease yet that I would trade for. my email is haksaw88 AT hotmail.com

  • billd88billd88 Member Posts: 1
    Maybe interested in trading. Would have to look into it some more. Actually the tow mirrors on the limited are a credit option of a couple hundred dollars. The regular mirrors on the limited are crome. Bt, still looking for some clipon after market so I could keep the good looks of the standard mirrors.
  • skeet20skeet20 Member Posts: 1

    What is the status of the mirrors? If they are still available please contat me ASAP


  • moimagimoimagi Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to tow my trailer but need towing mirrors. The trailer is wider than the truck and the stock ones don't do the job. Any advice on which kind/type is best?
  • whateverzwhateverz Member Posts: 4
    I need manual heated tow mirrors as well. Anyone left that needs to trade for regular ones? I will pay some too!

    Mine our 08' heated, non power, black with 700 miles one them.
  • dpopadpopa Member Posts: 2
    I have a SR5 07 and I have the tow mirrors and I'm not crazy about them. I see some ppl are interested in trades, so ...mine are power, heated tow. And I'm looking for power, heated regular. Thanks!
  • whateverzwhateverz Member Posts: 4
    dpopa.....I need tow mirrors very bad, want to trade, I will throw in some $ too. How do I give you my contact info if we are not suppose to put e mail on here? Where are you?
  • whateverzwhateverz Member Posts: 4
    Well I didn't get in touch with you and my friend in parts got me some used ones for $225. So Im selling mine for $225+shipping if your intrested.
  • robboyle44robboyle44 Member Posts: 1
    I have 08 SR5 regular power heated mirrors and looking for tow mirrors. Where are you located? Email me at [email protected]

  • whateverzwhateverz Member Posts: 4
    Sorry they have sold. I ended up making more on the deal selling them on ebay though, so good luck.
  • mgorbskymgorbsky Member Posts: 1
    I have power heated regular mirrors on my 08 SR5 and need the tow mirrors. Vehicle is only one month old. Anyone want to trade?????
  • ycyc8282ycyc8282 Member Posts: 1
    Where are you located? I'm at seattle WA, my truck only 5 day old, w/ power heat and adjust tow mirror . email to me [email protected]
  • lashbluelashblue Member Posts: 4
    Did you ever get regular mirrors? I would like to swap someone for towing mirrors. My rig is Brand New and I need the extra visibility pulling my trailer.
  • lashbluelashblue Member Posts: 4
    Did you ever swap mirrors on your tundra? If not, I have a new truck and need some tow mirrors.
  • lashbluelashblue Member Posts: 4
    Have you ever swapped for regular mirrors yet. I have a brand new truck and need the tow mirrors.
  • lashbluelashblue Member Posts: 4
    I am in Walla Walla. Have you ever changed out your mirrors. I need some tow mirrors. [email protected]
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