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Toyota Corolla Transmission Questions



  • 19841984 Posts: 16
    2003 Corolla S, Auto. Shifter was difficult to move from P to D etc. Took to dealer last week. They claimed cable needed to lubed - so they lubed it. Was still difficult to shift still (little better than when car went to dlr. Started car this morning, reversed and wanted to shift to D. Now car won't start and will roll no matter what indicator is - even when in P.
  • JpisJpis Posts: 2
    I was wondering if you get any answer from the shop.
    I have a 2001 corolla and Just had the same problem last week.
  • davec4davec4 Posts: 8
    Hello all! I have a '95 Toyotao Corolla with about 175K miles. It feels like my transmission won't go from 3rd to 4th (overdrive). At first it was intermittent but now happens more often than not. The transmission fluid level is good and there's no "check engine" light. Any possible cause?
  • JpisJpis Posts: 2
    Well, After going thru a lot of options, finally I had to change the transmission of my car. The fluid look ok , when I checked, but when I try to change all the fluid I found out that is kind of burned (weird), and the transmission will fail If I speed over 20mph.

    With the new transmission I havent had any trouble. It works perfect.
    So I will have to trust the mechanic and believe it was the transmision and nothing else.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    A catalytic converter will act similar to that when they need replacing.
  • jsuperjsuper Posts: 1
    When should I have the Transmission fluid changed along with the spark plugs? I now have 77000 miles on my 2002 Toyota Corolla.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Toyota iridium plugs cost about $10.00 apiece and last about 150,000 miles. I would say drain and refill the tranny fluid now but don't flush and refill.
  • ayman1ayman1 Posts: 1
    my car is 2001 corolla Sport ('S') model.
    problem is:

    If the engine is cold, the reverse gear works ( if I start the car in the morning). Once I have driven a couple of miles and the engine is warmed up, the reverse gear does not clutch anymore.
  • When I drive 2010 Toyota corolla LE 1.8L I got speed 70 MPH, I saw # 4000 RPM. Is this normal ?
    Could Someone please tell me when speed 70 MPH, 80 MPH how RPM should be with Toyota LE 1.8L. Thank a lot for help.
  • pyeepyee Posts: 2
    Ok, I have a 04 Toyota Corolla with 75000k, that in the past year my husband has dogged the crap out of. This is the situation. Because I wasn't usto driving stated vehicle for a while I wasn't usto the breaks. Anyway, I didn't have my foot all the way down and put car in park. Ever since than the check light has been on. Also, when you start it, it races to like 3k and then dies down but as it is coming down it acts as if it want to cut off, which it does sometimes. I also have a 07 Ford Focus battery in it. What sound like the problem.

    History: Oil Change, Spark Plugs Change, Filter Change, Fuel ejector cleaner in and a new starter which is about 8 months old.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    No timing belt in your car, it has a timing chain and they rarely need any kind of servicing.
  • pyeepyee Posts: 2
    So what does the problem sound like. Plus today when I started it up a whole bunch of I would say gray to white color smoke came out and this is not the first time.
  • Never changed the transmission oil corolla 2003 175000
    wondering if is ok to do a flush or just change oil and filter
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I have a 2001 LE I never changed the Trans. fluid either. Of course my 2001 LE only has 47,000 miles on it. I was always under the impression that it's best not to do a total flush and refill, it was not good for the transmission. I always thought it's best to just drain and refill. But yes, I do suggest you do the drain and refill now with the mileage on that baby.
  • raye5raye5 Posts: 3
    Please drain and refill. At 175,000 miles I think you are traveling on good will.
  • Who knows How many Qts. a Corolla 2003 takes for the transmission oil change
    The manual says 3 Qts. when I drained came out a lot more than that. So I call the dealer told me 5 to 6.
    My Haynes Repair Manual say's 3.2 Qts.
  • I was told to flush this transmission when I had an oil change. The vehical has 100,700 miles with no signs of transmission problem(s). The fluid was dark, not burnt. The last time it was changed was at 71,000 miles. Should I flush, or, just drain and replace. Also, should I have the transmission filter replaced if that is offered?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I have a 2001 LE with 48,000 mile on it. I'm due also. But I will not flush the trans. I will only drain and refill. I heard too many stories from people who had problems after flushing that never had problems before. I didn't know the trannys still had filters but if it does why not just drain, change filter and refill?
  • i have a 93 corolla , daughters car, car is really sluggish in drive, but when you use second things seem fine. i then have her shift into drive,,,, tranny going bad? 108k on car

    thanks ken
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    No, it doesn't sound like a transmission problem at all. Sounds more like a spark plug or wire problem. Whats happening is the car is not firing correctly on all four cylinders. When you reduce the gear ratio it makes it much easier for the car to pull because of the lower gearing. When was the last time the plugs were changed?
  • goes.......

    94 Corolla, basic as basic can be. Automatic transmission. 278,000 miles.

    Have replace both front axles already and it sounded like the CV axle had gone again so I went about changing it. As I am getting ready to put the new one in, I see something hanging in the female end of the transaxle casing. There was what looks like it used to be a very tightly wound spring that was just all mangled up hanging out of the hole.

    Was worried about it but proceeded with putting the axle in. Got everything put back together but now have the same originating sound....a metal on metal sound while turning and sometimes even straight too...almost feels like gearwheel teeth are broken but at least on the side that I replaced i didn't feel anything.

    Any ideas, folks?
  • buck1106buck1106 Posts: 1
    I own a Toyota Corolla Hatchback Ascent 2002 model.
    I have recently being experiencing problems when changing gears as it makes grinding sounds and i struggle to change gears.
    When changing into reverse from a stationary position the gearbox makes extreme grinding sounds.
    When engaging clutch it makes a loud clicking sounds.

    Could anyone with any experience please help identify the problem? Thanks in advance.

    J Elliott
  • walt29walt29 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    When changing automatic transmission fluid, you also need to drain the fluid from the torque converter (and change the trans filter) to do a complete job. I have heard that some auto transmissions no longer have a drain plug on the torque converter. I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla with automatic trans. Does anyone know if this car has a drain plug on the torque converter? If it does not, how do you drain the torque converter without doing a flush job, and the problems that can cause. Note to everybody: don't forget about changing the separate differential compartment fluid now and then (which my car has).
  • I have a 1989 toyota corolla with 145,000 miles on it and it jerks when it increases from 30 miles an hour to 40 miles an hour. Is this the transmission slipping? It doesn't do it all the time. There are some days when it does not do it at all. But when it does jerk, it is a powerful jerk. Can anybody help me? It is an automatic 3 speed transmission.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Can we assume you already checked the transmission fluid level? Did the fluid look clear or did it look dark and smell burnt?
  • Yes, the transmission fluid is okay and is in good standing.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    A delay of more than a second in shifting from the neutral to drive or reverse gear, could mean that there is a problem with the transmission. If on changing from a neutral or park position to the drive or reverse gear, the car does not immediately catch the gear and move forward or backward, then it could mean a problem in the transmission. If you change gears, and you hear a sudden clunk or sudden jolt or shudder, then the shifting is not smooth and there could be a problem with the gearbox. If the engine rpm keeps increasing but there is no increase in the speed, then it could be a sign of the transmission slipping.Most automatic transmission systems, nowadays, have a check engine light or an OD light, which flashes if there is a problem with the engine.
  • I've let my 17 yo drive my Corolla for the past few months and now when I put the lever on "R" the car goes in nuetral. When I put it on "N" it goes into drive. When on "D" I can only assume it's in second gear. Has anyone ever had this problem? Please help.....thanks!!
  • Am planning on buying a Toyota Corolla seda 1985 from up the street, it is an Auto and i am wanting to drive a Manual. Could Anyone tell me how much time and effort will go into this, along with costs.
  • ayusufayusuf Posts: 4
    Recently, I purchase a Toyota Corolla, 2007 automatic transmission car (ODO: 109,000 KM). On the same day, I changed both engine and transmission oil. In D or R position, when I press the brake, the car starts moving in a smooth way. But, when I slow the car (5-10 KM/hour), generally happens at round-about, and then press the accelerator, the engine RPM increases but car behaves as it is in nutral. In that situation, I bring my car to L position, move it after pressing accelerator, and then again in D position. This happens some times very freqent (i.e., at every slow-down) and some times very rare. Can anybody please help - what would be the problem? Thanking you in anticipation.
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