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2008 GTI VS 2007 SAAB 9-3

craigp1craigp1 Member Posts: 17
edited April 2014 in Saab
Okay, I know it's a wierd comparison. My 2006 Audi A4 Lease is up, and Audi has really raised it pricing so I'm looking elsewhere. I drove the GTI and loved it, and planned on getting one. The same dealer also sells SAAB, and with the huge cashback being offered on the SAAB (4K), the Anniversary edition 9-3 is only about $1500 more than a basic 4-door GTI. I drove the SAAB and while nice, not as fun or refined as the GTI (especially the DSG type transmission).

The SAAB also has 100K mile warranty, free 3 yr maintenance, and free loaner car during servicing.

Any opinions? I never owned a SAAB.


  • nwabillnwabill Member Posts: 5
    I had also never considered the Saab 9-3 before, but with the rebates and after driving it I was sold. I bought the 9-3 Auto, Anniversary Edition, Sunroof and Cold wx package. I ended up paying $26,700 including tax and a $1000 off through GMAC lease to buy incentive. We are very happy with our new car.
  • waterrightwaterright Member Posts: 5
    I drive 35k miles per year in Florida. I typically would not consider a Saab becuase of perceived build quality and resale issues. However, my company has a "fleet" type discount program with GM (Saab). That discount paired with the current cash back make the 08' 9-3 very attractive. I was considering an 06 TSX with Nav or 05 Avalon Ltd with Nav. All three would be similarily priced. Any thoughts?
  • tagj4tagj4 Member Posts: 2
    how much of a discount did you get? ALSO DID YOU USE A GM DISCOUNT? WOW WHAT A DEAL HOW DID YOU DO IT?
  • waterrightwaterright Member Posts: 5
    I figured the TSX and Avalon at around $26,500 - 27,000. The 08' 9-3 MSRP w/ NAV, and not much else, is about $36,200. Deducting the discount of about 7% ($2,540) and cash back of $4,000 the purchase price is around $29,660 - a little bid higher than the other two. However, figuring in the 36k miles of included maintenance with the Saab vs the anticipated maint. on the TSX and Avalon (including costs of brakes, tires etc) - my actual, total monthly cost is very close. I would also consider forfeiting the NAV with the Saab, in lieu of some other goodies, since I already have a Garmin. Are my numbers off? I really appreciate the response since I will likely make this decision in the next two weeks.
  • nwabillnwabill Member Posts: 5
    We got the 9-3 Anniversary Edition w/ cold wx, auto and moonroof for the 26,700, but really 27,700 because of a return lease gmac purchase 1,000 cash back. Basically, in Detroit anyone can get the supplier price and all the dealers have the same configuration as we ordered. I would recommend calling around, be upfront with the price you want to pay and get an honest salesman (if you can find such a thing). Good luck, we love our Saab so far.
  • funkbotfunkbot Member Posts: 2
    Just got an 2008 9-3 2.0t with cold weather, sunroof, premium pkg,, basically everything but the navicomp. I did pretty well (26,1000) due to a trade-in and some discounts. I thoroughly enjoyed driving the 2007, but was sold on the 2008 due to it's exterior changes (love that light bar).

    If you can get the GM employee pricing, Saab's are an excellent vehicle for the price. (don't ask, i don't have the ability to give out codes.)
  • umpark3umpark3 Member Posts: 2
    I guess you like cars with personality and less concerning about reliability.
    Both cars have never been praised in reliablity.
    But Saab tend to luz its value quicker than GTI since its under GM.
    Considering this, you might wanna get used Saab with good care (hard to find but worth to find). You gonna save several thousand dollars easily with used Saab.
    Another point is that GTI is newer model. For Saab until 2007 model, 9-3 is old model from 2003. The ride and sporty feeling is very subjective thing to choose. In my experience, Saab is very good car to ride but not sporty as GTI. DSG was fun but fun always fade away sooner or later if you really don't need it. (DSG on GTI is not like Ferrari's paddle shifter)
    If I am you, I will go with Saab. Only because it is rarer on the road.
    Woops.... this is kinda old post...
    But I am leaving this just for people who visit to find some advise.
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