Should I buy a used Nissan Quest?

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I was looking into a new Quest SE but they are too expnsive, so now I am looking into a used SE year 2004 or newer. What is the expected milage life of these vans? If they only typically last 100K miles then I would not want to buy one with 50K miles, but if they last 300K miles then that is a different story.



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    2004 was the first year for the new model Quest. Not sure anyone can predict how long the vans will last since this is only its 4th model year.
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    I agree it's pretty much difficult to pinpoint how long it will last. What I would do, is see if the previous owner kept the maintenance up on the vehicle. Get a CarFax and have a trusted mechanic complete a bumper to bumper. The Carfax reports are great but it can't tell you how well the owner treated the vehicle, but a good mechanic can. He'll let you know if it's been driven hard and abused.

    Don't go to their mechanic find your own!
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    if i can be of any help to you to prevent you from goin through what i have been through i would love to help!! DO NOT BUY A NISSAN QUEST!! I have a 2007 nissan quest and it has been problem after problem from the get go! now it does look great and looks can fool you just like they did my husband and i, but please dont fall into the same trap we did. this is my first nissan and it will without a doubt be my last!! i bought it in april 2007 and in oct of 2007 the transmission was slipping. i took it to the dealership SEVERAL SEVERAL TIMES and they would say it was fine, or they couldnt feel it and once they even replaced my motor mount in 2008. in jan 2008 my sliding door was making this "popping" noise and one day my window just shattered into a million pieces. nissan did give us the run around and finally did fix it surprisingly!! now here i am in april of 2010 (my van with 65,000miles on it--less than 3 yrs old) now replacing my transmission ($3500 worth) out of my own pocket!! i took my van up there more than a handful of times and never got fixed!! when my van was in the shop the mechanic told me my motor mount was cracked (my 2nd one) and a bearing was out. i then called nissan and they said they "never replaced a motor mount" and they said they replaced an alternator. I NEVER HAD AN ALTERNATOR REPLACED!! nissan said they their transmissions are just very sensitive! "sensitive" or not, i dont know about you, but i should not be replacing a transmission on a car that is barely 3 yrs old with less than 100,000 miles on it! my friend also has a nissan quest (hers is a 2006) and she has had problem after problem with hers as well. i feel into the "looks are deceiving" trap and it was comfy and classy looking and i bought it after she had warned me. i just wrote it off "she doesnt take good care of her cars and i do". if youre thinking bout buying a nissan please rethink it! and please tell anyone you know who is! nissan is very cheaply made and they do not stand behind their products like they should! if i can help anyone not have to experience what i have had too i am happy to help!
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    snook, you are responding to a post of mine from 3 years ago. I own a 2004 Quest. I must admit I have been very lucky. Mine is plagued with an annoying door rattle and rotors that warp. So I'm not surprised by your problems and experience with the dealership. It seems to be the MO for Nissan. Myvan has not been to the dealership since 2007. I use an independent mechanic who is fair and most importantly, honest. I can say I ever experieinced those qualities at my local Nissan dealership.

    I'll be in the market for another van in 2 years and I'll be shopping at Toyota or Honda.
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    Thank you all for your reviews here. About 3 weeks ago, I almost bought a 2007 Quest SE. I guess I didn't do my research at that point. I THANK God for deal not going through. Seller backed out. At that point I was upset because I really liked the van. But now I think, everything happens for a reason. Since then we have bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition with NAV and RES. My 2 year old daughter just loves the van ( she calls it "MY VAN" lol..) Even if the van is parked in the garage, she wants to sit in it and watch Dora!!!. Yes, I have read some reviews and problems with odyssey as well but not as bad as quest. And to be honest, no matter which car you will google, you will always find some problems with every car. But as long as they are not way out of control, you should be ok. Once again, Thank you for posting here about the quest, please don't take it the wrong way but it makes me feel better now about not getting the quest. :)
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    The 2006 Odyssey is a nicer overall van than the 2007 Quest. And you're right that both have their share of problems. But the Odyssey is in higher demand and has higher resale value.

    One year later, my 2004 Quest is still chugging along. I had an issue with the camshaft position sensors last summer and (surprise, surprise) rotors! Never seen such poor brake design!

    Good luck!
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    Actually we have been a Nissan fan for some years. Let's see, Had a 1991 Maxima, then 1993 Sentra, then 1996 Pathfinder, then a 2004 Maxima in 2004, then we down sized for a 2000 maxima. When we found out that we were expecting our first baby, we upgraded to a 2005 Nissan Murano in 2008, then realized, that we didn't need an SUV so down sized I guess to a 2005 Maxima in 2009. Sold the 2005 Maxima on Dec 2010 and bought a 2005 Avalon (my wife and I didn't like the toyota at all) traded that with a 2004 Acura TL and month later we found out that we are expecting again so I put the Acura up for sale thinking that I have few months to sell but the first person that saw the car bought it. I have been looking for a van for a month or so, I was leaning toward the Quest at first but for some reason, I didn't have the same feelings for the quest as Maximas..
    FYI, Friend of mine is a Dealer and he called me monday to tell me that a 2009 Quest with 144k miles sold for $9000 at the auction while 2006 Honda Odyssey with 224k miles was up for sale for $9900. I was wondering who's going to pay $10k for a 224k miles. It's a honda but but it's not made to be driven millions of miles...
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    Bought an 04 Quest when it was 3 years old 36,000 miles. Bought the extended warranty for about $900. THe warranty paid for itself in repairs. New front bearings, Oxygen sensor, Key fob, motor mounts. The thing goes through rotors like crazy but I get them free through Meineke because byt the time they wear they are still in warranty. After 100,000 miles I have replaced Control Arms, rear shocks. The tire pressure reading system does not work right but I am not replacing that. It always thinks I have a flat tire. The vehicle runs great, never has broken down, now has 116,000 miles on it but it seems there are always stupid things as mentioned wearing out on it. I plan on keeping it for a while as it sure is hell cheaper than buying a new van. My next will be a Toyota or Honda. Not really impressed with Nissan. Glad I bought the warranty for all the early stuff that happened.
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    My 2004 Nissan Quest is an amazing car! I've had it for 12 years and not a single major problem. It's extremely comfortable and has a TON of trunk space and leg room. It's a great car.
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