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Jeep Cherokee Off Road Mods

rushn12rushn12 Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Jeep
Hi everyone,

I have recently bought a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0 and am in need of some guidance in what to put in/on it.

I just put a K&N 77 Series High Flow Air Intake and am interested in installing a MagnaFlow Cat Back Exhaust System.

I am completely open to any ideas in ways to make this Jeep better for mudding, rock crawling, and just overall performance. I would first like to do mostly engine work but any expertise you have concerning other areas is greatly appreciated. Also, I am willing to spend the extra dollar to build the best off-roading Jeep around so the best products are preferred.

I can't wait to see what is in store for my new Jeep.

Thanks Guys!


  • I have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4.0 Im currently in the process of swapping the axles out. Currently i have a dana 35 in the rear and a dana 30 in the front I would like to swap these with dana 60s...who wouldnt!! what problems should i like forward to and how intense will the modifications be to get them to fit?
  • Find a Dual Battery System, and a high amp alternator. The 98 G Cherokee's have a bolt on 130 amp alternator so you can run off road lights at night, other power tools off an inverter, and your winch without running out of juice, or winch across creeks without running the engine.

    Then go with 4:10 gears in the differentials so you can turn larger tires, 2" lift = 31" tires, 3" 32, 33 with steering issues in tight turns, 6" long travel is the best for flexing, and they have lower kits, Rubicon Express, for your driveline components which will keep your centre of gravity slightly lower, as well as correct your steering with a pitman drop arm, all included and easy to bolt on for the most part.

    A rear locker, selectable or ,,, personal preference, read up, will give you an incredible forward advantage on rocks, and an amazing ability to back out of muck as well. Far less wheelspin when you start off and ....

    Front limited slip in the diff over a locker as you still want to turn. Dana 60's are far too much weight for a cherokee to push, unless you are putting a vette 327 under the hood. Stick with dana 44's, much less fabricating and a better brake system too.

    Front and rear bumpers, but find a custom fabricator and pay him/her too build you some high clearance ( Approach / departure angle ) bumpers.

    Since you have eliminated the stock airbox, pick up another battery plate and an isolator and mount it there for a marine battery setup. If you run in the winter, you will start up much better, faster performance, ready to go winch power, power for inverters, and with the high amp alternator your lights will never dim again when you are winching : ) Then install some bright lights on your roof rack so you can see every animal ahead on the trail.

    Thats a good way to spend some serious money, and wheel in a whole new realm of trails and obstacles.

    If you still wish to spend more money, then with ARB air locker systems front and rear for lockers... Engine mods, I would do little there, the only company that I would trust with an elec upgrade is, ahh, here look into this stuff, but watch as my 89 is not going to work for all your mods, some you will need for yourself, look further down for a few links.

    Cherokee • Engine: 6-cyl. 242 4.0L MFI Venom 400 Performance Control Module ZX293194
    Each $299.99 Will ship within 24 hours

    1988 - 1998
    (All Models) • Engine: 6-cyl. 4.0L, 4.2L Engine Gear Reduction Starter ZX815820Y Each $249.99 Will ship within 24 hours

    1978 - 1990
    Cherokee • Engine: 6-cyl.
    with Cap and Rotor Distributor ZX507818XF
    Each $179.99 Will ship in 5 to 7 days

    Air Booster
    Cherokee • Sub Model: XJ
    • Engine: 4.0L L6
    • Fuel: Gas
    FI Tornado Performance Booster ZX815902U
    Each $64.99 Will ship within 24 hours

    Here are some tips from where I got my XJ ideas from, and pirate 4x4.

    Chilton CD : ) de=darm&Product_Code=CD2050xx&Category_Code=CACD

    Jeep Owners bible 08

    High performance Cherokee Guide 2494146/ref=tag_tdp_sv_edpp_pop_t/002-3744239-2959208

    Enjoy your XJ,

    keep the rubber side pointed down, or at least sideways.
  • I have an 02 wrangler x and i can only aford to put a muffler on right now, i wanted to find out how large of a muffler i could fit on this stock exhaust without ruining the engine. if anyone knows the measurements please tell me, and i do not have a turbo in it. thank you so much.
  • hi, i just purchaced this 99' tj and it runs good for a 2.5 (good deal) anyway the guy i bought it from told me the o2 sensor was the code ,and sure enough it is my ? is are there any better than others because he told me he replaced it a few months ago and it went bad that quick also are they crushel to engine preformance or just part of the smog system? :confuse:
  • Hi,I recently picked up a 1994 jeep cherokee sport with the 4 liter inline six.  I took it to have the oil changed about a month ago and shortly there after discovered an oil leak.  After checking it out I found that is was coming from the mount for the oil filter.  The best way to discribe it would be the piece that is bolted to the extrusion molded on the block.  What I need to know is according to the pics that I can find for the motor it is always orinented up and mine is clockedto were thew filter is pionting to the rear of the motor.  I don't know if it was like this before but need to know if there is an o-ring or gasket that sits in there and what the name of it would be so that I can get one a the parts store before I tear into it.  Any help would be helpful.  Thank you
  • Don't trust that guy for info unless he is a friend of yours, and also a mechanic... Take it to someone who can run a diognostics on it so you don't spend a fortune replacing parts left and right to find the problem. That is what I would do.
  • I dont know if anyone is still reading this thread i want more performance out of this motor no one is able to help me. I was also wondering if you can upgrade the extras to that of the limited ie,heated seats,adjustable pedals,and my real question quadratrac II with gas the way it is and the fact that I cant afford what i would have to pay for the limited just wanted to know if i could do it piece by piece. Would really like some advice and or help, :confuse:
  • hey yall, I have an 89 cherokee and was about to install a d44 rear but now i have a set of axles off a 92 bronco that i can get cheap. will these work on my cherokee? i want at least 35" tires. i apreaciate all input thanks
  • harvey15harvey15 Posts: 1
    Hey all I just got a free 98 jeep cherokee sport 4x4 4 door with the classic. 4.0 inline 6. One of the best engines ever. All the jeep needs currently is a full brake job and a front coil spring. I am wanting to make it a nice offroad mud toy. Any and all suggestion would be great. I want to keep it some what a daily driver but i do have a full size ford truck if I do get it stuck. So please tell me what size, shocks, lifts, and tires are know to be the best for these beast. thanks.
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