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I leased a 2004 Odyssey three years ago. A few weeks ago, I took the Ody in for its 45K mile service. The service director informed me that my less than three year old car that was less than 10K miles out of warranty needed rear shocks (he described one as leaking "severely") and new water transfer gaskets in the engine. The service tech told me this was common on this model of Odyssey. The total cost for the work was going to be north of $800. I only have a year left on my lease, so I was a little caught off guard by the whole thing. Has anyone else encountered this problem on their Odyssey? My wife and I are both very careful drivers (no burnouts, offroading, or abusive behavior). In fact, the vehicle rarely drives much over 70 mph. I have been arguing with the manager at the dealership and the issue remains unresolved. Anyone else experienced something like this on their Ody since it is "common"?


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    I'm on my second Ody and have never encountered either problem nor do I know of anyone that has.

    I would take the thing to an independent mechanic and have it looked at. I think they are trying to snooker you.
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    We've had an 04 Ody also for the past 3 1/2 years, and we've not had any shocks problems either. We've got 36K miles on it.

    Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me.
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    the leaking gaskets they are refering to is the coolant passage gaskets. very common leak with the 3.5 engine. pilots are the same. parts for this fix is only 20.00, (2 little gaskets and a gallon of honda coolant). the labor should not be more than 2 hrs. some shops charge 2 hrs for out of warranty vehicles, some charge 1.5 hours. any vehicle under warranty is free. as for the shocks, should not be more than 1 hr labor. as for the price of the shocks...i'm not sure..
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