Early Trooper Frames

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Maybe this discussion has aready been brought up but id like to hear what people think.

I have a 91 Isuzu trooper and frame is absolutely in the worst condition. I understand its a 91 but the frame rot on this thing is horrible. I live in VT and we use a lot of road salt and this is a big contribution but it seems when I do find a trooper the frame is just rotting to hell. I cant seem to find a early trooper where the frame is in in somewhat good condition. My frame is bad and im attempting to run this thing as my main vehicle, does anyone have any experiences with the trooper frames, and or how long will they really last?


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    I just drove my 1990 trooper to the junkyard. Broke my heart, but the frame was no longer there. I had welded angle iron before it got too far gone but there wasn't much to weld to. I even welded in new cross members where the torsion bars had pushed through the frame. The frame deteriorated very quickly a few years ago even though it had been cleaned and coated every 5 years. The newer troopers are much more solidly built, my 97' frame looks like new right now after 10 years of hard use. I've not seen an early trooper without these rust problems. strobe
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    I have six Troopers, '88-'91. None of them have frame rot, even the ones I use just for parts.

    It must be road salt, which we don't have here in Hawaii. Where I live there's a ton of rain, which eats the body panels, but the frames stay solid. The only rot I've seen is in the very front, that cross-piece in front of the radiator: that's rusted out on two of mine.
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