Chevy Venture Brakes

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I have had to add brake fluid twice in the past month. This seems too often to have to do this. Has anyone else had this problem?



  • twostroke91twostroke91 Member Posts: 1
    Check the rear wheel cylinders , one or both might be leaking fluid .
  • SHardeeSHardee Member Posts: 1
    My brother uses an '02 Chevy Venture van to deliver mail on rural route. When he is approaching a mailbox the van leaves pavement on one side and the antilock system kicks in and causes him to run past the box if he isn't careful. I want to disconnect the computer so that the van goes back to a standard brake system. If I am understanding his discription of what happens it sounds as though the system is doing exactly what it was designed to do. It just wasn't designed to deal with intentionally driving the van on grass and asphalt at the same time. If I disconnect the computer will the brake light still come on if their is a mechanical failure in the brake system? Will it effect other systems in the van?
  • jnj2jnj2 Member Posts: 1
    2003 Chevy Venture, front driver side brake locks up. Replaced brake caliper still does not work. Brake fluid running through line just not going into new caliper any suggestions? :confuse:
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