2005 Yukon XL Denali DVD Entertainment System

tlh007tlh007 Member Posts: 2
I just purchased a 2005 Yukon XL Denali, without the owner's manuals and maybe some accessories, of course. I found the 'basic' owner's manual on the Internet - it's great for the basic overview; however, I was wondering the following:

a) Was the remote for the DVD system 'loose' or was it attached to an interior panel? I cannot seem to find it in the vehicle; I think the prior owner needed it worse than me.

b) Did the vehicle come with wireless headphones for entertainment system or was it an option? What type of wireless headphones can be used with the system?

c) Does the DVD system have the ability to play through the rear speakers while leaving the front ones to play CD's, XM or std. radio?

Thanks for your help in advance.


  • redtopredtop Member Posts: 1
    I have the opposite need--I have the headphones, but I'm looking for a compatible IR transmitter to use in the house so I can listen to my audio equipt using the Yukon headsets. Can anyone help on that??? I don't known if there are IR "channels" or codes that would cause in-compatibility across various manufactures' headsets????

    My loaded 2005 Yukon SLT came with GM DVD Headphone/Remote Kit, Model CA-ZG0360ZC. Ref No. 15072230A, plus 2 headphones, 1 remote w/clip, 4 AA batteries (2 each/headset), and two AA batteries (for remote). The headsets (made in China) carry the number M3C460010. Extremely little info could I find on the Internet--where I came across your inquiry, however, I got the idea that perhaps the Audiovox IRHS40 MAY BE compatible and is high quality and relatively inexpensive. Sorry I can't provide you any additional. Trust this helps. Let us know what you find out.
  • tlh007tlh007 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the model and reference numbers for the kit and headsets (that's one step closer to solving this). I have found 'OEM box sets' on eBay; however, I am going to have to trust that they are actually compatible.

    By the way, is there a compartment that the remote is supposedly stored or is it stored where ever it happens to land? I just want to make sure that I am not overlooking something. Thanks again...
  • dhaumeadhaumea Member Posts: 1

    Did you ever locate headphones and remote? I have them and don't need them. "yes," i was one of those people who sold their car and kept the headphones (they never asked for them). any hoot, i have them if you are interested. we sold are yukon denali and purchased a Ford truck to haul our toy hauler around....
    [email protected]
  • deratoderato Member Posts: 5
    I just purchased my yukon '04 several months ago and found out it did not have the headsets or the remote as well. I ordered non gm parts from the service desk no reference #'s sorry, but the outcome was exactly what I wanted.

    Two sets of headsets and remote control all work great for around $150.00 IR headsets with two frequency I use channel A
    I set the dvd controls to the remote in the back and enjoy my radio stations in the front to avoid hearing movies while driving.

    Ask your service desk to assist had great experience so far with my dealership.
  • bfriersonbfrierson Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Youkon XL with the DVD system in it. Does anyone know how to over ride the system so that the movie will play on the radio screen while the car is in drive?
  • deratoderato Member Posts: 5
    I believe the rse button on the deck something like that not in the vehicle will allow you to hear the dvd player while in park or drive to all speakers otherwise I use the wireless headsets for the kids to hear while I enjoy my music up front while idle or driving. :shades:
  • purplepackfanpurplepackfan Member Posts: 3
    We have a 2005 Yukon XL Denali and love it. The only two problems we are currently encountering is 1) the headphones for the DVD will decide not to provide sound. We were able to listen to a video through the speakers, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the RSE system... Anyway, is ther anything I am missing? The unit seems to work fine for awhile and then it decides to not play through the headphones. Is there a setting I am missing? 2) How do I get rid of the "tire monitor" warning. The tire pressures are fine but the warning comes on and stays on while vehicle is being driven.

    Any help would be great. I HATE to take it to a dealer...

    Thanks in advance.

  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    As far as Tire Monitor warning, your may want to toggle the TPM system in to its learning mode to re-learn each tire pressure sensor in the clockwise direction starting from the Driver side front...

    As for the headphones, have you tried it with fresh batteries?
  • purplepackfanpurplepackfan Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response on the Tire Monitor. I did try new batteries in the headphones, no luck.
  • 4burb4burb Member Posts: 55
    Do your headphones have a channel selector on the side of the headphones? If so, I think it needs to be on one to listen to the DVD and the other to listen to the rear radio controls, if the rear contols are on. If the rear radio contols are off and the headphones are on that channel you would get no sound. Just a thought...

    Another thing to check is whether the infrared sensor is working when the player and headphones are on. Don't know where it is on an 05, on the current model it is up near the DVD screen.
  • filiaultfiliault Member Posts: 1
    I don't know if you still have the remote headphones but I recently bought a 2005 Yukon with no headphones in it. I would be happy to buy them from anyone who may have forgotten to put them in their vehicle when they sold it.
    Thanks, I can be reached at donfilia[email protected] if anyone has any to sell.
  • 4burb4burb Member Posts: 55
    Just curious if either of my suggestions from post #11 worked?
  • purplepackfanpurplepackfan Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the headphones and there is no channel selector. Only one frequency, I guess. I ended up taking it to a dealer(ouch!) and they tested it and said the IR sender is bad in the DVD player($850+ to replace-NOPE!). I was able to get it working using wired headphones attached to the rear center consloe. Although this can eb hit-or-miss for some reason. Anyway, we on the raod and watch DVDs again. If this tactic fails I have seen the DVD players on eBay for about $325.

  • 4burb4burb Member Posts: 55
    Thanks for the reply, just another thing to watch out for in the future.
  • ssabbassabba Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 2007 denali xl, and cant watch dvd while in motion, we also cant use the navi system.

    Have you had any luck overriding this locked feature?
  • scotth116scotth116 Member Posts: 1
    redtop, I am in the same situation as you. I have either four or six headsets and no dvd unit - the vehicle they went to was totaled. Have you found a compatible IR transmitter to use in the house? It would be great to still be able to use the quality headsets around the house, especially for the kids.
  • gmhellmangmhellman Member Posts: 121
    I purchased a used 05 yukon slt with the RSE. I "obtained" through the dealer a set of IR headsets and remote from an 06 deanli that was gmac lease turn in. How do I get just the rear speakers to play the dvd and the front ones to use the radio? Do I set the rear audio controls to rse and leave the radio alone? Or am I not able to do this? The manual is not very helpful in this respect.

  • fisher11fisher11 Member Posts: 2
    We just purchased a 2005 Yukon Denali and the navigation CD is missing, along with the navigation manual. Can anyone tell us what CD we need to purchase that will work in this entertainment system?
  • mft19mft19 Member Posts: 1
    go to gmnavdisc.com to register your vehicle. They will be able to tell you the disc #s for your specific vehicle.
  • fisher11fisher11 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you so much.
  • ssabbassabba Member Posts: 2
    I have had no luck! Very upsetting. I try not to get lost while I am driving! I will keep looking, and post any information I can find.
  • cbrigcbrig Member Posts: 1
    The screen on our DVD player sometimes will be dark, but always has sound.

    Anyone had that problem and/or know how to cure?
  • noella13noella13 Member Posts: 1
    We purchased a used 2005 Yukon Denali XL almost two years ago. The owners manual and headsets were missing. I've been on ebay looking for compatible headsets. Sellers say they're compatible has anyone bought a pair from ebay or is willing to sell a pair. Even the owners manual. [email protected] Thanks.
  • whinnittwhinnitt Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 05 yukon and discovered the remote does not work, looks like someone spilled a soda in it, (very bad design putting the storage slot for the remote next to the mug holders)
    Other than buying a new one for $90 at the dealer, i was thinking of getting a universal remote and programming it for my system. The question is
    1.which brand of remote.
    2. is this possible and
    3. does anyone know the code to program the remote?

    Thanks in advance
  • nyhotrodnyhotrod Member Posts: 1
    I have this truck, and i installed a remote start, now i have been getting stability control light, often. Can someone help. Thanks
  • noodleheadnoodlehead Member Posts: 3
    We also have a Denali that has a remote start and the stability light also goes on, did you find out any info?
  • noodleheadnoodlehead Member Posts: 3
    We just purchased and '05 Yukon Denali, minus manual, head phones and remote for DVD. If anyone has any of these three things please let me know or if you know where I can get them I would really appreciate any info :-)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online will probably work for the owner's manual.

    Maybe eBay for the phones and remote.
  • noodleheadnoodlehead Member Posts: 3
    Thank you so much :)
  • chip25chip25 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 XL and the DVD player has picture but no sound, how did you get wired headphones to work?
  • texasaggie97texasaggie97 Member Posts: 4
    Our 2005 Denali automatically allowed the DVD entertainment system to play to the IR headphones while we listened to music. There is no way to "split" the front and rear speakers. One can only get split sound/music by having the IR headphones and the DVD system playing.

    If I am wrong, PLEASE let me know because my wife is sick and tired of listening to "Yo Gabba Gabba!" on the DVD system and the speakers because our IR headphones are broken.
  • dutchindoedutchindoe Member Posts: 1
    2005 Yukon Denali DVD Entertainment System wont allow me to insert a DVD into the player, is that because I don't have a remote
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