Nissan Versa Paint and Exterior Problems

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I have a crack in the lower left corner of my windshield. The auto glass people said that they had just fixed another Versa. Is this a common problem? I have no way of knowing if this is a stress crack. I am not aware of anything happening that might have caused it. Has anyone else had this problem? I still love my V after 4000 miles.


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    Hi, I just experienced the exact same issue on Sunday. I drove the car a few kilometres on Saturday and there was no pb. On Sunday, I drove a little bit more and then I noticed a crack starting from the bottom of the windshield right in front of me. The crack rose a few centimetres and then angled to the right and spread right across to the passenger's side.

    I seem to read a few other people have the same problem. Seems like a manufacturing defect.

    We should spread the word and get some traction. There is no way I will pay to replace or fix it if it's a manufacturer's problem.

    My email is aurey at linux dot ca
    Feel free to contact me if you had the same problem. I can put up a website in no time.

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    i just noticed the same thing on my versa, after only 5000 miles. Same crack that both of you have said, started on the bottom on the drivers side and went upwards a couple inches then across to the passenger side. Glad i found this site thought i was the only one with this problem.
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    I thought I was crazy, I have the exact same thing on my V.
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    I had the same thing happen to my car. I replaced a windshield about 3 months ago because I had a crack in it that started from the bottom right driver's side that went in a few inches and started going up the windshield. I just replaced that windshield yesterday because I had a crack coming from the bottom of the drivers side of the windshield that went up a few inches and spread about two feet across the bottom of the windshield. Has anyone heard of a recall on this?
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    Well it has been less than three weeks and once again I have the same crack in my windshield. I just had my car serviced on Friday at the Nissan dealership where I bought the car, and asked them if they have had a lot of problems with the windshields in this car. I was told that they did not. I drove the car home and it sat in my driveway for the weekend, until it was time for me to go to work today. I got into my car and had the same exact crack in the windshield. It started from the bottom of driver's side and went up several inches and spread towards the passenger's side. This is getting a little ridiculous for me. This will now be my 4th windshield in less than a year.
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    Same problem here... just showed up on Friday, on my '08 Versa with about 8,000 miles. Good to know this is a common problem, and from the sound of things, it seems like there shouold be a recall.
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    When I was at the service department on Saturday, I asked the person helping me if there were a lot of problems with the windshields on Versa. He said that he did not hear of one on this car, but there were a few Altima's that had a similar problem. Has anyone had this problem and had the dealership replace the windshield?
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    Nissan needs to work on the vibration in the windshield area, I took my 2008 Versa in after vibration throughout windshield area. I was hearing the plastic shifting and making cracking sounds. After the mechanic and myself took it out on a test drive he came back and used weather striping to pad the plastic around windshield and that has solved the vibration to that area. However, If you have anything empty in the cupholders in the car, once again you hear vibration. This is more than likely the issue with everyones cracked windshields.
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    I am having a similar issue with my Nissan Versa sedan. I haven't owned it a year yet, but I've already replaced 2 windshields and have a crack in the third. My crack, however, has appeared on the passenger side, in the black area below the dash, and come up a few inches before traveling across to the driver's side of the car. The first time it happened, I simply called the insurance company and had it repaired. About 4-5 months later, I had the same type of crack in a similar spot. The guy at the dealership came out and traced the crack until he found a small hole (about the size of a pin hole) and told me I must have been hit by a stone. I didn't think too much about it and just called the insurance company and had it repaired.
    Well, now it hasn't even been 3 months and I have the same crack on the passenger's side. I can't believe how many others have had the same problem.

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    i just noticed the same thing on my Nissan Versa 2008, after only 10000 miles. Windshield crack appeared on the upper portion of the passenger side and went downward nearly 4 inches . Glad i found this site. I thought i was the only one with this problem. I am going to report this to the Nissan service. I hope they will cover vehicle warranty.
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    I have been driving around with my third windshield that has been cracked for about 6 months now. I tried everything to get Nissan to replace my windshield, but Nissan would not do a thing about it because I have an after market windshield (not Nissan glass). I would demand that they replace the windshield because this is a stress crack. Make sure that this gets up to the regional specialist because I believe that they make the decision about replacing the windshield. Yes there might be a tiny pinhole along the line of the crack, but this would most likely not be caused by a rock. I have several stress cracks in my windshield now, but I am not going to replace mine until my car is due for an inspection in December. My windshield has been hit by several rocks since this has happened and I have yet to get a crack like my previous three windshields. Good luck and let me know how you make out.
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    I have a 2007 white versa and the paint yellows. It takes quite a bit of elbow grease and wax to remove the yellowing. Does anyone else have this problem? I took it to the dealership and of course they said it was my water. I have had no other problems with my other vehicles.
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    I would check if the dealership has a car wash and if so, see if you could get your car washed there. Tell them that if it continues, tell them that it is their water and demand that you want it fixed (and also get your money back for the car washes). If they tell you to call the 1-800- Nissan phone number, good luck because you basically talk to people in the Philippines.
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    I have had the exact same crack several people described on my 2008 Versa. However, my experience was even worse. The crack started at the bottom in front of steering wheel, went up a couple of inches then turned right. There was absolutely no sign of any rock mark, ding, etc. on the crack. My father, who is quite knowledgeable re: autos, looked at it and said it was a stress fracture. I took it to the dealer, and was told they would have to look at it to determine if it was a stress fracture which would be covered under warranty. When I walked up, one service tech stated to the man who was assigned my account "it's another one of those wierd stress fractures". While one had me completing some paperwork another worker went out to "start writing up the order". Low and behold, when we walked out to look at the crack a few minutes later, there was a tiny chip-like mark on the crack which had not been there before. I stopped short of calling them crooks and I just paid to replace the windshield out of pocket. I won't name the dealer because I'm afraid they could say I'm slandering them. But this is clearly a problem. If you have this problem, take pictures and watch the people who examine your car.
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    When I first got my car, someone scraped it within the first month of having it. When i went to the dealer to get touch up paint, the color they gave me did not match. It was more lik ethe lighter silver color that Versa come in. I went back to the dealer a number of time. One guy even tried to tell me that touch up paint wasn't going to match exactly. I knew that he was wrong. It shoud be pretty darn close if not exact. Has anyone else had this issue? Has Nissa fixed this issue? :mad:
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    No, the dealer was pretty much right about the touch up paint since the touch up paint you put on is an exact match for the original color. But the original color on your 2007 has been exposed to 2+ years of the sunshine and the elements and has changed just slightly.

    The only time I've ever had a touch up paint color match exactly is when a car is brand new and hasn't had any fun under the sun.
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    How do you turn this thing on, and is there a second windshield washer fluid tank for the rear window?
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    No second washer fluid tank. Instead of pulling the stalk back to spray the windshield, push it forward to send washer fluid to the rear window.
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    My 2009 Versa has 25,000 miles on it. I have a crack starting from below my wiper blade on the driver side that is 12 inches long. I just got back from the Nissan dealer. The service manager pointed out that a small 1/16 circular impression directly underneath the wiper blade is the reason for the crack. How does a rock hit underneath the wiper blade when it has not been raining in Atlanta for a few days. Last week I was on a road alone during a sunny day not using the wipers when I heard a pop sound. No cars around and I could not see any crack (because the blade was over the default impression caused by the window stress). Two days later the crack was noticeable. This is definitely a manufacturer’s defect and the company needs to be held accountable. Please file a complaint with the Attorney General's office.
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    The fluid runs down in a stream, and it ends up all over the back trunk on the hatchback. There is no sprayer nozzle on the windshield washer dispenser..... How could Nissan be so cheap????
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    It's a rear window. The wind stream is working against you when it comes to keeping a spray on the window.
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    Wind works against the front windshield as well, so the point about wind stream working against us with respect tot he rear windshield is mute.... there are spray nozzles for the delivery of the front windshield wiper fluid....It should therefore be the same for the rear window on the hatch.

    Pretend that you are at the curb, and that there is no wind.... the fluid still runs down the back of the hatch, and the rear window does not get cleaned.

    Therefore I hold with my point that Nissan was cheap....
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    When you operate the rear washer, the rear wiper starts immediately. I made sure to try this on both my 2007 and 2011. So the rear window gets cleaned... every time. Yes, some fluid does go down the hatch as the wiper wipes it off the rear window, and I imagine the same thing would happen with a spray.
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    I have a 2009 Versa and my windshield jsut cracked. It started in the black area, low on the window on the driver side. It is now a crack about 12 inches long. Wouldn't you thinnk Nissan would realize this is a problem and repair the windshields?
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    The news of the style chage for the Versa is not sitting well in my house (2 Versa hatchbacks)

    To quote my daughter... "If I want a Sentra, I'll buy a Sentra"

    I hope they've kept the leg room and head room we now enjoy, but it sure doesn't look like it.

    Check it out on InsideLine new-york-auto-show.html
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    I have to admit I really like the styling of the new Versa. But the roominess of my 2011 hatchback can't be beat-It's truly amazing! It is entirely the reason I choose a Versa.
    I really wish my car had a height adjustable seat...And I was hoping the manual shift would improve a little with the miles...But after 5000 the shift quality is pretty bad.
    And it cold wheather it is has quite a few rattles.

    But the sheer roominess in such a small car far outweighs the negatives....I'm really happy with it si far..six months in.
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    It's not that I really dislike the new style, but I'm not in the group that disliked the old style either, well, I didn't like the look of the sedan. I'll be interested to see what the hatch will look like
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    If the 2012 hatch turns out to look like this Tiida design, I would count me as a LIKE :shades:

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    Hi, just purchased a 2008 Nissan Versa and when I got home I noticed the gas cap door won't lock. Does anyone know how to fix this? If it is a part missing? Was really bummed when I got home.

    Another thing, the radio will not get one clear station. I know this has something to do with the antennae, but just can't figure out where it hooks up.
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    The gas door doesn't lock, but you could buy a replacement locking gap cap. Should cost you less than $20
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    This is the door that covers the gas cap. There is a lever inside the car to pop it open. It does lock, I can't drive around with a gas door flopping all over. I noticed a noise while driving home from the dealer last night and when I got out I saw it open and have tried to shut the door many times, but it won't latch.
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    Ah, I misunderstood... the door doesn't latch for you. I'll take a look at mine in the morning, but I'd bet that you just have something that's slightly bent in the latch mechanism, probably the part/tab on the door itself that catches in the latch. It's also possible that the latch mechanism or cable has come undone as well I suppose.

    It's almost too hot to think here :sick:
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