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Car will not start needs a new computer

cristhinacristhina Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Nissan


I took the Nissan pathfinder 1991 V6 WD2 to the mechanic,he said that nissan needs a new computer,because it does not have power in the injectors and he told my that I will cost about 750.00 to get fit. My question is true and where Can I get a computer for better price since the Dealer is about the same and he say need to replace the Inhibitor.

My question I have Can I do the job myself and what kind the tool requier to do the testing.

Also is any other place can I purchase the computer for better price.

Again thank you very much for your respond and help.




  • Did you ever get this resolved?
  • One day when I stop at a light my car cut off, when I tryed to startit it sounds like it want to start but won't. well they told me it wasn't any fire getting to the spark plugs. So they put in a new distrubuter. well it still won't start. the timeing has been done on the car before so what else could it be. its getting fuel to it.
  • kprime2kprime2 Posts: 5
    Long story, started like yours. Ended up replacing distributor 3 times before fixing the problem. Ur Distrib may have been bad may not. Either way, have them ck both the crank sensor and the cam sensor. The computer depends on these in order to time the spark. If either of these are bad ur distrib will not fire and it will appear to be bad.
  • when you prime the the feul filter the car runs for about 5 to ten mins then before stopping the the primer like sucks in
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