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I believe this is a fluke and not a chronic problem but my Entourage is getting a new steering mechanism between the steering wheel and the power steering rack. At least, that's how the dealer service person described it. The steering would hit an increase in turning force at about 1/4 to 1/2 turn in either direction and would occasionally lock up for 1-2 sec as if the pump stopped working.

The dealer folks have been very helpful and motivated to fix this since it is a safety item. I should have it back on Monday. RG


  • rob22315rob22315 Member Posts: 31
    Been back twice and will likely go back tomorrow. I've already call Hyundai corporate. Will post more when this gets resolved. So far, everyone has been very helpful and professional.

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    Finally got it back from the dealer yesterday. They replaced the remaining power steering components (hoses, pump) and put in Valvoline synthetic power steering fluid. All appears to be well - no bumps, no hitches, no freezes, no loss of pressure. The mechanic said he went to the synthetic fluid because there was a slight noise from the pump at the ends of the steering travel, the synthetic got rid of it. (FYI, it is normal for there to be a small amount of noise at the end of the power steering travel.) Unless I post again, consider this one fixed.

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    There seems to be a leak somewhere around the new steering pump. It has been acting up for a couple of days - small changes in pressure, funny sounds. I discovered today that the reservoir had almost no fluid in it. It is going back on Monday. SIGH

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    My 2007 Limited Entourage had the same problem. I purchased it on Sept 8th, 2007. The first service which was done to fix the issue was a re-alignment.(9/23) (And of course someone rear-ended my car as I was on the way to drop it off.) After getting it back from the auto body shop(10/11)..within 20 minutes the "fixed" power steering problem re-occured. I turned my car in to the dealership to be repaired this past weekend (10/21) and now they are going to have to put a whole new power steering rack (due to malfunctioning valves in it's current ps rack) into the car and realign it again.(no part available in the US estimated fix date 11/2) I hope this will fix the problem. Other problem with the car malfunctioning power sliding door on passenger side which began happening this past weekend. (not a result of fender bender)After six weeks I have driven my car maybe 20 days.
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    The dealer has replaced every major hydraulic component in the steering now - four visits total. Since this qualifies as a 'lemon' under VA law, we're going to arbitration.

    There is a fix for the sliding door problem. The techs put a piece of vacuum tubing into the door frame to keep the doors from sliding too far forward. When the doors travel too far forward, they don't latch properly. I'm guessing this is because the rubber stops compress over time. I had it done on the passenger side and the fix seems to work. The tech who did the repair explained this to me but didn't say exactly where he put the tubing. I looked and couldn't find it - otherwise you could probably do it yourself.

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    My steering problem has not been fixed yet.
    waiting for a part....perhaps it will be fixed by Nov 9th.
    Only 7 more days after that for the Hyundai to be considered a lemon by OR law. Service and sales departments are both frustratingly incompetent.
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    Finished today - Hyundai took the 2007 back after arbitration with the BBB and replaced it with a 2008. Under VA law, they can ask for compensation for mileage on the vehicle at 1/2 the rate set accepted by Fed Gov (I think it's the same as 1/2 of what the gov pays for POV travel) minus our time to/from the repair shop. In the end, it cost us $485 to get a new vehicle. We're happy with the arrangement and hope the new one doesn't have any major issues.
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    I'm one of the many folks whose searching for PSF-3 power steering fluid. Of course the dealer wants to sell me the "new" PSF-4 for $11 per 12 ounce bottle. Good gravy .. that's liquid gold!!
    One of the things I hate is to say, "Oh no .. you have to use the X fluid made by your car's manufacturer."

    So I did more research about PSF-3. Of course there's PSF-4, the next generation of power steering after PSF-3.

    Of course .. here's the Hyundai Part Number of PSF-4
    Hyundai Part 00232-06010

    So follow me .......

    Here's the MSDS data sheets for the fluids that Hyundai uses

    Search for the part number of the PSF-4 = Hyundai Part 00232-06010

    You'll find it .. and here's the MSDS on the PSF-4 fluid. Check out who makes PSF-4. VALVOLINE! smile.gif AH HA!!

    What do you think?

    Can the "off the shelf" valvoline PSF fluid work?
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    My power steering in my 07 enterauge has suddenly became a little hard to turn the wheel. The dealer flushed the fluid and said all is good with the system. The problem is , there is no change in my power steering. It is still a little hard to turn the wheel.
    Anyone have the same problem? If so what was the fix??
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    i'm now having the same problem with mine. getting ready to bring to dealership in the next couple of days.
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