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Nissan Pathfinder Parts

hendrickhendrick Posts: 7
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Hi, does anyone know if the tail lights from a 99 or 00 will work in a 98? I know they look different from 98 to 99, but was wondering if they would bolt up (and wire up) the same... I actually prefer the look of the 99s, but I have a 98, so I'm looking to purchase a set off a '99 but want to make sure they will fit... any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


  • This might also be a good spot to discuss other parts (such as grills, etc.) from 99s or 2000s, etc. that will work in a 98, etc.... Any and all input is welcome!
  • The answer to your question is yes they will fit. They all have the two screws, to bolt onto the body. Once you take of the screws you need to pull off the light housing from the boot were the wires are connected. Unclip the harness and plug in the new light housing. I have a 96 pathy and i put on the 03 tail light on mine.
  • "I have a 96 pathy and i put on the 03 tail light on mine. "

    Cool...I have a 97, and have always wanted to know if I could lount the later model "whited out" tails.....
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