Chrysler Sebring Fuel and Oil Problems

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    THIS IS BEGINNING TO BE A HEADACHE. Formally a owner of 2001 Dodge Neon. Understand that same maker, probably same problems...Bought a 2007 Chrysler Sebring with 2.7Ltr V6 Engine. Not knowing about the Flex fuel drivability...from the start puting Low grade 87..light vibrations. Drove for the 1st week without any problems. Thought because a V6 should start using 89 or 93 grade fuel...Boy I was wrong!!!! While waiting for a light to change car shuts off. Starts up fine pulled off....then hard jerks and light vibrations.....Car has shut off 3 times, Chrysler has replaced exposed harness and wiring, Updated main computer of Recalls.. Still having the same issues, I think the Gas line might have water trapped!!!....Anybody having these problems? HELP!!!!!
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    First, as far as what grade of fuel to use, I recommend always going with what the owner's manual says. I believe the 2.4L and the flex-fuel 2.7L both say to use 87 octane. I have an 07 Sebring with the 3.5L and it suggests using 89 midgrade.

    If you think you have water in the tank or lines you can get a can of gas additive at most auto parts stores which should remove it. Read the directions and don't be tempted to pour in more than what it says for the amount of gas in the tank. More isn't necessarily better.

    Also, if you think the computer might be out of whack by putting in higher octane gas, you can reset it and let it relearn. Disconnect the negative battery cable for at least an hour or more (overnight is okay). After you hook it back up, start the car and let it idle for several minutes until the idle rpm settles down. Then try to drive at moderate, varying speeds for a while to complete the relearning.
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    I have a 2003 Sebring Coupe, 3.0 engine, less than 39,870 miles. A week or so ago I had an oil change done by the dealer. This week I noticed an oil leak under the right front part of the hood. Before I take it to the dealer and have them look at it, any idea what this leak is from?
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    We have a 2005 Sebring with an oil leak only when the car is running. The leak appears to be coming from the above the oil filter. We changed the oil filter in the hopes that is was just a puncture in the filter....but no luck. I think it may be coming from the seal where the lowest pulley that the serpentine belt is on, on the front of the engine. We are going through a couple quart of oil every couple days. Anyone have any idea how much something like that might cost or if there may be another place to look for the leak? I appreciate anything anyone might have to offer!! Thanks!!
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    Try an after market parts supplier (e.g. Canadian Tire) or an auto salvage yard for a used part. Good luck.
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    I've got an 08 Sebring sedan with the 2.7L engine, currently with 17400 miles. I bought it 2 months ago at Carmax and it had 15800 miles at the time, allegedly the oil & filter was just changed. Checking the oil it looked perfect, light brown.

    The Change Oil indicator just came on and I'm wondering if when they allegedly changed the oil, that they followed the reset procedure. Is this indicator based on time and mileage?

    To be 100% safe, I may just change the oil & filter myself as well as reset the indicator.
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    When starting my 1998 Sebring Convertible, I notice that it smokes once in a while. But not all of the time. The smoke is white and light. What would cause that, and how do I fix it? :mad:
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    I have a 1998 sebring convertible. I noticed that when I start my car, it doesn't take long for the fan to come on. About 1 minute or less. Is this normal, or should I be concerned. The engine doesn't run hot. but the fan does come on almost immediatly. How can I fix this?
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    hey man got same prob...what u end up doin...
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    It ended up being the lower crank seal. We have a guy here locally that does mechanic work on the side...he replaced it for us and it cost like $900. If we had taken it to a shop or dealership they would have charged us about $2300...or more. We had it fixed about a month ago....only is leaking AGAIN!!!!! We are going to try and trade it in the the same dealership we bought it from and screw then like they screwed us. Our mechanic thinks it is a problem with the shaft itself...that is why the seal replacement only held for like a month or so. I hope this helps you!!! Sorry it is not good news!!
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    Same problem on my 01 Limited conv, The oil leak was the oil pressure sensor.
    It is located little to the left above the oil filter.
    I repaired mine yesterday.. The sensor is $10.99 at autozone.. You have to raise the car, remove the heat shield that covers the oil sensor (3 Bolts 15mm) remove the plate. Disconnect the plug and unscrew the sensor from the block. The leak is on the plastic part of the sensor that goes into the threaded part of the sensor. Mine would drip onto the exhaust pipe and smoke. Mine was so bad that I would loose 1/2 qt oil in about 50 miles.

    Also if is nicer to goto autozone and get the OIL SENSOR SOCKET 9.99 cause it makes it easier to remove and replace the new sensor.

    Hope this help, and be careful while working under your vehcile. :blush: :sick:
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    I have a 99 sebring convertable 2.5 v6 where is the oil pressure sending unit located. Does any one know if you do please let me know. thanks
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    Try the backside of the engine, up against the firewall and on the drivers side. I think for some reason it might be there. Let me know! THanks!
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    This is the first time I've ever heard gas sloshing around in a car's gas tank. Is this normal?
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    I've a 2001 Sebring Sedan with 115,000 miles. The yellow engine line suddenly came on and won't go away. Took it to the Chrysler dealer. They did a diagnostic, did a few things and charged me $650. It was $600 labor and a $50 part for an unrelated oil pressure switch replacement(it was leaking oil near the catalytic converter). I got down the road about two miles and the damn thing came back on. What now?

    I saw on the gas tank cap that if it's not tight it could cause the yellow engine light to come on. I can hear gas sloshing around in my tank when I'm turning corners. Could there be a gas tank pressure problem?
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    I own a Chrysler Sebring 2001 2.7 and everytime I warm it up especially in the mornings the passenger compartment fills with the stench of gasoline fumes. I realize that the heater draws the airflow from where the engine sits. But,me and my mechanic freinds can't detect any leaks,but I do smell gasoline near the lines. Anyone have that problem? I sure would appreciate your answers. Thanks
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    98 Chrysler Sebring Jxi Convertible V6

    I have a pretty bad oil leak that runs down onto my oil filter. You can see where it's coming out but the problem is figuring out what the part is called. I "think" it's something like the oil sending unit? It looks like a little valve.

    Upon reading other posts I think it may be the oil pressure sensor. Can someone confirm if the oil pressure sensor is visible from under the car and just above the oil filter?

    Thank you in advance.
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