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Mini Cooper S convertible vs. BMW 328 conv vs VW R32

msruckusmsruckus Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in BMW
We were really 6 months away from serious car shopping, though it is a daily discussion in our house because we love cars. Have a 48 month lease up in June on a 2004 A4 1.8T which we love but it is too slow and too long a lease. Now would be a good time to make some money on it as we are way under miles and the payoff is less than it is worth. We have tossed the ideas of everything, daily going from let's just get a MINI to let's go all out and blow the budget for the dream car (911 cab). But, as I said, we were going to wait until the Spring. But then we read this week's MotorTrend http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/...volkswagen_r32 and said, "maybe we found our car!" Then we drove it yesterday and were THRILLED by it. So much fun, so much car for such a good price. However, we have wanted a convertible and live in a climate where we can use it most of the year (TX). So, I am asking for thoughts on these 3 cars. (The 335 is way better, but so expensive and it is not the 911 (which we are really just not ready to make the stretch for). Also, the 3 series is kind of a cliche (for good reason, I know). 3 other of my husband's (young physician) colleagues drive 3 series as do his two cousins. But maybe the MINI Cooper S convertible is the right compromise? So confused! Thanks in advance.


  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Depending on how much you really really want a convertible, you can take the R32 out of the running. So then, you would be down to the MINI or the 328. As fun as the MINI is, IMHO, it is too quirky and impractical to be a primary vehicle. And the MINI convertible is even more so. And, at the risk of being politically incorrect, I kinda cringe everytime I see a grown man drive by in a MINI convertible. The regular MINI S.....OK. But there is something about the convertible that makes it bit too cutesy for a grown man...actually any guy, for that matter! (Sorry if I offended anyone!) :P

    Cliche or not, but the 328 convertible seems like a perfectly fitting car for a young physician. (Older doctors should drive 5-series, or Buicks!) ;)
  • ggurr54ggurr54 Member Posts: 30
    I've been in practice 21 years. I prefer the 3 series.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Wow, you must've been a child prodigy and graduated from med school at 15! :surprise:

    I'm just kidding. You must be young at heart! ;)
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