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Hyundai Santa Fe Cruise Control Questions

kdahlquistkdahlquist Member Posts: 130
I have a 2007 Santa Fe Limited. As anyone who has this model knows, the cruise control is always "off" when you start the vehicle. The engage the cruise control, you need to first hit the "on/off" button on the steering wheel, and then hit the "set" button. Frankly, that two step process annoys me.

Every other car I have ever owned allowed you to leave the cruise control "on", so all you needed to do to engage it is hit the "set" button. My wife's 2007 Saturn Outlook is like that. It has an on/off button, but the button locks in the "on" position so you don't have to turn it on again every time you start the vehicle.

Does anyone know if it possible to reprogram the Santa Fe's cruise control so that it already on when the vehicle is started?


  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    Funny, I don't think I ever had a car that didn't shut of the cruise control whenever the car was shut off. I would think this would be a safety issue. You mentioned your Saturn kept the cuise on, but even GM has a warning on their GM Fleet web site:

    Caution: If you leave your cruise control on when you are not using cruise, you might hit a button and go into cruise when you do not want to. You could be startled and even lose control. Keep the cruise control switch off until you want to use cruise control.

    SAFE Driving with Cruise Control!
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    Yeah, I find it a little annoying and a lot redundant to have to hit the On/Off button before actually setting the cruise control. I remember back in the 70s when G.M. cars just had a push button inside the turn signal stalk; all you had to do was push it in and the cruise would engage. I'm sure the current use of the On/Off button is tied to the fact that the "set" button is now on the wheel and thus much easier to push unintentionally. At least Hyundai (unlike many other manufacturers) has wisely chosen to illuminate the buttons. Another thing - the Hyundai set-up allows one to disengage the cruise without tapping the brake in the event one was to spot a LEO behind. This makes it easier to slow down without flashing the brake lights.
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I have had both types of vehicle cruise...never bothered me a bit in the SF since It is so simple with the SE/limiteds (do not know how the GLS works but I would imagine it probably is the same).

    I also think it is a good safety idea NOT to have an always on switch available so you do not accidentally engage cruise (heck, we are lazy enough!). (actually happened to me in a Honda that had an always on switch + start cruise switch.

    Scared the %$^ out of me when I tapped cruise in error (at night) and I never left that switch on again (twas an 05 Element...you know the toaster on wheels! :shades:
  • js06gvjs06gv Member Posts: 456
    I'm assuming safety is the true motive here, but I always looked at switches that stay engaged all the time as a cheaper alternative to more sophisticated switchgear that are electronic in nature such that they turn off with the vehicle. I am a big GM fan, but they never got this part right when it comes to cruise control on/off switches. Some other recent examples of mechanical on/off switches that I found pretty annoying over the years are for rear defogger and heated seat switches that could too easily remain on (and cause elements to wear out) if one wasn't paying close enough attention.

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  • chiwlfchiwlf Member Posts: 6
    Agreed, this is a saftey feature. Lets say you last used the car with the cruise set at 70mph and left the main switch on. Your 16 year old daughter uses the car that evening to go to the mall, she is listening to the radio and playing drums on the steering wheel and inadvertantly hitts the resume button and the vehicle begins to accelerate on it's own. An inexpeireced driver may loose control of the vehicle and wreck claiming the accelerator stuck. Cruise is a great option but the operator of the vehicle needs to be aware that it is in use or bad things are likley to happen.
  • dimencetodimenceto Member Posts: 2
    We have Santa Fe 2007 2.2 diesel SLX model. It has a lot of things (it is approxemately full equipped), but on the steering wheel there is not buttons for cruise control. On the left side of the steering wheel are buttons for audio system control and on the right side are buttons for mobile phone wire less control. Do you have any idea where is possible to be criuse control buttons?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Hi - sounds like you obviously have the European model...here in the U.S., the Cruise Control (if equipped) has the buttons on the right of the steering wheel, where you say the mobile phone wireless controls are on yours.

    If you have the 2007 model and you have bought it bas a used car, then you'll have to refer to the dealership and get them to look up the VIN number which should show the original equipment that was on the vehicle.
  • dimencetodimenceto Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for information. Yes, I forggot to say that the car is used, it is in Europe. And also in the car are not light any lamp when the doors of the car are open. On the ceiling where obviously there is lamp with buttons DOOR/ON, in our car there is DVD/TV monitor and when is dark you have to press the button manual to turn on the lamps on the front ceiling area or some other :mad: It is crazy with so much extras to don't have this!
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    On the earlier 2006/2007 models, there was a common problem with the map lights not coming on when the door was opened. There is a TSB for this, so the dealer should be aware of it and be able to fix it.

    Likewise, if it hasn't been done yet,there is also a way to program the door locks to close automatically when the vehicle reaches 15 mph. They do not, however, open automatically when you remove the key for safety reasons, only when you manually open the door from the inside.

    Other info:
    if you have the 18" tires then keep them at 30 psi (cold).
    The little prongs on the inside of the circular gas filler door are for putting the gas cap in to hold it up when filling with gasoline.
    The front headrests are adjustable; hold the button in and lift to raise or lower them, then push them all the way backward to release them to the most forward postion, then push them back click by click (4 positions)

    Hope you have fun with your S. Fe., Ciao.
  • barkyabarkya Member Posts: 1
    Hi Friends,

    I have 2004 3.5 DOHC Santa Fe. Cruise Control was working until 3 days back alright. All of sudden now, it stopped. Cruise control light comes up if I press the on/off button. I tried to set the cruise after cruising at around 70 miles/hr but it won't engage and as soon as relieve the SET button the vehicle cruises down. I want to know what could be the problem and how much it could cost me to fix it? Rest everything is working alright.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Barkya
  • jbailey3021jbailey3021 Member Posts: 1
    How do I replace the accelerator button for cruise control on my 2004 sante Fe.I want to make sure I do this correctly. Can someone list how to remove and install new one, please?
  • kenr11kenr11 Member Posts: 1
    I have the 2004 3.5L Santa Fe and had exactly the same problem. What I find that both the stop lights bulbs were blown. After checking the circuit diagram, I found out that these bulbs were providing ground path to the cruise control module through the bulb filament resistance.
    After I replaced both the bulbs, cruise control works fine.
  • jn1776jn1776 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Santa Fe which had exactly the same problem with the cruise control that you had. The reply by Kenr11 and others, helped me to fix the problem for less than $3.00 (two double filament brake bulbs).
    I'm wondering what caused both brake lamps to blow.
    AND I wondering why there was NO indication on the dash that two of the three brake lamps were out??? I went for 3 weeks before discovering the brake light problem. (The brake lamp in the middle top of tail gate was still working). This is a Definite safety issue that Hyundai should fix!
  • jn1776jn1776 Member Posts: 2
    To Kenr11...
    Did you ever figure out why both bulbs were blown?
    Thanks to your reply/note I was able to get the cruise & the brake lights going again with very little fuss & cost..., Once I became aware that the brake lights were out. Thanks!
  • robol1robol1 Member Posts: 1
    my cruise control on2006 santa fe worked intermittently icleaned corrosion in lamp sockets in right tail lights and this solved the problem
  • scavic1scavic1 Member Posts: 1
    2005 santafe: after searching internet besides the tail lite filaments as cause for malfunction of cruise control (cruise lite on but cannot set/or accelerate. I read a post by a Hyundai service tec that said every third santafe with that prob the switch on steering was faulty.
    Two phillips screws removes the switch unit and unplug is easy from harness. There are two printed circuit boards that are perpendicular to each other and are electrically joined by four (4) soldered pins from one board to the other....a gentile wiggle of that joint revealed that the solder joints were broken on one or two of the four...... with a FINE solder tip you can re-solder those loose joints being very careful NOT to bridge one pin to another......repair 100%
  • TonyJozTonyJoz Member Posts: 1
    I have a 06/2009 Hyundai Santa Fe Auto Diesel and would like to know if anyone has issues and a solution to the cruise control setting. I have had the vehicle for about 6 months and it has 190,000km on the clock.
    When i set the cruise control on a speed say at 60k, the speed varies by about plus and/or minus 5k. In other words on a flat or slight (i do mean slight) the speed will rev itself to 65k or slows down to 55k. and if going downhill, the speed does not break at all.. just rolls to 70 plus. According to Hyundai Dealer in my area, he claims that is standard/normal for Hyundai which I find astonishing.
    Anyone with same experience and any suggested solutions please? Thank you
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