1999 Trooper Starter how do I get it out?

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I am trying to get the starter out of a 1999 trooper. Do I have to take the exhaust system apart or is there a much easier way, I can use all the suggestions I can get.


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    You can get it out without doing the exhaust. I did it twice on my 1994. Lots of patience is required. Have a few cold ones handy for when you get frustrated, step back and take a breather, then try again. Wear safety glasses because all kinds of crap is going to drop on you and your asrm will be tired. But keep trying and it DOES fit. Its like a puzzle. I thought it was a terrible design myself.
    Good Luck!
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    I have a 93 and took me 2 hours to get the starter out the first time, i can pul it in 15 minutes now.
    - Jack up the front and put it on jackstands, both sides.
    - Turn the front wheels all the way to the right, needed to get extra room.
    - The extra room created by turning the wheels creates a spot just big enough to get the starter out
    - Undo your wires and bolts holding the starter, its heavy so watch your fingers
    Here is the tricky part
    - Turn the starter upside down and scoot it forwad a ittle bit
    - Tilt the starter up 90 degrees and drop it out the space created when turning the wheels

    As mentioed in antother post it is tricky so be patient. Once you figure it out it's a piece of cake.
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