Jetta Interior Issues

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i am on a lease of an 06 jetta. the surface of the buttons on the cd player has swollen-looks like burnt- and can be peeled off by the softest touch.
no liquid, cigarette or anything burning or any other deteriorating agent has come into contact.
i was hesitating to touch the damaged buttons but i did and it looks bad.
does anyone know how can i get it fixed, if vw will charge me for the whole stereo system and generally what costs should i expect?
thanks in advance


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    I've recently noticed that the interior trim of my Jetta is detiorating. The plastic around the gear shift, air controls, and doors has become softer and a bit sticky. It has reached the point where if you touch the surface with your nail it leaves marks. I take very good care of my vehicle and would like to drive it for a while; however, the deterioration is becoming a bit of an eye sore. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is it something VW will replace?
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    Since your car is 6 yrs old, VW will most likely NOT replace your trim peices. How many miles on your car? Is it garaged?
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    80,000 miles on the car and I use street parking at night, hence the scratches on the rear bumper. Is this something that a 180.00 trim kit could replace?
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    I don't know what a Trim Kit is!
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    My 2002 jetta's interior leather has started to "wrinkle" and beginning to crack on the seat corners. How do you clean and protect this leather? Anyone had good results with a certain products? Any suggestions for cleaning and taking care of leather interior?
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    Among other things wrong with my automatic 2002 1.8T Jetta (80,000 miles), the most recent is quite weird.

    So one day 8 months ago I'm driving on the freeway at 70mph. All of a sudden (with my foot on the gas pedal) the car starts revving instead of driving. I mean I'm coasting but the speed is going down. I take foot off gas, turn hazards on and move aside. Once pulled over, I turn engine off and on, and it's fine.

    Since then, that same thing has happened about 30 times. The "connection" lasts at most 5 seconds". VW can't run codes because it needs to happen when they test it. Know about Murphy's Law?? Apllies here...

    The other day though I was on cruise control at 70mph, and the same thing happened, and even in cruise control the speed went down (the engine stays on but it's like something cuts out) Since I was in right lane I left everything alone to see what would happen... The car got down to 60 almost and all of a sudden with a quick jerk whatever it was got connected again and the car sped up by itself to 70 wit...

    Any ideas?

    As a side note, the temperature gauge on my car goes to normal (in the middle) and by itself drops to the left (cold) back and forth several time in a day...

    are these two related? How can I figure out what is wrong with car??? PLEASE HELP!

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    I think that is maybe the soft touch coating peeling off. That is what makes the "soft touch" plastics that are supposed to be so much more desirable than hard plastic.

    Why would you be charged? It is still under warranty, right?
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    it is under warranty but i don't know if it would cover it since everything works fine. it's just a surface thing that makes it look bad. how can the dealer admit the low quality of the thing and not charge me lets say for burning/scratching it?

    thanks again
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    I guess they could try to claim it is abuse, but if the truth is all you did is use it normally and the coating is failing, I would hope that it would be covered by the warranty. So that should, I think, be at least the first step, go to the dealer with the problem and see what happens.
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    My 2005 1/2 new model Jetta, which I leased when the new model just came out, has started to emit a horrible odor. It started in July, and I recognized it to be fuel. I took it to the dealership, and they thought the smell was fuel too- they pressure tested everything, but nothing was found wrong. I have had it in 2 more times. It is almost a chemical exhaust kind of fume. Smells so bad that it gives both me and my husband a headache. After driving it for a while, you even get the odor on your clothes. We are not driving the car unless necessary and at a loss of what it is or what to do. VW claims that it is the leather. On one visit of these 3, we had them change the air filter. The smell went away for a month, and came back! Any advice or anyone having this problem- PLEASE HELP!!! VW wants us to go away- it is my second lemon of a Jetta- NEVER AGAIN! :lemon:
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    Are you buying gasoline from the same station? If so, shop around and buy elsewhere. There is a major brand of gasoline which my Ford hates.
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    Not the gas- but good suggestion! We go all over for fuel! Thank you, though!
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    I'm not an expert or anything, but this same exact thing happened to me. It was a different type of car, but the issue was the same. I was in the fast lane on the I5 in Southern California and, out of nowhere, the RPMs were all over the place and the vehicle slowed down. My issue was the coolant...

    If this happened 30 times, it makes me think there might be some issue ... Coolant leak, perhaps? Some people use water instead of coolant... If you are doing this, try using regular coolant.

    Not sure if that helps but I remember the same exact thing happening to me in another car....
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    I have the same issue and have posted in other VW forums but gotten no answer. Most of the plastic is sticky and gummy to the point that if I rub my knee with it while getting into or out of the car my pants are ruined for the day... My car is 2000 and not under warranty so VW service is out of the question. any suggestions?
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    I am happy to say my lease on my POC Jetta was up in March. Buh-bye. The harsh smell issue was brutal fora bout 6 months... Pretty much not driveable... It subsided, and then disapated completely. VW did NOTHING for me, and they even lied to me- I asked them to drive the car for a while, and the rep said he would, and said he did... when I picked the car up the mileage was the same as when I had dropped it off.

    I have no idea what the smell was, but at least we were able to get some usage out of it again. We think it had something to do with the leather/glue/foam... Not sure.

    Good luck with yours- sorry I cannot help. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another VW again. :P :mad: :( :lemon: :lemon:
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