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Infiniti QX56 Problems and Solutions



  • Had a weird issue with my 08 QX56 today. Tried to start it and it would not start. Used the keyless feature to open doors, seat moved up as normal. The Ignition was stuck in the "start" position and could not be moved. It was almost like the steering wheel was locked too. The red icon was flashing on the dash for the security system. It was almost as if the truck did not recognize the key. I tried putting the key in the ignition as well and it still would not turn. I called roadside assistance and they were no help, just wanted to tow the truck to the nearest dealer which is 2 hours away. After about an hour, by hitting the wheel hard, I got the ignition system to unlock and the truck finally started. Very frustrating. I am sure the dealer would not be able to reproduce the issue. But with a long trip in my future nervous about driving this truck and getting stuck. Anyone else had this or a similar problem?
  • My Q56 has begun to automatically roll the windows up and down and will without any disturbance, just start flashing it's lights while parked and locked. Anyone have the same experience? Any idea what may cause this to happen?
  • We had almost this same experience this afternoon with our 2008 QX56. The steering wheel felt locked, the ignition was stuck in the "lock" position and would not budge, and the the red car icon on the dash was flashing. The inside lights, horn and seat were moving so we did not feel as though it was the battery. We called roadside assistance who would only tow to the dealership which is closed today. Thanks to your post, my husband started aggressively shaking the steering wheel while using the manual key and the steering wheel ultimately unlocked.

    Did you take your car into the dealership? Any resolution? I use the car to transport our children, including a baby so I am truly hoping this is not a repeat problem. Thanks in advance for your input!
  • jc1224jc1224 Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 04 QX56 that had 70,000 miles on it in June of 09. In July of 09 I had to replace the Internal Fuel Modulator Computer =$500. In December I replaced both Catalyst converters=$1,000. The truck was still throwing the check engine light for catalyst deficiency. I called the dealer on January 15th to try and get the truck back into the shop to see what the problem was. I was told that they were short on help and to bring it in on Tuesday the 19th. That afternoon while driving home from work the engine threw a rod and locked completely up. It really blew my mind because I had just checked the oil that morning and it was at the full line and the truck only has 82,000 miles on it. I am now stuck with the truck that has a blown engine and the dealer says it will be approximately $7,000 to fix it. I am convinced that I bought a lemon and that Infiniti does not make pieces of junk like I have. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  • These 2008 QX's are a nightmare... Mine was in at just around 20000 miles for the suspension issue. Of course they "recalibrated it" and imagine my surprise when 8k miles later the issue returned. They are no admitting to a problem with the compressors for the air suspension, mine is being replaced right now. Unfortunately, it had recently developed another one of those what the h*#l is that issues. It feels like it's randomly dropping out of gear or the torque converter is unlocking randomly. The care lurches pretty violently at random intervals (the rpms stay constant during while it's happening). They have not as of yet figured out what is going on with that after 24 hours of looking though they have confirmed that it is indeed occurring. I would never, ever, ever consider purchasing a vehicle from them again.
  • have had my '10 QX for less than a week, and when I press the voice activation button on the steering wheel, the system beeps, but the verbals prompts don't follow. Any ideas?
  • From what you descibed, sounds like you are in "Alternate Command Mode". I have an FX35 so I am not sure if the menu system is the same, but you should be able to switch back to the default settings that prompt you for what you want by going to the "Settings" menu, then selecting "Others", then "Voice Recognition". Once you get to that menu level you should see "Alternate Command Mode" - make sure it is set to "Off". Hope that helps...
  • I own a 2008 QX 56 and went out to my garage yesterday morning to find all my windows completely rolled down, while it was locked. That is very disturbing because just the night before we were in a parking lot with all our luggage and lap tops in it. Any solutions to this problem.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    It is possible to open all the windows by holding down the unlock button on the keyfob for more then three seconds.
    This can be done from inside the house to a garage.
    Kids - Maybe?
  • Thank you so much, it must have happen when my husband stuck the keyfob in his pocket. That makes me feel so much better because I am totally happy with my QX.
  • I just purchased a used 2004 QX56 and the back rear window will not open when you push the button on the outside. Any ideas why? If it's a blown fuse-where do we replace the fuse and is there any way to open it from the inside?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    The 2004 model year came through with a defective release button that would corrode with water infiltration. The switch was replace free of charge under warranty, but I don't know if they would take care of it free of charge now.

    It's not a difficult replacement if your handy with tools. The inner hatch panel needs to be removed to access it.
  • jattzjattz Posts: 3
    i have a 2005 qx56 and after i start the truck on the back there is a compressor that stays on for 7-10 minutes and you can hear a noise coming from it. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Infiniti will be announcing two recalls shortly.

    First - 05-09 Fuel Sending Unit (gas gauge reading you have more fuel than you really do).

    Second - 09-10 Brake Pedal Pin (bad pin in the assembly, have not seen one yet in all the vehicles we have inspected).

    If you own one of these you will get a letter, but you may want to beat the crowds.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I traded a 2004 for a 2007 QX56 and they both level for 5 to 7 seconds after you start them from an overnight rest. Perfectly normal.
    If the compressor is running 7 to 10 minutes to level the vehicle, I would suspect a leak in the rear suspension. Look for obvious damaged fittings, tubing, etc. from the compressor to the axle.
  • ldr63ldr63 Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 QX56 and was going on a road trip from New Jersey to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I plugged the destination address into the GPS and it couldn't find the address. The error message I got was "Route calculation was unsuccessful." I changed the region to NC and it still didn't work. The GPS finally found the address when I was 2 miles away. The GPS was totally useless to me on the 2 trips to the Outer Banks so far. I'd like to figure it out before next summer.
  • jattzjattz Posts: 3
    thanks for the response, ill be sure to get it checked

    appreciate your help.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    ldr63 - My family and I have vacationed in Hatteras every year for the last 30 or so.

    When I bought the 2004 QX56 I had the same problem you are experiencing.
    The work around was to set my destination to the main land side of the Wright Memorial Bridge.

    That's about the point I needed to fuel up from central Jersey. While fueling up I would plug in the address of my destination and proceed from there.

    Now with the 2007, the GPS can calculate my full destination from NJ but it has me taking some ferry on the Outer Banks that doesn't exist.

    So...I get to the W.M.Bridge and stop looking at the GPS until we get in the neighborhood.
  • jbo4jbo4 Posts: 2
    I have takin :mad: mine in 3 times for this issue and I have been told nothing is wrong. Not a Surprise! It has been making the noise for 50K miles and it still works. I think the compressor is fine it is just the way it is mounted. Not enough noise damping material was used in the installation. Very annoying though!!
  • jbo4jbo4 Posts: 2
    I love my QX 56. My family is all Escalade and I am the odd ball with the infinity. My father likes mine better as well as my sister. My friend won't swallow his pride because I told him to get thre Q and he purchased the cadillac but I think he likes it better as he always ask me to drive. More room on the interior. They ride the same. I am sure cadillac fans say they ride better but I have traded cars with my father and have drove many miles in both. No difference in the ride. Q gets better fuel economy and the seats are much more comfortable. I am a tall person 6'5" and the q fits me much better. I also tow a boat and other items the q smokes the cadilac in towing by far! My kids love it for the bucket seat and the TV. The center counsel in the back seat is removable and that is nice if you ever get lumber or somthing long. Also great for cleaning :)
  • I have read some of the problems on this site and others, I am starting to question my choice. I love my suv, but my goodness, I read alot of issues. My issue is when I unlock my doors, with my keypad or inside, the liftgate glass unlocks as well. So I have to close it ever time I get in the car. Annoying!!! Any suggestions? It is an 04.
  • gutfamilygutfamily Posts: 2
    We have a 2006 and the dealer has been telling us the same thing "recalibrate it" and it is better for a little while then it is back again. Has your car done it again after they replaced the compressors for the air suspension? When your car was having this problem did it feel like you were going to lose control of the vehicle? Was it happening at high speeds? 40 mph and above? We are so fed up with this SUV any suggestions?
  • dawnv40dawnv40 Posts: 1
    I've been experiencing a rear suspension noise that happens when I go over a large dip in the road or leave my driveway. Infiniti has tried to fix it but it comes back after a week's worth of driving around. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  • johnhwjohnhw Posts: 111
    This may be off topic, but my 2008 2wd has been flawless. 42k miles on it and only planned trips to dealer, once they did address two "bulletins" which werent causing any real world problems. Drove the 2011, man that is one awesome machine and a step up from my model even though I really like my QX.
  • jattzjattz Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 qx56 and every time i am going slow or just idling i can hear the heat shield rattling. What are my options to make it stop? and when i start the truck i always see the engine service light which turns on. The dealer said just tighten the gas tank cap and the light should go away but it hasn't.

  • I have a qx56 purchased in 2008. It drives very well. However, a few days ago, I started d truck but the navigation system will not come on. The entertainment system too will not work. Please any idea what may have caused this?

  • Did you check your fuses? I had a similar problem with the rear entertainment center and found that a fuse had blown.
  • I checked that but did not work. Took it to a dealership today and wala! It is the AV Control Unit that is gone bad. It will cost me $5500 + tax to replace. The truck is only 60,000 miles on it.

    I need help please!
  • I am so sorry. My QX56 was my third Infiniti and was sold on them. The first two never cost me a dime over routine maintenance. The QX56 required too many trips to the dealership between maintenance, recalls, and other problems. The problems were never cheap, but never cost me that much at one time. I just recently traded my 2006 in for a MB 350 Bluetec and could not be happier. Got 748 miles on one tank with 1/8 tank left before refill. It worked out to a combined city/highway of 30mpg.
  • I bought a new QX56 in 2006. I have been very happy with the vehicle and love the additional room inside. Comfortable vehicle. I've had this intermittent roar which sounds like it's coming from underneath the vehicle for almost a year now. It's happening more often as time passes. I've had the vehicle back to the dealership at least 4 times for this problem but they never hear anything. Is anyone experiencing this problem and if so, what is the cause and has the dealership helped you?
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